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SALE – Money Penny breastfeeding tops are on sale this bank holiday

Happy bank holiday guys, grab yourself a fabulous breastfeeding top for a really really good price.

Our Money Penny breastfeeding tops are super easy to nurse in, just lift the specially designed panel at the empire line, lift up and feed. Great thing is you can’t really see the nursing panel whilst wearing the dress so when you stop breastfeeding in the future you can continue to wear the dress. It’s an addition to your overall wardrobe not just your maternity one!

Money Penny breastfeeding top black

Our nursing tops are available in either black or purple colours.

Money Penny breastfeeding top purple

They are going to taken off sale next week so grab one for a better price whilst you can 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

Funky Fashionable breast feeding tops coming to a town near you

You fed up of wearing something you really don’t want to wear but it’s good to breastfeed your baby in? Well ladies those days are over, our funky , fresh original breastfeeding tops are a great way to make you feel good and comfortable when you breast feed and also as super practical nursing tops.

Our breast feeding tops are a great way to re gain some privacy when nursing your child. So no longer do you have to sit in Tesco Cafe with your post baby tum on show for everybody! Our breastfeedign shirts are double layered so they are like 2 shirts in 1. Pull the top layer up and then pull the undervest to one side (which ever side you are going to nurse from) and hey presto. You can use the top shirt to cover your chest too whilst your baby feeds.

As the picture above of our Owl Breastfeeding T-shirt you can be funky and be a breastfeeding mum. We have a gorgeous range of short sleeve nursing tops for the summer, and if you are feeling less adventerous here’s our plain breastfeeding tops .

we are a young company with alot of energy and enthusiasim for what we do, we will be expanding our range of nusring tops very soon and also selling to local stores, so if there are maternity stores near you where you want to see our shirts, please just let us know. home of funky breastfeding tops

Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding In Public, No Worries




Kat Breastfeeding Tee

Sometimes to go out of the comfort of your own home and have to breastfeed can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. But what can you do, i mean your baby has to eat and you can’t be a hermit the entire time you breastfeed!!!!! So i found a super cool website that can give a little bit of advice:

Click Here for abit of advice.

But remember girls our breastfeeding tops or as some like to call them nursing tops   are such a benefit for nursing in public.

  • Because of the double layer design of the nursing top there is NO TUMMY EXPOSURE !
  • Easy to feed from either side as the nursing top is designed to feed from either left or right
  • No buttons / zips/ poppers or hideous things like that. Just pull up and feed
  • All our breastfeeding tops look like regular tops so you don’t have to stand out
  • No need for carrying muslin squares of fabrc to cover up around with you, just put your top on and go.


Seriously all our nursing shirts are really well made and hard wearing. They look super cool and i wear one and i don’t even breastfeed anymore. Check one out today !

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