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New Years Nursing Top sale



Happy New Year guys 🙂



 Hope you had a fabulous christmas and New Year was cool ; to make your New Year get off to an even better start we have our Annual Sale so you can catch some major bargains  , loads of great nursing tops at really really cool prices.

Here are some of the tops we have on sale at the moment:

Our Monster Stan nursing top is always a favourite so rather than leaving him out of the sale for a short period we’ve popped him in !

We also have the matching Monster Stan babygrow in the sale too –

Our Maggie long sleeved nursing top is also in the sale for £19.99

Really great comfortable breastfeeding top , really soft and snuggly.

If Owls are your thing then we have plenty of our owl nursing tops in the sale, Above is our funky blue owl nursing top , we also have it in black

Funky owl breastfeeding top in black

Really great laid back tee is our Sunnyvale nursing top.

These are just a small selection of our nursing tops we have in the sale, check out our website for the whole selection.

We hope 2013 brings you everything you want from it

x Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

Funky Ray Gun short sleeve breastfeeding top now on sale

Light Grey Ray Gun nursing T-shirt

This funky nursing T-shirt was inspired from the 1950’s style B movies, have you ever seen one? They make me crack up, ok so it was the 1950’s and the special affects weren’t up to much but the story lines 🙂

The attack of the 50ft woman is genius , can you imagine that a 50ft woman, yeah girl power!!

I love the font types and the retro feel of the 1950’s, there was some really cool things going down around that time, although i do associate a lot of it with the American 1950’s ie Happy Days and milkshakes etc. I was lucky enough to go around california in my 20’s and went into a Rubys diner in Palm Springs (they have the train tracks running around the top of the walls in there, it;s well cool) and that is very 1950’s inspired diner. I think we should have more things like that here in the UK, would make things a lot more cheerful i think.

So back to our Ray Gun nursing tee , i got the idea for the graphic print from B movies which got me thinking about a really lush Foo fighters poster i have framed on my wall in my hall, it’s from one of their tours in 1997

i gotta laugh because my daughter says i look like the lady in the picture, if you point to it and says who’s this she says mum , all i can say is i haven’t trained her to say this but blimey i wish it were true!! ha ha

So there is the inspiration for our Ray gun nursing  shirts. They are quite a complicated design , and look even better close up, like i said the Mama Feelsgood font is very 1950’s comic book book style.

Currently we have 3 of out Ray guns tee on sale which can be found in our nursing sale section on our website , our long sleeve pink nursing top .

Ray Gun nursing Tee long sleeve pink

Our Pink short sleeved Ray gun  breastfeding top

Short Sleeve ray gun nursing top

It’s fun to be funky & different 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend, Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

Rattle & Hum nursing T-shirt on sale for the summer – well a few days!

It’s SOOOOOO hot, i’m not very good with the heat to say the least so Baby Erin and myself will be staying mostly inside for this weekend which is supposed to be a stonker of a hot one.

Anyways i have put our Rattle & Hum short sleeve nursing tee in dark grey on sale for the next couple of days, they are selling for a crazy low price of £11.99 for nows your chance to grab a little piece of quality nursing wear for a very small price.

This nursing top will only be on sale for a few days then it goes back up to full price so if you wanna try one of our nursing tops now is the chance to at a super low price.

Have fun in the sun and stay safe 

Liz x

Breastfeeding Tops

Lips breastfeeding top on sale today only

OK so we are going crazy and are putting some more of our nursing tops on sale.

Today is the turn of our Lips pink long sleeve nursing top, it’s only £15.99 and for a good quality breastfeeding top this really is good value for money.

As we haven’t had that good a summer here in the UK why not buy your winter tops nursing tops early, you might get to wear them earlier than you thought with our weather ha ha!

Or even if you are really prepared they might make fantastic christmas presents !

Breastfeeding Tops

Lips long sleeve nursing shirt on sale today

Ladies todays sale in the nursing shirt department is our Lips pink long sleeve nursing shirt

Is a seriously good price of £15.99 for this little beauty, will last ages and give your baby something bright and cheerful to look at whilst feeding.

We are getting some more funky style in soon so am just making a little space in our storage to fit it all in!!

So your gain, take advantage of our reduced prices because we only have very limited stock.


Enjoy your weekend. Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

Diamond Mama Nursing shirt sale…starts today

OK ladies we are having a mini sale to make way for all the gorgeous new stock we are going to be getting in within the next few weeks  (loads more breastfeeding graphic prints tees).

Today is the turn of our Mama Diamond nursing shirts in both long sleeve and short sleeve

They are such a good price the short sleeve is now £14.99 and the long sleeve is £15.99. We honestly haven’t many sizes left in these of as the day goes on expect a lot more sizes not to be available…so be quick!

These shirts won’t be re-printed again, so catch a little bit of history here and get a great breastfeeding shirt at a fantastic price.

Breastfeeding Tops

Mama Feelsgood pink summer breastfeeding top short sleeve- on sale today

Just in time for the fabulous weather we are doing a 1 day special sale on our pink short sleeve nusring T-shirt. This is 1 breastfeeding top you will want to go out and about and use.

Really is a fantastic colour nursing top for the summer, will totally put you in the mood to chill out, sit back and relax….yeah ok we know mums don’t get alot of time for relaxation but who knows!!

We also carry on-line the breastfeeding pink shirt with various funky graphic prints, one of my favourites being our Island breastfeeding top

So have fun in the sun this summer (don’t forget to cream up and that means yoou too & not just your kids) our nursing tops help maintain your privacy whilst out 🙂 maternity & nursing tops

Breastfeeding Tops

Plain Breast feeding / nursing top on sale

Grab one of our plain breastfeeding tops for a reduced price while you can. It’s only on sale for 24 hours and then it goes back to full price, so if you are after a funky nursing top i would get a move on!

All our plain breastfeeding t-shirts come in sizes 8 – 18 and are 100% cotton top shirt 95% cotton 5 % spandex undervest. So this is THE place for fashionable breastfeeding wear ,

About time a breastfeeding top which lets you look good and is super practical. The soft touch cotton really feels great against your skin and your baby’s. Our nursing tops don’t look like “nursing tops” by looking at them, the secret is in the hidden under layer,

  • 95% cotton 5% spandex undershirt
  • Designed to fit AFTER pregnancy
  • machine washable
  • size’s 8 – 18 available
  • All our breastfeeding tees work on the same nursing design:It is 2 shirts in 1. The top t-shirt is just like a regular tee, and below is a hidden under vest with nursing openings on both sides. When you want to feed your baby you simply lift the top tee and move the undervest slightly to use the nursing openings. Keeps your tummy covered and helps hide you chest! As shown in pictures below

    If you prefer a baggy fit go 1 size up.

All our plain breastfeeding tops are available with graphic prints too, check them out under our Graphic breastfeeding top section.

Breastfeeding Tops

Last Day Of Christmas Post For Maternity & Breastfeeding Tees

okey cokey today was THE deadline for posting out item in time for christmas, as stated by royal mail . So all you guys things i have posted out today they should get to you by christmas eve because i always post 1st class recorded. Any orders now won’t be delivered in time for Christmas so i know it sucks but dudes your too late…..

Don’t forget out BIG SALE starts boxing day, so celebrate 2009 in style and treat yourself to one of our breastfeeding tees or maternity tops, you won’t be sorry 🙂

Mama Feelsgood– changing the frump to funky