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Association of breastfeeding mothers – giving support with breastfeeding

Sometimes there is support available but it’s just knowing where to look for it, and sometimes when you need it the most you need it quickly and haven’t got time to look for it. Well thats what i thought anyway about a lot of things especially concerning matters after after child birth and raising my child. Breastfeeding is not something that we can practice , we are just kinda thrown into it and sometimes expected to get on and do it and know what we are doing, well take it from me i certainly wasn’t like that and i feel if i had known where to look for advice a little sooner then i would have continued nursing my child for longer.

Breastfeeding is not for everyone, but a lot of women feel that if they had just received a little more support they would have continued to to breastfeed for longer. One organisation i have found that gives support to nursing mothers is the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers. They have a telephone helpline which is open to anyone :

Breastfeeding Support Hotline.

08444 122 949

Please ring our counselling helpline to speak to one of our fully trained Breastfeeding Counsellors for breastfeeding support and information.


Their website is currently under construction but hopefully soon will be up and running again, they also produce a few times a year a magazine which has lots of information and real life stories of mothers and their breastfeeding experience. Here’s their website address: