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We have a winer for our breast feeding top competition

Thanks so much for all your entries to our breastfeeding top competition we held on Facebook.

Louise Thompson was the lucky winner , she was one of a few who had the correct answer of 33 stars are on our Grey Lips nursing T-shirt

Lips Nursing T-shirt

So Louise as her prize had the choice of any of the breastfeeding tops we sell.

Personally  i love Facebook, it gives us a really cool way to interact with you guys and it can also bring you together with other new mums and you can pick up some wicked tips about breastfeeding and general life as a mum. As a new mum myself (well Erin is 6 months now and Amelia is 5 years so) i’m finding new and funky things all the time in realation to all things baby! And i plan to share some of my finds with you guys via facebook etc.

If you have something you’d like to share then either leave a comment here or on our facebook page.

Take care, Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

Before the summer ends grab our Pink Neptune Surf breastfeeding top on sale Today

Neptune Surf Nursing Tee

So it’s August our British summer is fading fast so take this fabulous opportunity to grab our summer nursing top whilst it’s on sale.

Our Neptune surf breastfeeding T-shirt has a great graphic print for the summer, really laid back and surfer style top.

Just think sunshine,surf and the waves lapping around your feet….WAKE UP yeah you were dreaming again ha ha. Don’t ask us about the name of this nursing shirt….it’s a long story!

You can’t even tell it’s a nursing T-shirt from looking at it, so keep wearing it for as long as you like, don’t feel you have to only wea

The same applies to all our breastfeeding tees.

  • 100% quality jersey cotton top shirt
  • 95% cotton 5% spandex undershirt
  • Designed to fit AFTER pregnancy
  • machine washable
  • size’s 8 – 18 available
  • All our breastfeeding tees work on the same nursing design:

It is 2 shirts in 1. The top t-shirt is just like a regular tee, and below is a hidden under vest with nursing openings on both sides. When you want to feed your baby you simply lift the top tee and move the undervest slightly to use the nursing openings. Keeps your tummy covered and helps hide you chest!

On sale from £19.99 to £14.99 for a limited time only .

Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding T-shirt sale continues – black short sleeve nusring top on sale

To celebrate half term in the UK we are putting a different shirt on sale each day. So today is the turn of our plain black short sleeve breast feeding tee . Major bargain at £16.99, this lovely cotton breastfeeding top is really good quality which will be ideal if you are nursing your baby.


The cotton is great for mopping up any spills you might get whilst breastfeeding too! Whilst this nursing top is on sale here’s your chance to grab a bargain 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

The best breastfeeding tops ever

We were super chuffed this week to hear one of our customers thought our breastfeeding tops are the best breastfeeding tops available…woo hoo.

Honestly we really do try to bring you not only good quality breastfeeding tops , but nursing tops you would actually want to wear even if you weren’t breastfeeding and at a price that is not mega expensive.

We don’t skimpt on fabric in our breastfeeding tops, and of you think about it you are getting 2 tops for the price of 1 because we use the brilliant method of having a discret under shirt which keep you covered but you can still breasfteed from whilst having the cover of the top shirt.

We will be expanding our range o breastfeeding tops soon, so keep you eyes out for more fabulous funky nursing tops 🙂 funky breastfeeding clothes.

Breastfeeding Tops

Snuggle UP In Our Maternity T-Shirts Baby



This is my daughter, she is a budding model ha ha. This was taken when my sister came down to try her new camera out she had for christmas and Amelia was all too pleased to pose!! Honestly she really loves doing it, makes me consider bringing out a baby / toddler range just so she could model it!! Anywyas this is here surrounded by some of our Maternity Tees, she was well cosy in there!

Very exciting news about featuring in Vogue magazine, our photoshoot for our new maternity & breastfeeding tees is on the 14th Feb so we are going to send some of those pictures in for the little feature. Woo Hoo. There are more funky shirts to come ladies so keep checking the site over the next 2 weeks because there is going to be abit of a change in tee’s , some will go somw new will come!


Mama Feelsgood – Funky maternity and breastfeeding tees


Sisters are the best

My sister Sue came around today to have a practice with her new camera she got for christmas, she did A level photography way back when and hasn’t used a camera for a while so i said she could do some T-shirt pics to get going.

We had a really cool time, lots of photos taken (i will up date some more on here during the week) it turned out my daughter is a natural in front of the camera and loved modeling, shame the same couldn’t b said for me……..

I can’t help it i just don,t like my photo being taken, the more i tried not to look posey the worse it got. So when we looked back over the photos at the end of the day it was a real laugh (honestly some are soo bad i can’t post on here, i am so pale in some it looks like i’ve never seen daylight and others well lets just say not good……….).

This was one fo the funny ones, Sue snapped it just as i was putting on a mama’s melons maternity tee and i look like i got a turtles head  (not the out the butt type ha ha). Thanks sue ha ha

So if you wanna see who is responsible for Mama Feelsgood – Hi 🙂

Mama Feelsgood – maternity which rocks

Breastfeeding Tops

What Is a Breastfeeding Top ?

OK i received an email asking what exactly is a breastfeeding top?

Basically it is a top which allows you to feed your child without getting your tummy exposed or showing what nature blessed you with in the boobie department!

There are lots of different openings you can have in a nursing top in order to do this, and personally i think some designs are better than others. There use to be tops with zips and poppers (not too sure if they are still around? ) but the thought of zips near A – my baby’s face and B – my boobies no thanks.

We have designed our nursing shirts so they have a double layer. So the top shirt looks just like a regular tee, infact it is a regualr tee but underneath is a vest style shirt which has 2 openings either side of the arm hole.

SO How do you use the nursing top?

When you wanna feed your child you pull up the top tee to get to the undervest, your tummy will be covered by the under vest so no flesh on show there! Just deceided which side you want to feed from then undo your nursing bra / regular bra and pull the undervest to 1 side and away you go.

The nursing tops gives you alot more coverage and privacy, and lets face it after you had a baby your tummy isn’t what it use to be so it’s nice not having to get it out whilst you breastfeed!

The best thing about our breastfeeding tees is that you can wear them after you stop breastfeeding. They don’t look like “nursing tops” , no one would guess they are one.

One of our customers didn’t wanna wear the undervest after she stopped nursing but loved the Tee so she cut the under vest out and now just wears the top shirt, hey if it works for you then it’s cool..


Mama Feelsgood – Funky maternity & Breastfeeding Tees