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Hooter – new laid back nursing top

Sometimes in life there are times when you could just give yourself a pat on the back, i LOVE our new hooter nursing shirt so much it literally makes me smile when i look at it. The print has a really vintage retro cool feel about it, it reminds me of traveling through California in the sun, having no worries and having a blast…. ooh sorry just got carried away then ! ha ha.

Paul & Ben who do our screen printing (all our prints are hand printed) made the design look a little washed out but not too washed; it’s quite a skill to get the affect just right and these guys have been printing for years and years and really know their stuff, so our nursing tops always come out amazing. Lots of work goes into creating our breastfeeding tops so when you see them come out like this it’s HIGH 5 time!

Laura our photographer was amazing & so was our model Nat, this was shot last weekend when the weather here in Bristol was totally gross; we are talking rain that would just not stop and the fact that any shots were taken just goes to show how fab they are. It;s so cool to work with people who really get what you want. I am in love with these pictures.

We are so proud to have this nursing shirt in our collection , we have  another 2 new prints coming up over the next week too which are just as lush. Thought we would pace out the awesomness of our new breastfeeding top collection!

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Our breastfeeding tops made the Bristol Evening Post

Be warned this is from ages ago but i just noticed i never scanned the original article in for you guys to see and i was checking out the Bristol Evening Post’s website and found this article they wrote on us last year.

Daughter's birth inspired Little Stoke  mum to set up clothing business

By Ekoch Emily Koch E.Koch

After the traumatic birth of her daughter, Liz Jeans decided if she could make it through that she could do anything.

Baby Amelia was not breathing when she was born and had to be resuscitated, and Liz’s blood pressure was so high doctors feared she might have a stroke.

Four years later, 35-year-old Liz has given up her day job and set up her own internet-based clothing business.

Mama Feels Good sells a range of fashionable t-shirts for mums-to-be and breastfeeding women.

Liz, who runs her business from her home in Little Stoke, has been building the business up over the past four years and finally gave up her job as a biomedical scientist at Southmead Hospital a few weeks ago to concentrate on Mama Feels Good full-time.

The Mama Feels Good T-shirts, featuring specially created designs, are sized especially for pregnant women, and the breastfeeding range make it easier for new mums to breastfeed their baby discreetly and comfortably.

She said: “There are a lot of people saying it is a bad time for business, with the recession, but I haven’t been put off. It has really taken off so it seemed like the right time to put some more hours into it. We launched the website a few months ago and we have been making lots of sales – to people in this country, the US, Australia. And now people from Poland and Canada as well are contacting me wanting to stock the T-shirts in their shops. It’s fantastic.”

She said the inspiration for the business came when Amelia, now four, was born.

Liz said: “Her birth was so awful that I felt like getting through that was a big achievement. I thought if I could go through something like that, I could go through anything. After she was born I started selling American maternity wear online in the UK, but then I thought I would like to sell clothes that I really liked.

“I also found that the maternity clothing market in this country was not very good, the clothes I got didn’t look very nice and fell apart. I wanted to buy clothes that I really wanted, not clothes that were my only option.

“Mum made up a T-shirt for me and I got it printed – and everyone said how much they liked it. It all went from there! Now we are selling at least 200 T-shirts a month. I get letters from mums saying the T-shirts have changed their life because they can go out and feel good about what they are wearing for a change.”

The idea for the name came from her husband, Matthew.

Liz said: “I was getting really frustrated coming up with a name and he said, well what do you want the business to stand for? I said – I just want mums to feel good – and we had it.”

Breastfeeding Tops

Venus Maternity – clifton Village Bristol is now closed – sad times

We are really sad to hear a fellow Bristol business Venus Maternity has closed – sad times.

If you have never been to clifton village in Bristol it’s lush ! Really nice part of the city and it;s full of lovely little boutiques that offer that something special and that personal service, Venus maternity was one of these. After being in business for 6 years i am sad to say they have closed their store and no longer will be selling to the people of Bristol. Such a shame.

Shopping is not all about the big brands, the smaller brands like ourselves are able to offer a more personal service and honestly really do care about our customers and the products that we produce, if we don;t get supported by our customers then that would be it; and i would like to take this opourtunity to say to all our customers thanks for the support 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding pump hire in Bristol

Ok ladies did you know you can hire the professional breastfeeding pumps that are used within hospitals? We’re not talking the hand held breast pumps that take forever and you give up with major hand cramp, we are talking a proper job here !

Right there are private companies which do hire breast pumps :

If you are having difficulties breastfeeding or have a sick baby, you can hire an NCT hospital grade electric breast pump. We have three agents in Bristol:

Eva Fernandes (BORN, Gloucester Rd) 07886 001802 / 0117 924 5080

Helen Phillips (St Andrews) 0117 924 4899

Martina Whitley (Westbury-on-Trym) 0117 962 9081


£1.10 per day (60p per day with proof of income support or when the baby is in hospital)

£9.50 for one collection set, £15 for two

£40 for 30 days and one collection set

£44 for 30 days and two collection sets

After 30 days, the continual hire is £21

A ‘collection set’ must be purchased to prevent cross infection. A non-refundable pump hire fee is paid in advance, and an initial hiring period will be agreed.

 This was taken from the NCT website page listed above.

Please before you think about giving up breastfeeding try expressing some milk. sometimes it can be painful and tough having to feed your baby especially if you have a really hungry baby so consider using a pump to ive your body a little break from feeding, or even if you are sure you don’t feed your baby any longer on the breast you can still express quite a large amounts sometimes and freeze it so you baby still gets your milk .






W7 2NZ


Breastfeeding Friendly places in Bristol For Breastfeeding mums

As we are a Brsitol based company i found this on the net and thought it might be of some use to you guys.

This list has been made by the local NCT group in Bristol.




A welcome for breastfeeding mothers and their babies can

be found at all the places listed below.



All health centres, baby clinics, Children’s Centres and

libraries in Bristol also welcome breastfeeding mothers.






Primrose Café, Clifton village 

Boston Tea party, Clifton village

Coffee # 1, Clifton village

Café Gusto, Clifton Down

The Friary, Clifton Down

Quartier Vert ,Whiteladies Rd




Boston Tea Party

Bristol Guild

Goldbrick House


The Folk House Café



Browns, Clifton Triangle

Fresh and Wild, Clifton Triangle

Museum, Queens Rd

Pizza Express, Berkeley Square

Rocotillos, Clifton Triangle

Wagamama, Clifton Triangle



Kingsdown Leisure Centre

Blue Juice Cotham Hill

Cake, Cotham Hill

Deco Lounge, Cotham Hill




Arnolfini, Waterfront

At Bristol,Waterfront

Bordeaux Quay,Waterfront

Firehouse, Waterfront

Ferry Station, Narrow Quay

Grain House,YHA, Narrow Quay

Riverstation,The Grove

Severnshed, The Grove

Watershed, Waterfront



The Bay Tree, Henleaze

Avenue, Henleaze Rd

Café Kondi, Henleaze



Henbury Library

Munchbox, Crow lane, Henbury

Henbury Leisure Centre



Debenhams, Broadmead

Registry Office, Corn Street

Café Amour, Broadmead

Café Nero, Corn St



The Bristolian, Picton St

Café Kino, Ninetree Hill

Cheltenham Rd Library, Cheltenham Rd

Kuvuka Café, Stokes Croft

Zazu’s Kitchen, Stokes Croft


GLOUCESTER RD [Bishopston/Horfield]

Horfield Leisure Centre


Café Delight

Café Pronto

Coffee #1

La Barrique

La Ruca

Planet Pizza

Spice Route

Tinto Lounge




Acapella, Wells Rd

Banco Lounge, Wells Rd

Boswells Café, Knowle

Footprints Centre, Knowle West

Knowle Health Park, Knowle West

Knowle Early Years, Knowle West 

Jubilee Swimming Pool



Mothercare, Avonmeads

Sainsburys, Brislington

Bocabar,Paintworks,Bath Rd



Swimming Pool



Southville Deli, Southville

Riverside Garden Centre café, Southville

Windmill Hill City Farm, Bedminster

Oasis Café, Southville Centre

Bristol South Swimming Pool



Café Sazz


Cuba Ice



The Lounge

The Tobacco Factory



Kebele Centre, Easton

Thali Place, St Marks Rd

Easton Leisure Centre

St Pauls Community Sports Centre



Grounded, St George

St George Library



Better Food Company, St Werburghs

St Werburghs City Farm, St Werburghs

Live Café, St Werburghs

Mothercare, Eastgate Centre,Eastville

Tesco, Eastgate Centre, Eastville



Porto Lounge



Angel Inn

Bird in the Hand



Noah’s Ark Farm, Wraxall



Lakeside Café, Portishead


This list was compiled by breastfeeding mothers from the NCT and local breastfeeding groups. If you wish to add to this list, or would like to give some feedback, please phone a member of the Bristol Breastfeeding Team at Bristol PCT public health department on 9002274. This list can also be found at:


If you need this document in a different format please contact the Breastfeeding Team on 9002274.