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Kellymom – great website for help with breastfeeding

I don’t think there will be many mums which breast feed that at 1 time or another don’t have a question they need answering about breastfeeding . 1 great website that can help ( to compliment your own midwife or health visitor) is the American site Kellymom , its a well established site with lots of advice on many different topics to do with breasfeeding , feeding your toddler and things like parental depression etc.

It’s really cool to be able to click on a site when you need it and get some good advice, ie when you are up in the early hours you can click on (if you have your hands free!) and get immediate advice.

There is also a forum on there but i have no idea of what it’s like but they have over 18000 facebook friends so they are pretty popular!

Check it out and see if can help you:)

Breastfeeding Tops

Check out our new Advert for breastfeeding tops you’ll wanna wear

We thought it was about we spread the word a little about how fabulous our nursing tops are!!ย 

Not that we are big headed, but we are just super passionate about them and wanted to get the word out to as many people as possible. This is one thing i can’t get use to, you’ve got to say how great your product is when someone asks, and i truly do thing our brand and our nursing clothes are fabulous but i am a modest person! I think it might have something to do with being British? I have alot of american friends and if they have something good they scream from the roof tops about it. Here in the UK i think we are abit more reserved. What do you think?

There are bigger things in the pipeline for Mama Feelsgood, can’t mention right now but they are all good ๐Ÿ™‚

Everyone take care in this heat, i think the UK is going through a weather crisis at the moment!!!

& don’t forget if you would like a nice summer breastfeeding tee our pink nursing tees are just the ticket ๐Ÿ™‚

Breastfeeding Tops

Katie Holmes ” I’m not pregnant”

Katie Holmes has rubbished claims that she is pregnant with husband Tom Cruise’s second child.

Wow this is one lady experiencing alot ofย  pressure from the press, she can’t even have a slight buldge in the tummy department and everyone starts suggesting she is pregnant.

The All My Sons star – who is currently working on new film The Extra Man in New York – says that she is not expecting a bundle of joy, despite the persistent rumours

“i’m not pregnant right not” Katie tells Glamour magazine.

Gotta say Tom cruise and Katie Holmes daugyter Suri is really cute, looks just like her mum i think . maternity & breastfeeding clothing

Breastfeeding Tops

Jump into spring with our new Ray Gun Breastfeeding Top

The weathers getting better here in the UK and what better time to get out and about with your baby, so don’t let the thought of breastfeeding in public put you off, just use a breastfeeding top!

One of our new breastfeeding tops for spring is the Ray Gun breastfeeding top and it totally rocks. Gorgeous light pink colour really sets this breastfeeding top right on track for spring. Honestly just looking at this breastfeeding top makes you wanna pop it on and rush out……well maybe not rush out but makes you wanna wear it!!!

So don’t be shy, try our new Ray Gun breastfeeding top today!! breastfeeding tops


Our Nursing Tops Are Great for soaking up spills too !!

Had to smile today, had a really cool email from one of my customers (Lily) who let me know how handy our breastfeeding tee’s are for soaking up little spills which can (and usually alot) during breastfeeding.

Because our breastfeeding tops are 100% cotton they are great for absorbing the milk and don’t spread and leave gigantic wet rings !. Thats the benefit of cotton nursing tops, if it were viscose or polyester the drip would have become the size of your fist ha ha brings back memories of going out without wearing breast pads one day and it looked like i had been swimming !!

Thanks Lily for that insight, good to know our nursing tees have many purposes ๐Ÿ™‚

Mama – Nursing Tees which are funky

Breastfeeding Tops

What Is a Breastfeeding Top ?

OK i received an email asking what exactly is a breastfeeding top?

Basically it is a top which allows you to feed your child without getting your tummy exposed or showing what nature blessed you with in the boobie department!

There are lots of different openings you can have in a nursing top in order to do this, and personally i think some designs are better than others. There use to be tops with zips and poppers (not too sure if they are still around? ) but the thought of zips near A – my baby’s face and B – my boobies no thanks.

We have designed our nursing shirts so they have a double layer. So the top shirt looks just like a regular tee, infact it is a regualr tee but underneath is a vest style shirt which has 2 openings either side of the arm hole.

SO How do you use the nursing top?

When you wanna feed your child you pull up the top tee to get to the undervest, your tummy will be covered by the under vest so no flesh on show there! Just deceided which side you want to feed from then undo your nursing bra / regular bra and pull the undervest to 1 side and away you go.

The nursing tops gives you alot more coverage and privacy, and lets face it after you had a baby your tummy isn’t what it use to be so it’s nice not having to get it out whilst you breastfeed!

The best thing about our breastfeeding tees is that you can wear them after you stop breastfeeding. They don’t look like “nursing tops” , no one would guess they are one.

One of our customers didn’t wanna wear the undervest after she stopped nursing but loved the Tee so she cut the under vest out and now just wears the top shirt, hey if it works for you then it’s cool..


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