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Find great competitions & nursing top giveaways on our facebook page

Right now we are making the final move to our new office (well in fact we have 2 offices but that is a long story) and we are finding lots of nursing shirts that some how have found themselves down the back of the shelves ! So they are a bit dusty or there are a few that have random marks on them from manufacturing and we cannot sell; so the nice people that we are we are giving them away to ladies who need them far more than us.

The best way we have found to do this is via our facebook fan page because it’s quick and it seems it’s a fair way of doing it as everyone gets a shot.Of course if you are not a member of facebook you can always leave your name under this message to be entered but the easiest way is via facebook.

We also run competitions and give heads up on new or upcoming stock on our facebook page too, and also it’s a great place to get your advice on what you want to see on our website, and the kinda breastfeeding clothes you want to see made. So come on over, say hi, and as BT say it’s good to talk ….ok type maybe !


Competition time- win 1 of our nursing tops

So you want to win one of our nursing tops?

We have a Mama Feelsgood facebook page and it’s feeling a little lonely, currently we have 84 followers and we are trying to get it up over the 100, so when we do get over the 100 our competition to win one of our breastfeeding tops starts!

Facebook is a great way to communicate and we regularly put up offers or freebies so come on in and be a friend 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

Hey Mama Feelsgood is On Facebook, come say Hi

Anyone please feel free to come and say hi on our Mama feelsgood page on facebook. Would be totally cool to meet some of our customers, and you can catch up on new things planned for the business, including new release’s of maternity tees and the new style of breastfeeding graphics T-shirt were are bringing out later this year.

Here is the link for our facebook page , we send regular updates and everything!! Ha ha.

WE juse thought it woul be cool to have a more personal touch and maybe see how our shirts have benefitted you, pictures of anyone waring our tee’s would be amazing 🙂


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