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Breastfeeding Celebrities – What’s it all about?

Do you really care which celebrities if any breastfeed their babies? Do you think it creates a good positive attitude towards breastfeeding or the opposite or couldn’t you really give a s**t ?

I saw this article on Baby Sideburns Facebook page and it made me crack up.

breastfeeding bodies

Not that it’s about breastfeeding in particular but this article i think shows how crazy our society is about women and pregnancy and birth and our figures. I mean is it really society at all which is making magazines  write articles about WOW Kirsten Bell had a baby 2 seconds ago and now she is thin again? Isn’t the magazine themselves trying to make a story out of nothing? This is a rhetorical question as i’m not expecting an answer, i just think it’s a real shame that some women could possibly think less of themselves because of articles like this. Thats why it’s SO refreshing to see Baby Sideburns reply ! Hell yeah i had my second daughter 3 years ago and have never returned to the same shape i was before i had kids ; i don’t think i ever will. OK so maybe my pregnancy’s weren’t all to blame, i do have a thing for the odd doughnut but do you know what thats ok with me, doesn’t make me any less of a person because my size 14 jeans don’t fit anymore (hey who am i kidding size 16).

So going back to me original statement do you think if for example Beyonce was spotted out breastfeeding her baby there would be a greater take up of ladies nursing their babies? Do you think in the early days when both mum and baby are new to breastfeeding and perhaps things aren’t down patt like they are when your are used to nursing you would think “hell yeah i’m going to stick at this, if Beyonce can breastfeed so can i ” ?

I’m not too sure myself, although i guess it can’t be a bad thing that celebrities advocate breastfeeding. I know actress Julie Bowen (she plays Claire in Modern FAmily) breastfed her twins and i thought when i read this she was even more awesome (think modern family is crazy funny). I guess whats business is it of any of us how people choose to feed their babies? When people asked me was i breastfeeding it thought it was a personal kind of question, i mean why do you really want to know ? But hey people are nosey (i am, just not about BF i’m more likely to want to know what your house looks like so i can get inspiration to do mine !!) .

When i saw the picture above on facebook i thought it was really refreshing to see such a funny but down to earth post, women really need to stop being so hard upon themselves. I bet you won’t see a picture of Kirsten Bell with baby puke all down her back when she’s gone out and forgotten it’s there , but we all know it happens in everyday life (or was that just my kids!!) .

Love yourself ladies because you are awesome x

Celebrity breastfeeding

Nicole Ritchie : Breastfeeding “sucks the life out of her”

I don’t think Nicole actually meant it as it sounds ! Nicole was referring to the weight she has lost after giving birth the her son Sparrow earlier on this September, she claims that the weight she gained during pregnancy has been lost through nursing her new born son.

She joked to Britain’s OK! magazine: “I’m breastfeeding at the moment so that sucks the life out of you!”

Nicole’s partner Joel Madden is more in love with the 28-year-old beauty than ever and is a fan of the curves she has developed since becoming a mother.

Joel said: “She doesn’t work out and she doesn’t need to diet It is so easy for her to look good.”

Nicole and the Good Charlotte rocker also have a daughter, 22-month-old Harlow. The pair admit their group of friends has expanded since they started a family and they have formed close bonds with other young parents.

“You don’t lose old friends, but the time you spend with them is limited,” Joel explained. “Really our interactions revolve around getting together with other people who also have kids.



Breastfeeding Tops

It’s only been a year since Angelina Jolie had her tiwns….

Wow i just read an article about this and i was kinda surprised that it’s only been a year since Angelina had her twins Knox and Vivienne , it’s seems like an eternity ago. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t remotely look like she’s had twins let alone 3 babies….darn 4 years on after having my daughter i still look like i am 6 months pregnant!!!

Maybe it is in peoples Genes that their bodies can bounce back into pre-pregnancy shape ? I fully take responsibility for mine, too many lazy days and not enough veg!!

I know you skin won’t ever be the same, i mean you can’t stretch something over and over to the size of a small air ballon and expect it to go back to normal!! But we never get to see things like this on celebrities do we? My goodness if we did then  we might start to think they are half “normal” !

Although i her defense Angelina was very open about breastfeeding her twins so that goes somewhere to being a little more open i suppose.


Any hows here is the article i was reading, enjoy:

Angelina Jolieand Brad Pittcelebrated their twins’ first birthday on July 12 in Los Angeles.

Shockingly, Jolie, 34, gave birth to adorable fraternal twins Knox and Vivienne just a year ago.

Like many celebrity moms, Angelina’s ability to regain her svelte pre-pregnancy physique in record time inspires both envy and curiosity.

Rumor Mill Blathers On

Jolie has always been beautiful, but at the October 2008 premiere of the Changeling in New York, onlookers were stunned when she appeared in a form-fitting sleeveless black dress looking superfitdespite having had twins less than three months earlier.

While unsubstantiated rumors had initially swirled in the blogosphere that Angelina had undergone a tummy tuck following the twins’ birth, the surgery wouldn’t have slimmed down her arms (which are pin-thin) or legs (ditto). And the fact that Jolie had quickly bounced back into shape after the 2006 birth of daughter Shiloh shows the Oscar winner obviously knows how to regain her killer pre-pregnancy form.

A Healthy Baby Requires a Healthy Mom

Other bizarre Internet rumors suggested that Jolie–who is as revered by her fans almost as much as she is reviled by anonymous haters–had lost her pregnancy weight through drug abuse. Anyone who has ever been pregnant and given birth knows that pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing are physically exhausting endurance challenges.

Being a mom myself, I can attest that a pregnant woman typically undergoes routine monthly (and later in the pregnancy, weekly) physical exams, including a battery of prenatal screening and other tests such as ultrasounds, blood serum tests, amniocentesis, glucose tolerance tests, fetal monitoring, and genetic screening tests, among others. A drug addict would be hard-pressed to carry or deliver a healthy baby, let alone twins the way Jolie did.

Common Sense Wins the Day

So what is Angelina’s secret to losing those stubborn pregnancy pounds? Maybe it’s just good genes combined with common sense. “Physical exercise is ideal, it’s much better than sitting in front of the TV or the computer screen,” Jolie has said. According to Angelina, breastfeeding, stepping up her yoga routine and doing Pilates three times a week also contributed to her post-pregnancy body.

When asked last fall about her then 2 1/2-month-old twins, Jolie said, “Everybody’s great. The babies are getting big and healthy and developing personalities. I run around with all the other kids, and I’m breastfeeding. I feel great [and] feel very happy that they’re healthy.”

However, Jolie admitted juggling her brood of six kids was exhausting at times. “We are a little bit [sleep deprived],” she said. “We have some help a couple of nights a week, so on those nights we catch up on our sleep.”

For now, Jolie is enjoying being a mom. “It is chaos,” she told People, “but we are managing it and having a wonderful time.”