breastfeeding help

Kellymom – great website for help with breastfeeding

I don’t think there will be many mums which breast feed that at 1 time or another don’t have a question they need answering about breastfeeding . 1 great website that can help ( to compliment your own midwife or health visitor) is the American site Kellymom , its a well established site with lots of advice on many different topics to do with breasfeeding , feeding your toddler and things like parental depression etc.

It’s really cool to be able to click on a site when you need it and get some good advice, ie when you are up in the early hours you can click on (if you have your hands free!) and get immediate advice.

There is also a forum on there but i have no idea of what it’s like but they have over 18000 facebook friends so they are pretty popular!

Check it out and see if can help you:)

breastfeeding help

Infant breastfeeding advisor AKA your midwife

Surely every midwife within the UK should be an expert on breastfeeding and should be able to offer excellent advice ?

It’s i just seen this article on the BBC news website , and whilst i am not knocking their job at all i would have thought a fundamental part of a regular midwife’s role would be to deal with problems mothers have to do with breast feeding?

Anyway sorry going off topic there, the infant feeding advisor says one of the most common problems incurred whilst breastfeeding is “nipple trauma”, blimey that makes me winch. to quote the site”

Nipple trauma is experienced by a significant proportion of mothers.

This is directly caused by incorrect positioning of the baby at the breast, which does not allow the baby to latch on to the breast tissue sufficiently to form a natural teat shape in their mouth.This preventable injury occurs as the baby fixes just to the nipple itself, and the pressure of the baby’s gums compressing the nipple can cause significant injuries.”

I suppose it is all practice, as you can’t really experience breastfeeding until you have your baby and then it’s all systems go. Getting good advice pre birth and reading up on things though looks like it can really help.

The article also goes on to talk about:

Influence of family and friends on breastfeeding

Midwives recognise the influence that extended family and friends have on the decisions a woman makes. This is especially true with the management of feeding a newborn infant.

My biggest challenge is when there is unintentional undermining of breastfeeding, from well-meaning others, by recommending supplementation with formula milk.

So often it is said that a baby is “starving” and “the mother hasn’t got enough milk” or “the milk isn’t good enough”.

It takes patience and sometimes courage to re-educate those who have unintentionally been given poor advice and education when they had their babies and to convince such mothers that the baby’s behaviour is normal and that the mother will be able to provide for all the baby’s nutritional needs”

this is so true, i don’t know any friends of mine whom haven’t been given un-wanted advice on how they should or shouldn’t be doing things especially breastfeeding.!

It’s not a bad article, shame not every county has a specialist like this to talk to!