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You wanna win our Money Penny breastfeeding Dress ?

This is something you don’t want to miss especially  if you have wedding or christening or something where you have to be that little bit smart and need to breastfeed easily in it.

Great things about our Money Penny nursing dress is it’s smart enough  so you can wear it to a lovely occasion and then it’s not too smart for everyday use ( people won’t be saying as you sachet down the street “who does she think she is”) . SO it;s a totally win win nursing dress, PLUs you can wear it after you choose not to breastfeed any further because it doesn’t look like a nursing dress, so that makes it a win win win dress!

Money Penny Nursing Dress

So to win our Money Penny Breastfeeding dress ( you can choose between the Purple or black dress) all you have to do is enter our Facebook competition here .

If Facebook doesn’t  float your boat you can also enter here on our blog, just comment below on what would your super hero power be if you could have one, and we will enter your name into our draw to win the nursing dress.

Money Penny Black Breast feeding dress

These are seriously lovely dresses so we thought we would be nice and share one with you guys !

Good luck ladies

breast feeding clothes, breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Tops

Neptune Surf nursing top on sale now – funky breastfeeding clothing

Neptune Surf nursing T-shirt

We have put our very laid back and cool Neptune Nursing Tee on sale today.

We are just in the process of getting together our next lot of breastfeeding clothing – some more funky nursing T-shirts which will be available in a larger range of colours and a different style so we need to clear some room in our storage room. I really don’t want to have to pay anymore rent for another storage bay so come on guys help me out ha ha.

This breastfeeding top totally reminds me of  being a california and chilling out and having a great time…. then the kids came along ha ha. It’s just really nice to have some nursing wear that is different from the norm and being an independent breastfeeding clothing company we can make designs that are unique and qwerky.

£9.99 os SO cheap for this top , you would be crazy not to try one! There aren’t a great number of shirts left across the sizes, i think we have a lot of XL and not too many of the other sizes so if you want one get in early. They will be on sale though until they have gone .

Enjoy 🙂

breast feeding clothes, breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Tops, Nursing Tops

Owl long sleeve breastfeeding T-shirt back in stock.

Hurrah our very popular Owl nursing T-shirt is back in stock in the long sleeve variety and is available in all sizes (well sorry not an xsmall, so i lie!!)

Owl Nursing TOp

All our breastfeeding T-shirts are hand printed here in Bristol (ok i will brag and say they are done at the same printers Bristol’s famous Banksy has used for printing) and it;s super cool to be able to go and see our shirts being made, well i enjoy it anyway; next time i will video it so you guys can have a look for yourself!

Our Owl nursing Top looks really cute on first impression but when you look closer you’ll get the see the darker side of it!

Back in stock too in all sizes apart from xsmall is our Kat long sleeve nursing T-shirt.

Kat nursing Top

This 2 colour print breastfeeding top will make a really good impression m although someone did comment on it whilst i was wearing it one time that they thought it looked like Amy Winehouse…. err don’t worry Amy it’s not. I always though it looked kinda Spanish, maybe sorta retro 1950’s ( i am a big lover of the 1950’s), but hey you make up your own mind.

I’m just really pleased to say we have these shirts back in stock as i know lots of people were after these.

Happy shopping ladies, Liz x

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New Office, New nursing dresses and new breastfeeding tops

It’s been a crazy week for us, i’ve had the Flu from hell which just won’t shift so it’s made things really hard for me as we have totally moved into our new offices this week so i was really feeble and couldn’t do any of the lifting ( which some people might say was a blessing!). So Matt my husband and 2 of his friends moved all our nursing shirts today. I thought it was gojng to take ages as there are a lot of boxes but i gotta say the chaps are fit and it didn’t take too long.

So now we are geared up to take delivery of our new breastfeeding dresses that will be delivered in a few months. They are being made at the moment, we had our final samples through of our new nursing tops too as well as the nursing dress and they are REALLY lush. nice heavy fabric that will keep you warm enough in the winter when paired with a thick cozy pair of tights and not too clammy for the summer. I will try and arrange the photo shoot for January so should be on sale not too long after. Very exciting as it’s out first ever breastfeeding dress, and it;s taken SO much longer than i had expected. I wasn’t happy with some of the features of the dress so they had to be changed and then this had a big knock on effect to production time as i missed my slot of manufacture so had to re-book.; But it does mean that they will be the way i want them.

2011 we hope will be a big year for us as we want to expand the range of nursing clothing and offer you guys more variation.

Right gotta zoom lots of orders to pack- happy days 🙂

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops

We have a winner for our Facebook breastfeeding top competition.

Elizabeth Morgan you are a winner !

Congratulations Elizabeth if you could email or ring us to tell us your address and which size Lips nursing shirt you would like that would be great. Contact details are on our website ( we get mega spammed if we put them here).

So if you missed out on winning one of our nursing tops this time then don’t worry there will be loads of other chances to win one and lots of other fab goodies as we have lots of competitions in store.

It is our 2nd birthday next monday so will be running another facebook competition starting this Friday and finishing next monday, so keep your eyes peeled. Don;t worry if you don;t have a facebook account as we do accept entries via our blog here and promise to enter all the names into the hat just as we did for the last competition so no one gets missed out.

We’re going to have a little party here at Mama Feelsgood to celebrate out 2nd birthday, well myself, Matt and our 2 girls are going to party as much as you can ha ha i’ll buy baby Erin a extra juicy carrot and mash it up for here ( she’s just cutting her first tooth and it;s driving her insane) . I would go for a krispy kreme doughnut but i’m trying to be good, too many clothes i can’t fit into anymore post Erin , too many Mama Feelsgood nursing tees i can’t squeeze my rolls into so times are gonna change!

Any how don’t forget new competition for a different breastfeeding tops this Friday 🙂

Good luck guys.

Breastfeeding Tops

Our Black Island Breastfeeding tops will be back in stock soon

We are SO sorry for the wait for our Black long sleeve nursing tops in our Island graphic print in the smaller sizes, they are being re-printed this week so the wait shouldn’t be too much longer.

There has been tons going on here in the past couple of months and we gotta admit getting the nursing shirts re printed just got pushed to the back of the que. But we are on the case, we’ve had quite a few emails now concerning these particular nursing tops and we can’t  put off you requests any longer!

Just so you know we also do our Island graphic print in long sleeve dark grey breastfeeding tops too and short sleeve dark grey, pink and black nursing tees


Breastfeeding Tops

Mama’s Melons nursing top – funky fun and certainly not frumpy

In a 1950’s kinda vibe our Mama’s Melons nursing tee is super laid back with a retro kick. 

I admit i am a lover of things Kitsch , i think it comes from watching Happy Days on a friday night when i was little and feeling happy myself! Good times 🙂

SO the melons nursing top just really reflects one style that i am into. I was thinking about creating a 1950’s inspired nursing dress , you know all big puffed out skirt and cutie heart shaped neckline but i don’t think lots of people would feel the love for that one the way i would! So lets just say that idea has been put on the back burner!

If you did fancy one of our Mama’s nursing shirts  we carry then in store in long sleeve Grey or Black and also in short sleeve Pink which would be great for the summer or sleek black 

Just think our nursing tops bring a bit of originality to your breastfeeding wardrobe and help make you feel good 🙂