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Breast feeding and feeling good about it

Ok  so maybe a little rant coming on here but as you know i am a twitter lover; i go on it everyday and if i don’t post on it all the time i do read it quite a lot during the day (think i need to ween myself off it a bit) and the things you can find on there are very diverse; so i read a post from the US about a racing car driver tweeting about going into a store and seeing a woman breastfeeding and him getting all uptight about it and launching a mini moan on twitter about it.  Here is the full story

He makes these comments “Just walking though supermarket. See a mom breast feeding little kid. Took second look because obviously I was seeing things. I wasn’t!” he wrote, then graphically described what he saw. “#nasty,” Kahne added, “I don’t feel like shopping anymore or eating.

My gawd get over it, it’s like 2012. I HATE it that women are sometimes (and i say sometimes as i know not all people are like this guy) made to feel crap because they are breastfeeding. Hellooo Mr if you had ever taken your children out and they became hungry (which they normally do as they are children) what would you do? Never go out? I don’t think so.

Some people just don’t get what it’s like to me a mother and to try and look after you kids irrelevant of if you breastfeed or bottle feed people always get funny about something. When Erin my youngest daughter was about 2 months old i took her out to our local Mall and went to get some lunch and i got moaned  at by a woman to stop her crying. I mean she had cried for like a nano second and get over it lady she’s a baby. See always something to moan about. I think some people either completely for get what it was like or never had a clue in the first place.

ok so that my moan over for today ! What gets on your nerves?




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Breastfeeding clothes can make breastfeeding in public easier.

So did you guys see the programme on BBC 3 last night? With the lady (Cherry) it was really interesting to see from a different perspective what people think about breastfeeding.

One thing that i can totally connect with is the breastfeeding in public and the fact that you have to do it (unless you become a hermit) but you want to but don’t want to if you get my drift! The first couple of times was really had for me, but once you get going it does become easier and you can get the knack down pat and before you know it you’ll be breastfeeding anywhere!

It was a real shame the lady was breastfeeding in a toilet on there, i mean it’s not nice for mum or the baby really but like i mentioned above i expect a lot of mums do this because it makes them feel a lot more comfortable, hey ladies each to their own, if that what makes you feel at ease go for it. But honestly breastfeeding clothing does make feeding in public that bit more realxed, and i’m not just saying that because i have my own brand of nursing clothes!

WE’ve had some really lovely emails from ladies who say our nursing tops have given them more confidence to basically go out! No mummy tummy on show, and less boobage on show!

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Did you see the Nursing mum makeover on This Morning?

I admit i don’t normally watch This Morning, i’m usually bombing around a thousand miles an hour chasing your nursing tops for your orders or trying to pull things out of baby Erins mouth (she’s nearly 6 months now and EVERYTHING is going in he mouth arrhhh!) so when i got the whisper there was going to be a make over dedicated to a mum who breastfeeds i was intrigued to see what they came up with.

I’m so sorry but the lady’s name escapes me at the moment but she looked so lovely after the make over ( not saying she looked hanging before because she defo didn’t) but i can;t help thinking is it really possible to look like that everyday? Her hair was beautifully blow dried etc and her make up was lovely. If i tried that Erin would have ripped half my hair out ( as well as the mouth thing she adores to pull hair) so i generally have to scrapped back ( not quite a coventry facelift but nearly!) and i’m just too tired to put on the full make up. Am i alone in this ? Please say i’m not ha ha.

Anyways back to the makeover, they choose some lovely jeans from Dorothy Perkins for her to wear but i must admit i was a little dissapointed with the top they chose , it;s not the fact that it wasn’t a nursing top but they picked a silk one. Don’t know about you but i drop of milk goes a long way on fabric and on silk it would only take a little spillage and i’d have a mooosive wet patch .

Ok maybe i’m not being objective, after all i do sell nursing tops!

Did you see the feature, what did you think?

Our friends from Mama Scarf were approached to provide a nursing scarf, such a shame it wasn’t featured as they are really handy for breastfeeding in public.

Breastfeeding in the news, Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding in public – why the big debate?

I spotted today this article on the Guardian website today about Hooter Hiders , they are breastfeeding covers for nursing your baby in public ( BTW thanks to the lady who posted a comment recomending our breastfeeding tops 🙂  ) .

I just don’t get why they would be such a big issue about them? OK so if i am being honest they are not my cup of tea, and i know i am one of the most forgetful people never so i would go out and forget them but hey if ladies want to wear them then just wear them, anything which makes your breastfeeding experience better can only be a good thing? There is SO much pressure on ladies on how they should be feeding their babies ie breast Vs bottle i don’t think we need extra stress about what we wear whilst we do it.

Ok i sell nursing tops so you could say i am biased but i created Mama Feelsgood to provide an option for women who want a choice of maternity wear / nursing wear i’m not saying you Got to wear them, breastfeeding tops are like chocolate, you can live without it but it makes your life that little bit better ( ha ha well i suppose that depends upon if you like chocolate or not!).

i don’t know if it is the culture we live in here in the UK but people love to judge others and give their options, maybe it’s because shows such as the X Factor are popular where basically they have celebrities passing judgement on others we think it;s acceptable to do this in everyday life. If a lady likes to / feels more comfortable wearing a Hooter Hider or breastfeeding top then whats the problem?

What do you think?

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Why Denise VAn Outen is giving up breastfeeding

It’s a hard job being a mother and it must be a hard job being a new mother and having the press taking pictures of your every move, OMG i dread to think if i were “famous” the press would have had a field day taking pictures of me looking crappy.  I along with many other women have been guilty of going out with baby vomit in my hair when i thought i’d washed it all out, and milk stains on my top which i had been wearing for about 2 days because i just haven’t had the time to put a load of washing on (my daughter is now 14 weeks old so things are getting better, although you may notice i am writing this entry at 3 in the morning because she’s been up crying for 2 hours and only just been put back down!) and i own a breastfeeding clothing company!! If anyone should have tons of clothes right now it should be me!

So back to DVO, basically she has stated the reason she has given up breastfeeding her daughter is because she doesn’t want to get papped (ie photographed) breastfeeding her daughter, and does not want her boobies to be splashed across the papers. I do get where she is coming from, there are some really scanky newspapers out there which act like immature boys and who would in a heart beat publish a picture like this. Ooh boobies , nevermind the fact that it’s a personal thing between miss Van Outen and her baby they would just invade her privicy. But we all know that breastfeeding is really beneficial so all i would say to Denise is , dude it;s your choice just like it’s every womens choice to breastfeed but if you did want to reconsider there are ways you can breastfeed in public without showing the world what you’ve got. IE Mama Feelsgood nursing tops 🙂 

Also ladies you could always express into a bottle for when on the move (surely a person can’t be out all the time , so it would be only the occasional feed during the day) if you are concerned about things. If you want to breastfeed your baby don;t let other peoples narrow minded opinions put you off. Once you get the hang of breastfeeding in public you’ll be wapping them out everywhere (with the assistance of our Mama Feelsgood breatsfeeding tops of course!)

What do you guys think about Miss Van Outen decision ?

Here is an article from The Daily Mail i found on this:

here are many reasons that new mothers might opt out of breastfeeding. 

Some find it too painful, some find it too difficult. Denise Van Outen, on the other hand, simply found it too public. 

The 36-year-old actress said she gave up breastfeeding her daughter Betsy after less than a month, claiming she didn’t like the idea of being spotted nursing in Starbucks. Or, heaven forbid, the Post Office.

probably should have persevered a bit longer than three weeks,’ she said in her first interview since her daughter’s arrival in May. 

‘But I can’t be sitting in Starbucks and breastfeeding, because they [photographers] are taking pictures. 

‘Another time, I was at the back of a really long queue at the Post Office to get Betsy a passport, knowing that in the next half hour she was going to wake up and cry, wanting a feed

‘And, sure enough, when I got to the front, that’s exactly what she did. And I felt so conscious of the pressures of everybody looking, tutting and waiting to see how I dealt with the situation because they knew my face.

Miss Van Outen, who is married to West End actor Lee Mead, explained that self-consciousness wasn’t the only reason for her decision to choose the bottle for Betsy. 

‘I wasn’t producing enough milk and Lee wanted to be able to feed her,’ she told She magazine
Denise Van Outen for SHE Magazine.

Denise appears in the August issue of SHE, on sale Saturday

Breastfeeding Tops

Want a trendy nursing top that doesn’t cost lots?

Hey breastfeeding fashion doesn’t have to cost a lot, and it is possible to get good quality nursing clothes for a fraction of the price.

We generally have a sale on one of our nursing tops at one time or another and this week is your lucky week because we have a number of breastfeeding tops on sale 🙂

Our super funky Short sleeve Kat nursing T-shirt is on sale at the mo :

Good quality nursing shirt with a double under layer opening – as shown here:

So grab a little piece of heaven while you can for a lot less of the price:)

No seriously all our nursing tops have been designed for the breastfeeding mother , making them durable yet soft to the touch, so they feel nice on your skin and your babies. The feedback we have received about our breastfeeding tops has truly been really really great, and we are working on producing a new line of nursing tops in the very near future, so come try our breastfeeding T-shirts and tell us what you think.

With the warmer months coming up (fingers crossed , fingers crossed) and you’ll wanna get out and about a lot more our short sleeve nursing tops are perfect for life on the move as a mother whom breastfeeds. We’ve had feedback from breastfeeding mothers whom have said our nursing tops have given them the confidence to go out and breast feed in public which is truly a great thing. No more having to worry your baby will need feeding when you are out because our breast feeding tops really do give you the confidence to do whats natural whilst not having to be a hermit!

Have a great weekend ladies 🙂


Breastfeeding Tops

Somerset rocks for breastfeeding – more support groups for breastfeeding now available

Fresh efforts are being made in Somerset to encourage more mothers to breastfeed their babies. More antenatal classes and support groups will be set up as well as the roll-out of peer support networks.

Breastfeeding rates in Somerset are already higher than the national average where 49.6 per cent of women in Somerset breastfeed.

That figure is equivalent to 5,378 women.

‘Lots of advantages’

However, young women from more disadvantaged backgrounds are less likely to take it up.

Louise Stickland, infant feeding specialist for the NHS in Somerset, said: “Generally the younger the mother is, the earlier she left school, that’s the mother who’s less likely to breastfeed, often because she’s got family around.

“They want to look after the baby and feed the baby. She also may never have seen a baby being breastfed and it’s actually quite alien for people.”

‘Bit nervous’

Louise’s role is to find ways of encouraging young mums to try it for themselves.

“It’s very important for infants’ health to breastfeed, it’s one of the best things that mothers can do for their child is to breastfeed because there are lots of advantages.

“Babies are less likely to get allergies, infections, less likely to get dental decay, less likely be obese and generally to be much healthier,” she said.

More antenatal classes are planned during evenings rather than during the day.

The idea is that partners and family members can attend more easily to learn about the benefits of breastfeeding.

‘Special training’

A peer support system which has worked successfully in Bridgwater and Yeovil will also be rolled out across the rest of Somerset.

“Mums who have breastfed themselves have special training that we put on and they can then help mums and encourage them to continue breastfeeding.

“If we’ve got a mother who wants to go along to a group, but is a bit nervous about doing so, we can ask a peer supporter who probably lives in the same area to perhaps meet that mum and befriend her and take her along to a group.

“A 16-year-old mum would much rather meet another 16 or 17-year-old mum for help than probably a much older health professional.”

Mental health

The peer supporter would only be there for support rather than a source for medical advice, which would be left to health professionals.

“It’s a deterrent for some mums when they go into town or out in a public place, where they can breastfed. They just don’t feel comfortable when they are breastfeeding, certainly for the first time when they go out.

“Peer supporters can advise mums on where it’s best to go; they can advise them on where to buy suitable bras; where they can go and relax and change their baby.”

The NHS says if every baby born in Britain was breastfed for three months it could save £50m and health professionals say there are also advantages for mums.

“It’s better for their mental health, they get less post-natal depression because they’re really satisfied and feel they’ve done the best for their babies,” said Louise.

“They’re less likely to get ovarian and breast cancer and later in life if they continue to breastfeed beyond six months, they’re less likely to get osteoporosis because calcium is put back in their bones.”