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Breastfeeding mums – breastmilk is great for getting rid of cradle cap

Hey just something i learnt today, apparently rubbing a little breastmilk into your babies cradle cap can help cure it . 2 or 3 times a day rub a little breastmilk into your babies scalp which is affected by cradle cap and  rub it in gently for around 2 mins and this will help get rid of it.

Pretty  cool totaly natural way of dealing with the situation. If it doesn’t work then at least you know it won;t harm your baby as it’s only your own milk you are rubbing in. Can;t say i ever tried it myself, when i had my daughter she got cradle cap ( which child doesn’t?) and because i didn’t know of any other method i went straight for the medicated shampoo, but if i had known there were natural remedies i would have tried this for sure.

Now i am not a Dr so i cannot say for sure this works, but it is a piece of advise i got from a long serving midwife so who knows there maybe some truth in it!

Here is the Wikipedia link to cradle cap if you wanna check it’s what your baby has funky breastfeeding t-shirts