Breastfeeding Tops

What Is a Breastfeeding Top ?

OK i received an email asking what exactly is a breastfeeding top?

Basically it is a top which allows you to feed your child without getting your tummy exposed or showing what nature blessed you with in the boobie department!

There are lots of different openings you can have in a nursing top in order to do this, and personally i think some designs are better than others. There use to be tops with zips and poppers (not too sure if they are still around? ) but the thought of zips near A – my baby’s face and B – my boobies no thanks.

We have designed our nursing shirts so they have a double layer. So the top shirt looks just like a regular tee, infact it is a regualr tee but underneath is a vest style shirt which has 2 openings either side of the arm hole.

SO How do you use the nursing top?

When you wanna feed your child you pull up the top tee to get to the undervest, your tummy will be covered by the under vest so no flesh on show there! Just deceided which side you want to feed from then undo your nursing bra / regular bra and pull the undervest to 1 side and away you go.

The nursing tops gives you alot more coverage and privacy, and lets face it after you had a baby your tummy isn’t what it use to be so it’s nice not having to get it out whilst you breastfeed!

The best thing about our breastfeeding tees is that you can wear them after you stop breastfeeding. They don’t look like “nursing tops” , no one would guess they are one.

One of our customers didn’t wanna wear the undervest after she stopped nursing but loved the Tee so she cut the under vest out and now just wears the top shirt, hey if it works for you then it’s cool..


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