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New Office, New nursing dresses and new breastfeeding tops

It’s been a crazy week for us, i’ve had the Flu from hell which just won’t shift so it’s made things really hard for me as we have totally moved into our new offices this week so i was really feeble and couldn’t do any of the lifting ( which some people might say was a blessing!). So Matt my husband and 2 of his friends moved all our nursing shirts today. I thought it was gojng to take ages as there are a lot of boxes but i gotta say the chaps are fit and it didn’t take too long.

So now we are geared up to take delivery of our new breastfeeding dresses that will be delivered in a few months. They are being made at the moment, we had our final samples through of our new nursing tops too as well as the nursing dress and they are REALLY lush. nice heavy fabric that will keep you warm enough in the winter when paired with a thick cozy pair of tights and not too clammy for the summer. I will try and arrange the photo shoot for January so should be on sale not too long after. Very exciting as it’s out first ever breastfeeding dress, and it;s taken SO much longer than i had expected. I wasn’t happy with some of the features of the dress so they had to be changed and then this had a big knock on effect to production time as i missed my slot of manufacture so had to re-book.; But it does mean that they will be the way i want them.

2011 we hope will be a big year for us as we want to expand the range of nursing clothing and offer you guys more variation.

Right gotta zoom lots of orders to pack- happy days 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

New edition to our breastfeeding top collection

Oh yeah wave your hands in the air like you don’t care our island breastfeeding tee is available in store now.

As it’s coming up to summer we thought we would make our Island breastfeeding top available in short sleeve black too (available in Pink Dark Grey also short sleeve ).

We are also over the weekend going to add a few more nursing shirts to our site, so it just makes a few more breastfeeding tops available in different colours. Gotta say the black breastfeeding tops are really slimming, i wear mine all the time ( and i don;t breastfeed anymore) and i think it makes me look about 10lbs lighter (shame i can’t event somthing for all over your body! ha ha) . funky breastfeeding clothing

Breastfeeding Tops

Plain Breast feeding / nursing top on sale

Grab one of our plain breastfeeding tops for a reduced price while you can. It’s only on sale for 24 hours and then it goes back to full price, so if you are after a funky nursing top i would get a move on!

All our plain breastfeeding t-shirts come in sizes 8 – 18 and are 100% cotton top shirt 95% cotton 5 % spandex undervest. So this is THE place for fashionable breastfeeding wear ,

About time a breastfeeding top which lets you look good and is super practical. The soft touch cotton really feels great against your skin and your baby’s. Our nursing tops don’t look like “nursing tops” by looking at them, the secret is in the hidden under layer,

  • 95% cotton 5% spandex undershirt
  • Designed to fit AFTER pregnancy
  • machine washable
  • size’s 8 – 18 available
  • All our breastfeeding tees work on the same nursing design:It is 2 shirts in 1. The top t-shirt is just like a regular tee, and below is a hidden under vest with nursing openings on both sides. When you want to feed your baby you simply lift the top tee and move the undervest slightly to use the nursing openings. Keeps your tummy covered and helps hide you chest! As shown in pictures below

    If you prefer a baggy fit go 1 size up.

All our plain breastfeeding tops are available with graphic prints too, check them out under our Graphic breastfeeding top section.