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Happy 2011

Happy new year everyone, hope 2010 was good for you and 2011 will be even better.

2010 rocked for us, Mama Feelsgood did it’s second complete year of trading (we went live with our website October 2008) and it’s been really good, in fact a lot better than i could have thought. Fun times, sad times , we’ve moved location to a bigger office met lots of lovely people along the way  had a baby (my lovely daughter Erin) and made big plans for 2011.

I started mama Feelsgood back in 2005 really, it was in my head for abour 3 years and finally got things moving back in 2008; MFG is my baby , maybe i am too attached to it but i have put SO much effort into it. I just wanted to provide nursing mothers with some other options for clothing, something thats gonna make you feel good, and something for you. So much attention is put on your babies ( and totally so they are very precious things we would do anything for) but along the way it’s really easy to forget yourself; especially second/ third etc time around. I noticed with having Erin this year who is my second baby that you just get on with it, the pregnancy and birth etc i’m not saying it’s not special because course it is but you have so much going on with the first baby that right there with you that days go by and before you know it your baby is out and you are full throttle again.

Now our nursing shirts are not going to get up in the night and feed your baby, neither are they going to restore your pre pregnancy body and wash your hair for you on THOSE days when all you wanna have is some time to yourself and sleep, but what i hope they will do is give you a choice of something you would want and enjoy wearing which fits in with your life right now and provides a bit of coverage for yourself of things you would rather kept you you & your loved ones!

I’ve been working super hard this year (believe me i was packing orders 3 days after having my c-section when Erin was alseep) and our breastfeeding dresses will be with us mid January and also some breastfeeding tops/ blouses will be here. We will be doing our photo shoot for these late January so they will be in store soon. Also to join these we are bringing our some new graphic nursing T-shirts too. So lots going on. To make room for these lots of our old style graphic prints are on sale so check them out because when they are gone they won’t be re-printed.

Anyways i scaddaddle now as i’m rambling on but thanks for checking us out in 2010 and we promise 2011 there will be more Mama Feelsgood goodies 🙂

Take care, Liz