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New Shirt delivery should be here anyday

So thing is i’ve jigged things around a little, changed the way i work and trying to have more stock ! It’s been so difficult changing our manufacturers of our shirts, bringing everything a little closer to home and the idea was to speed up production and get some shirts back on the shelves. Well that was the plan, pans out that getting everything just right takes a little longer than i thought but whats the saying “you can’t hurry love” – no hang on a minute that was Phil Collins!

Big thumbs up though new shirts are on their way hopefully as we speak and to go with these new nursing shirts are some new print designs. Again i’ve been learning new things and have been perfecting the art of screen printing ( i bloody love it too, so awesome ot see a design you made yourself come to life on a shirt). Of course i still will out source some of the printing as this takes years to get right and Paul and Ben our current printers are so freakin brilliant i could never say goodbye!

Here is my first new design, home printed by Mama

space banner - mama feelsgood nursing tops

I must say i was really excited to list our new Mothership nursing shirt yesterday as it’s really really cool. I;ve snagged one for myself already ! The whole vintage vibe about it coupled with the Sci-fi aspect i totally dig. was thinking of doing a Roswell print too but lets see.

mothership screen

We have a new vintage Heart print too which came out yesterday, it’s on our long sleeve organic nursing top and it’s awesome.

heart mock 2 new

Over the next few weeks i will be bringing out more new prints, more products and a new direction in goodies too which will compliment our current range.

Stay cosy ladies x


Our new schedule for our new nursing tops 2014

2013 has been an awesome year, like most of them not without it’s ups and downs but it’s been a great year for getting to grips with what i feel the Mama FeelsGood brand is all about. I’m watching the BBC2 s programme on libertys the really cool store in London and a part resonated with me when one of their employees said that “customers just want to be treated like real people, like friends and to know you genuinely care about them or at least their shopping experience“.

We care, and i’m not being all arse kissing here i really do; Having a baby is such a special time, right up there on your life time achievements and sometimes when you are in the throws of it you can’t see but it’s an amazing time and i want parents to look back and think yeah that company understood me, and looked after me. I know people won;t think like that because it’s not we like we are delivering your babies or something, it’s only a nursing top but to us it’s everything! We want to look after you and make you breastfeeding journey awesome, for me it started off a bit blah ie my M&S incident where i exposed half my post baby bulge to the whole shoe department- didn’t make me feel good. I wanted to make nursing clothes that made you feel good, you would look at it and go “how can that be a nursing top” because it looks “normal” ! 


We’ve only just scratched the surface with our nursing wear lines, we are producing now as i type our new range of nursing top and no word of a lie i had THE most amazing dream about the perfect nursing dress last night. I am SO pumped for 2014 i really want to get at it and show you all the cool clothes we can make.







We really want to get to the point of you guys telling us “liz , dude you are totally blowing my mind with all these rad nursing tops that make breastfeeding SO much easier, please just stop it i can’t keep up”. Yeah yeah i know i’ve been told my mind works in weird ways! 









Just a little recap of our 2013 nursing tops, 2014’s should be awesome


New Nursing wear – how we do it here at FeelsGood city.

I always think its sounds a bit tacky and arrogant when people say “we have our new collection out for spring summer” etc etc , like they are some kinda Armani or something when really they’ve just changed the labels in their garments and stuck their label in. This believe or not happens a lot, i don’t get it, surely people would want to create something original for their brand? Creating things is SO awesome, you literally have a free rein on what you wanna do.

As Mama FeelsGood has progressed you can see how we’ve developed and learnt a hell of a lot from our mistakes and i think this makes us, us. I remember i designed a hot dog design print, i thought it was truly awesome, Matt (my husband) saw it and was like “what the hell is that, you can’t print that on a tee” and i was like “hey dude, it’s cool, it’s gonna be a hit”. Now when i look back on it i nearly pee myself with laughter and i can’t believe that i actually  took it to a print shop to print . It’s a  ” somebody tell her to step away from the photoshop filters” moment. Here it is just so you can have a laugh yourself:


I mean Everyone Loves A Weiner – ha ha ha .

When we first started we were recommended by a bigger surf style company to take our shirts down to Plymouth to get them printed, my friend the guy from the big surf company knew the owner of this huge print factory and we went down and had the big tour, chatted about how many tees we would get printed – chatted about the thousands of prints we could have done their and how they could help us source our nursing shirts themselves and different ways we could go with things.

All sounded great, then me and Matt took out our few boxes from the rental van we had driven all the way down in and said ok but for now could you print these  100 shirts for us (and that was a big amount for us then). They guy looked at us and must had thought “assholes” as he was more into thousands and not hundreds. We had them printed there (including the Weiner, i’m blushing with embarrassment as i type this) and they were the worst shitty prints we’ve ever had done.

They didn’t cure them for long enough (ie go through the dryer to set the print) so the ink came out in about 2 washes we had shelled out what was to us hundreds of pounds in our start up teeny budget and these guys couldn’t be arsed to print them properly. This broke my heart. I had taken ages in the design and manufacture of the shirts, picked the best super thick cotton and had them transported all this way over, just to take them down to Plymouth and have some prat out crap all over them !

This is one things i have learnt in business don’t think you are bigger than what you really are. Sure your clothes are amazing, you’ve got to have confidence because man they rock but don’t forget everyone has to start small and don’t let anyone or any company try and shame you into thinking in order to work with them you’ve got to be doing thousands darling ! Simply loose them and find someone who is right for you. These guys in plymouth might have been great for the bigger boys but for us they just weren’t into us and we weren’t into them. Turns out in the end the shirts they wanted us to use were pieces of crap too so we defo dodged a bullet there!

Finding someone with the same vibe as you is amazing, and when you do find them it’s like wow Peas& Carrots ! We were just meant to be together! I’m saying this because we have found a new manufacturer for our nursing clothes. We are expanding and spreading the feel good spirit and i am really excited about working with our new people. We will know where everything has come from,(not that we didn’t before) where it was made exactly and we can actually go there ourselves and check things out so you know you are wearing clothes that no one has been made to manufacture under shocking conditions (although i am taking my music with me so it depends upon you definition of bad working environment ha ha ).

So our new nursing shirts that are in the pipeline i think are awesome; i’ve taken a lot of the inspiration from places i love to visit ie california and eras i love ie 1950’s so be prepared for some laid back retro feel. I just can’t wait until they are here so i can show them to you guys.

laters dudes!

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Our breastfeeding top Sale continues :)

Thanks ladies for such a good response to our new years sale, lots of people grabbing up great bargains, they really are lovely tops for breastfeeding and would make a lovely presents hint hint ha ha!

We are going to continue the sale for the whole of January basically because we are introducing some new nursing graphic shirt designs soon and so are selling off the older designs to make way for the new. It’s kinda like our big clear out sale. We ahve our new nursing dresses here soon along with our new long sleeve breastfeeding blouse so good times:)

I am planning to do our photo shoot for these the end of January and also a little something else which i will keep as a surprise for you but it will make purchasing our breastfeeding clothes a lot easier!

Here’s some of our graphic nursing tees which are on sale:

Lips nursing T-shirt

Our Lips nursing tee is only £15.99 down from £19.99, really nice shirt at a great price.

Music sounds better nursing shirt

This long sleeve nursing shirt is a steal at £11.99, reduced from £21.99 , great shirt fabtantastic price!! ha ha

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops, Nursing Tops

Stay nice and warm in this crazy weather & grab yourself a breast feeding top!

OMG what’s going on it is SO cold and here in Bristol it’s not even snowing….yet!

I gotta say we have been selling lots of our long sleeve breastfeeding tops, think it is a mixture of the cold weather and people wanting them for christmas presents (of course along with the fact that they are gorgeous nursing tops!) . Lots of our sale shirts are selling out, and there are only very few of certain nursing shirts left in our sale section. We only have a few sizes left of our Neptune Surf short sleeve nursing T-shirt

Neptune Surf breastfeeding top

Also we have had lots of enquiries about of long sleeve Owl nursing T-shirt. We have basically sold out of these in the smaller sizes and we did take them all off our website because we were going to get them re-printed but with the christmas rush and hence super busy times we haven’t gotten around to it so we have put them back on the website but we only have them in sizes L, XL, XXL and there are very few larges left!

Owl Nursing Tops

So if there is a nursing shirt that you really want don;t wait go for it because we can’t promise it will be around for long!

Breastfeeding Tops

Check our Mama Feelsgood facebook page for giveaways and freebies

As we are in the process of moving into our new office it has uncovered lots of nursing shirts i didn’t know i had! Either faulty ones, customers returns which are no longer fit for resale (boo hoo) , ones which have just gotten dirty along the way in transit i’m sure you get the picture! So rather than just chucking these away we thought it would be nice to give them away to people who will make some use of them.

Some of the breastfeeding tops have holes or tares in them from being faulty in manufacture and they are in the underlayers so not always visable and might be good for just wearing around the house, so they still keep you warm . Of course some of the tops with marks on them can just be washed and they might be OK, it;s that i cannot sell tops that have been laundered so they are no good to me.

So to catch these little gems you have to check out and be a fan of our facebook page. There is no regularity to when we post them, just random when we find them really, so you have to keep you eyes peeled!

Here is Mama Feelsgood facebook Page

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New Office, New nursing dresses and new breastfeeding tops

It’s been a crazy week for us, i’ve had the Flu from hell which just won’t shift so it’s made things really hard for me as we have totally moved into our new offices this week so i was really feeble and couldn’t do any of the lifting ( which some people might say was a blessing!). So Matt my husband and 2 of his friends moved all our nursing shirts today. I thought it was gojng to take ages as there are a lot of boxes but i gotta say the chaps are fit and it didn’t take too long.

So now we are geared up to take delivery of our new breastfeeding dresses that will be delivered in a few months. They are being made at the moment, we had our final samples through of our new nursing tops too as well as the nursing dress and they are REALLY lush. nice heavy fabric that will keep you warm enough in the winter when paired with a thick cozy pair of tights and not too clammy for the summer. I will try and arrange the photo shoot for January so should be on sale not too long after. Very exciting as it’s out first ever breastfeeding dress, and it;s taken SO much longer than i had expected. I wasn’t happy with some of the features of the dress so they had to be changed and then this had a big knock on effect to production time as i missed my slot of manufacture so had to re-book.; But it does mean that they will be the way i want them.

2011 we hope will be a big year for us as we want to expand the range of nursing clothing and offer you guys more variation.

Right gotta zoom lots of orders to pack- happy days 🙂