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Mama’s home grown Melons Breastfeeding tops are back in stock

Yay our Mama’s melons nursing tops in red are now back in stock in all sizes.

This is such a lovely breastfeeding top and it’s funny too. I love the 1950’s and this top really fits thats era whilst being totally functional for breastfeeding in and it’s mega cool because you can wear the nursing shirt even when you stop breastfeeding. You can either leave the under layer in it or snip it out. I have tons of our breastfeeding tops which i wear and i’m no longer breatsfeeding. All our breastfeeding tops are well made and will last so don’t stop wearing them because you don’t breastfeed anymore.

A twitter friend of mine recently had her second baby and she has kept her tops from her first baby (who is now 2) and they are still rockin it, she wore them too whilst she wasn’t breastfeeding because she liked them so ladies don;t feel these tops are just for breastfeeding they aren’t !

This photo above of our melons nursing shirt brings back cool memories, we took this shot on a freaky hot day back in October, it was really bizzare because i thought it was going to be freezing and this freak hot day just came along. This particular photo is taken on a special street in bRistol which has tons of cool street art and Aiofe our model carefully wedged herself in this weird doorway which was half way up an house in order to get thsi shot.

Was a fun day, look forward to doing many more.

breast feeding clothes, breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Tops

Neptune Surf nursing top on sale now – funky breastfeeding clothing

Neptune Surf nursing T-shirt

We have put our very laid back and cool Neptune Nursing Tee on sale today.

We are just in the process of getting together our next lot of breastfeeding clothing – some more funky nursing T-shirts which will be available in a larger range of colours and a different style so we need to clear some room in our storage room. I really don’t want to have to pay anymore rent for another storage bay so come on guys help me out ha ha.

This breastfeeding top totally reminds me of  being a california and chilling out and having a great time…. then the kids came along ha ha. It’s just really nice to have some nursing wear that is different from the norm and being an independent breastfeeding clothing company we can make designs that are unique and qwerky.

£9.99 os SO cheap for this top , you would be crazy not to try one! There aren’t a great number of shirts left across the sizes, i think we have a lot of XL and not too many of the other sizes so if you want one get in early. They will be on sale though until they have gone .

Enjoy 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

Catch our review of our breastfeeding tops on Play Pennies website

If you didn’t know Play Pennies is a UK blog for money-conscious parents; and they kindly reviewed one of our breastfeeding T-shirts .

We are super chuffed with the great review, always nice to know someone likes your products and they totally got our ethos here at Mama FeelsGood that we are bringing something new to the breast feeding clothing market.  They totally digged our Music Sounds Better nursing top & our Island black nursing tee rocked too 🙂

We’ve honestly worked so hard to bring these nursing shirts to you guys that it is nice to get some positive reinforcement. I recently had a really great email from one of our customers who said to “keep doing what we’re doing, as we rock” and that meant so much to us.

One thing we will say which the review picked up on as mentioned in our descriptions for our breast feeding T-shirts that they are quite fitted, so if the fitted look doesn’t suit your shape and the baggy fit is more your thing then go 1 size up. We are currently working on different styles of nursing tops which are a totally different style from our breast feeding t-shirts and will maybe appeal to ladies who like their nursing clothing a bit more on the loose side. Fingers crossed the first samples should be with us any day so they won’t be that far off from going into production. We’ll let you know how things are going with these.

But guys at Play Pennies thanks dudes 🙂 You rock too.