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Original Nursing tees from Mama Feelsgood for breastfeeding fashion show

Right i am so behind it is unreal, i was supposed to send some shirts for the breastfeeding and maternity fashion show thats happening in Leeds next saturday (check out breast buddies website for more info ) and i am so slack.  I have the shirts ready to go and i must remember to post them tomorrow. nice little surprise as i thought i would experiment and get some different coloured breastfeeding tees printed up with the 8 Ball design. So there is a Pink tee and dark Grey tee (both new colours for Mama Feelsgood) and they have the white 8ball design on them., Sorry dudes i don;t have any pictures yet.

So really the lucky ladies of Leeds are going to get the first look at some new shirts…… It’s so cool choosing which designs go on which tees, i totally love it. I wore the black 8Ball breastfeeding tee on Thursday and i got so many compliments i was well chuffed. One friend said “i thought you were gonna wear one of your nursing tees in today” and i was like, yeah i have…… they couldn’t even tell it was a breastfeeding t-shirt so there you go, you can wear them even when you stop feeding your little one.


Mama Feelsgood– Not your regular Tee

Friends Of Ours

Come Support Breast Buddies Breastfeeding & Maternity Fashion Show

Ok here’s the important details :

Maternity & breastfeeding fashion show

13th December between 2 – 4pm  Manston St. James church hall, Church Lane, LS15 8JB LEEDS.

So if you live in the Leeds area and want to come and have some fun and see whats on offer at this fab fashion show come on down. Mama Feelsgood is sending a few maternity Tees f& Breastfeeding tops for the fashion show (which will be prizes in the raffle too) so hey ladies what are you waiting for ha ha. This would be a good oppourtunity to see some of our clothes first hand (you can see how nice they are wink wink).

Here is a link to Breast Buddies the organisation whom organised this , they are all ladies whom have had children themselves and they have put alot of effort and time into creating this organisation so it can help ladies of the Leeds area with many aspects of breastfeeding. Lovely bunch of ladies.


Mama Feelsgood– Maternity & Breastfeeding Tees which make you feel good