Breastfeeding Tops

Easter Opening times – New baby arrival

OK Easter is nearly here and with that brings bank holidays, woo hoo i hear you cry.

Well it also brings Royal Mail stopping for Easter too so thought i would just remind you guys that the last day for postage is Thursday, but even then we cannot guarentee that your parcel will reach you before easter.

So if you want your top urgently i’m so sorry you’ll have to wait 😦

Also very exciting times here as i am expecting a baby any day now. As lots of you know it;s me myself and i which runs the show around here so whilst i am out of action having my baby there will be some delays in getting your orders out. A back up plan is in place and orders will be shipped but basically not at the speed that i can do it, so please ladies you know yourselves what it;s like to have a new baby, a little patience would be fab.

Any problems someone will always be on hand if you want to email us , and like i mentioned orders will still be sent and we are not shutting down etc.

Thanks all so much. 


Take care, Liz