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Merry Christmas ladies

Dudes it’s christmas !

Ok so i’m guessing you knew that already but make sure you have a good one; for me christmas is about family especially as i have children of my own, plus food. I love food ! That is something i have to sort out for 2012 – loose some of the rolls ! Plus get fit , well when i say get fit i mean be able to walk up the stairs without having to call St John ambulance! I’m guessing this goes hand in hand with loosing some of the rolls!

So in relation to Mama FeelsGood  our BOXING DAY SALE is the next big event, i was sorting through our stock and i found some older designs that i had totally forgotten about so these are going in the sale (these are breastfeeding shirts) plus some of our new stock thats only been in our store is on sale; in fact i think nearly everything is on sale, including our fancy Money Penny nursing range.

So make sure you check our website out if you need some breastfeeding clothes, some of the shirts are only available in certain sizes so it will be the first come first served type of thing, and once they are sold we won’t be printing them again, especially the pink nursing shirts.

Have a  good one everyone, liz



breast feeding clothes, breastfeeding clothing, Nursing Tops

Big Summer SALE – Breastfeeding clothes

Believe it or not it’s summer (21st June as longest day of the year marks summer right?) and by our weather here in the UK you wouldn’t know it. As i’m typing this it’s raining here in Bristol, so we have a lot of summer stock thats got to be sold so thought i would start the summer sale today!

We also have a lot more new breastfeeding tops coming into to stock soon which is quite exciting, lots of new graphics nursing tees with some new colours available; it’s taken longer to organize than i expected but everything  does with me! That is one of the drawback of working on your own you have to do everything, so it takes more time than you think even to do a little thing!

Along with our new stock we are planning new changes to our website which will be totally cool; i remember when we launched in October 2008 i loved our site (and still do) but things change so much and so quickly with the internet that new things are developed and i’m like a child in a toy shop and it’s like wooo i gotta have that. I don;t think Twitter was going or if it was it wasn’t that common when we started our website and look now!!

So back to the nursing clothes…. we have  a really good sale on, especially our Money Penny range of breastfeeding clothes they won’t  be available for this price for a while, we have our breastfeeding dress and nursing top for sale in our smarter breastfeeding clothes section  and LOADS of breastfeeding T-shirts on sale.

Metropolis Breastfeeding Tee On SALE now

Dudes our Metropolis breastfeeding T-shirt is on sale now for £9.99 that a  mega good deal.

We are low on numbers throughout the size range and they won;t be re-printed so if you want one get it now.

Breastfeeding Tops

Summer nursing tops are here ! – funky short sleeve breastfeeding tops

Woo hoo the sun has finally started to shine here in the UK (well here in Bristol it’s gorgeous weather, so hope it;s just as nice where you are), so now is the time you are gonna want to get out and about with your little one. What can make this easier for breastfeeding mothers? Why a lovely summer nursing top from Mama ……. OK maybe this isn;t a subtle sales pitch but honestly our nursing tops are fab and just to make your life that little bit easier why not try one?

The picture shown is our Rock Mama Short sleeve nursing top in black (also comes in dark grey too)

Super funky nursing clothes are really hard to come by and we have lots of really cool casual nursing tops to offer, lots of them are currently available in our sale section too.  So if you are like me and a breastfeeding mother and know when your baby starts to cry they want feeding there and then ( i have first hand experience of being in M&S today and my 2 week old little girl needed feeding, and man she let me know she was hungry and all the people in the store knew too!! She has a fine set of lungs on her when she wants too. But of course i was wearing my Mama FeelsGood nursing top, in fact it was this Rock Mama breastfeeding top, the black does wonders to make you look slimmer! it made the whole process of breastfeeding in the childrens school clothing section loads more descrete ) !

Have fun in the sun and don;t forget your sun lotion, you dont wanna burn.

Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding T-shirt sale continues – black short sleeve nusring top on sale

To celebrate half term in the UK we are putting a different shirt on sale each day. So today is the turn of our plain black short sleeve breast feeding tee . Major bargain at £16.99, this lovely cotton breastfeeding top is really good quality which will be ideal if you are nursing your baby.


The cotton is great for mopping up any spills you might get whilst breastfeeding too! Whilst this nursing top is on sale here’s your chance to grab a bargain 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

Funky Fashionable breast feeding tops coming to a town near you

You fed up of wearing something you really don’t want to wear but it’s good to breastfeed your baby in? Well ladies those days are over, our funky , fresh original breastfeeding tops are a great way to make you feel good and comfortable when you breast feed and also as super practical nursing tops.

Our breast feeding tops are a great way to re gain some privacy when nursing your child. So no longer do you have to sit in Tesco Cafe with your post baby tum on show for everybody! Our breastfeedign shirts are double layered so they are like 2 shirts in 1. Pull the top layer up and then pull the undervest to one side (which ever side you are going to nurse from) and hey presto. You can use the top shirt to cover your chest too whilst your baby feeds.

As the picture above of our Owl Breastfeeding T-shirt you can be funky and be a breastfeeding mum. We have a gorgeous range of short sleeve nursing tops for the summer, and if you are feeling less adventerous here’s our plain breastfeeding tops .

we are a young company with alot of energy and enthusiasim for what we do, we will be expanding our range of nusring tops very soon and also selling to local stores, so if there are maternity stores near you where you want to see our shirts, please just let us know. home of funky breastfeding tops