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I love my cabin, i escape into it and i literally loose myself in what i’m doing. It’s so cool to have a separate work space away from the house. I’ve always had my storage to keep all my shirts but i’ve never had an area away where i can call my own. I have now 🙂 It’s brill.

mama feelsgood printing

Excuse the stingers, they grow so fast! I can sit in my cabin and see foxes walk past, we have a badger that lives under our other shed and the birds are so amazing to listen too. I’ve had a really stressful time lately, things still aren’t really resolved either so to go and sit in here, switch radio 6 on and i really feel i am at home. It’s a little of the country in suburbia ! I literally have to walk over a stream to reach my cabin.

the cabin - mama feelsgood

cosy cabin

I print all the tee’s in my cabin, from making the graphics, the silk screen preparation to the actual printing. I LOVE it. There is a lot that goes into making the print for my nursing shirts, first of all there is the graphic side of what actually is going to get printed, how would it look on shirt, would people like it? How many screens do i have to produce to make the print? For each separate colour you need a new screen. The process goes on and on! The printing side of things is the most enjoyable part i find but it’s the shortest, the cleaning up and the prep of the screens / inks etc is the most time consuming !

unicorn positive - mama feelsgood nurisng tops

This is the positive film i made for our unicorn nursing tee , i put this on a silk screen and expose it to UV light and it makes the screen so i can print through it.

frames - mama feelsgood breastfeeding clothes

These are the exposed silk screens, you print through these and onto the shirts ; It’s so rewarding seeing a print come together, because the colours are separated onto different screens it can look really odd until you print the final colour and it all comes together.

baby clothes- mama feelsgood

Our new Palm Tree print for our new nursing shirts.

screen print frames - mama feelsgood nursing tops

Storage of our silk screens , it’s cool seeing our funky owls and pretty mandala pattern on screens just waiting to be printed with ! To make something yourself is so totally different from having something made for you; This sounds a bit crazy but i really want people to love the shirts and printing them myself makes me feel a little bit of extra care and love has gone into them. I can look at a shirt that someone might post on instagram and think ” i printed that whilst listening to Lauren Lavern, and it was a really cool day” ! When i stop printing a certain print and then i still see people wearing them i get really chuffed; It’s a little bit of history and to think people like the shirts enough to keep them, and keep wearing them is really really lovely.

mothership frame- mama feelsgood nurisng tops

mfg tag

I just wanted to convey that i’ve always wanted to produce the best nursing shirts for you, i love what i do, i don;t have a massive marketing budget, i’m basically a one woman band who does everything, i just hope my shirts make you feel that tiny bit more comfortable / good / happy . You don’t have to be a big company to be good at what you do (sometimes’s i’ve found it’s the exact opposite) , small is good too !


mandala nurisng top banner 3 - mama feelsgood

Super funky, super soft sunshine yellow nursing tank. Hand printed and totally made from Organic fabric. Made with love x


Mandala Print Organic Nursing Vest


Last printing for some of our nursing tops

Finally our new nursing tops should be on their way, this means in a spring like manner out with the old and in with the new ; Some of our prints are going. Who knows maybe forever maybe not but on these colour breastfeeding tops for now their time is up.


Mama’s Melons print on our red boat neck nursing top has had it’s last print



Our Flutterby nursing top has now flown


Monster stan is waving bye bye


Sunnyvale is off on holidays for now




Urban owl is saying Smell ya later dudes


Skull owl nursing top is waving farewell

Some of the designs above we’ve gotten rid of the screen so that design won’t be back, whilst others we’ve just put to the back of the pile and maybe one day they will be reborn. Others like the skull owl design will be printed again but on different style nursing shirts and using previous colour inks or colour shirts we’ve not used before.

We are introducing 6 new prints to our nursing top collection (although could be slightly more or less as i keep chaining my mind constantly) and the majority of these will be printed on new designs of nursing tops we’ve not shown before and yay most will be on Organic shirts.

We have some lovely colours, very spring like and hope to add to our nursing wear collection later this year with some crazy good nursing dresses and tops.

Estimated arrival time for our new shirts is 3 weeks and counting.


Tops that are great for breastfeeding and for when you aren’t

OK i am trying to get together the new prints for our new Organic nursing tops, i want to keep some of the older prints and screen them onto new shirts as i am quite sentimental ! Some prints i don’t think i could ever stop making but i have to think logically as i can’t keep them all, but which ones do i keep making?

So far our owl shirt is popular 

ImageAlong with our Mama’s melons nursing top



So which designs would you want to see back ?

Its such a tough call



Sing ALong - NEW nursing top, Mama Feelsgood

Our new 3/4 length sleeve nursing top “sing ALong”


Sing ALong – NEW nursing top, Mama Feelsgood

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops

Lets Hug this out ! Breastfeeding T-Shirts back in stock soon

Hugs Breast Feeding Top

Behind the scenes here at Mama FeelsGood we are going through a lot of changes , we are having a big change to our website so it will make things easier for you guys and for us too to process your orders and to offer you a more varied service and provide more information to make it easier to pick which breastfeeding T-shirt you love the most, or of course which breastfeeding dress ( we have these too now of course!) . It’s really great that you guys like our nursing clothes and it’s kinda cool that we can change our website to keep up with all the funky new things that websites can do.

We are also getting in a new range of breastfeeding T-shirts, this has taken so long to organise i reckon i could have had another baby within the time it;s taken to organise; i admit i am not the most together person and sometime i am a little too laid back, something that i am trying to change ….well in the business world anyway. Next time i will be I SAID NOW dude… nah i don’t think that is really me! Well not on a good day ha ha!

SO we have a few new graphics hooked up to be printed which is really great, i am in the throws of deciding which colour print on which shirt so if you have any burning colour coordinations let me know! There is lots to do here at Mama Towers before the new nursing shirts are launched, so i better get on!

Oh yes sorry i forgot to mention our Hugs breastfeeding Top is being re printed so full size spec will be available again soon x

breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding in the news

Clothes for a new mum

We are So chuffed, we have been mentioned in Real Parenting’s blog about clothes for new mums.

“You can avoid the “mum uniform trap” with a funky t’shirt or shirt. Lisa recommends the Mama Feels Goodrange, “they sell great maternity and breastfeeding t’shirts, with some fun graphic prints to brighten up an outfit.” Wearing a specially designed nursing t’shirt means you’ll avoid flashing your post-baby tummy and may find it easier to feed discreetly without showing the world your chest! ”

Thanks guys at Real Parenting, it’s so cool to get a mention off of the back of how great our maternity & nursing clothes are 🙂

Always does make you feel good to get some recognition .