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Sketch owl nursing top – keep you cosy mama

I was packing our little dude up to go to a new home and thought i’d snap a few pictures !

sketch owl nursing top - mama feelsgood sketch owl breastfeeding top - mamam feelsgood sketch owl nursing tops - mama feelsgood

Our Sketch owl nursing tee is made from lovely soft organic cotton so nice you’ll never want to take it off ……. ok maybe a little over exaggeration there but it’s darn good ! Hand printed, everyone is different from the last, i mix the ink by hand no crazy formulas here so sometimes there can be variation in print batches, but that adds to the originality of it all. Be boring if everything was the same!

If owls are your thing (i’m with you here sister) we have a few other nursing and maternity shirts with owls on them. Owls just kind of snuck up on me and before you knew it i’ve got a shop full of them ! yay for our feathered friend.

breastfeeding clothing

Mama’s print shop !

Thanks so everyone who answered my last blog post asking for models / testers for our new range of nursing tops ; I was mega chuffed to get so many replies, it really took me by surprise. I don’t really expect too many people to check my blog out so happy days *thumbs up to you lovely ladies*.

I wish i could have said yes to everyone who replied, i really appreciate your time, if i was running a big multi national company you ladies would have had one for sure, it was purely a financial thang and i can’t afford to send you all one (sobs)  ; Right now i’m cool with running my little business but i do have plans to extend the range by quite  a lot so i will need new testers in the future .

Also a new thing for this year is Mama;s print shop, i now screen print my shirts myself , it’s really cool, i love it, it requires a lot of organisation on my part ( for someone who is laid back this means i need to concentrate! ) but it means i have tons of flexibility and i feel even more connected to my brand. Screen printing is a real art, Paul & Ben who have printed all my last collections are so brilliant and some of our shirts will continue to be done by them but some by me.

mama feelsgood print shop - nurisng tops

I also have some new prints ready for when our new nursing shirts arrive and the are really cool ; I’ve had to do 2 batches of manufacturing runs, the one which i’m hoping should be with me in the next couple of weeks included 2 new colours of nursing tops and the boat neck style have been tweaked a little; The shirts will have slightly more stretch to them and the sizes are being made that little bit bigger per size as we found our Organic nursing tops weren’t as stretchy as our non organic. I really want to get things bang on for you guys so i hopefully these changes will make our breastfeeding tops even more cosier !

owl nurisng tee - mama feelsgood

I really wanted to say too if there was any older designs that you really liked of ours that we no long sell please let us know, i might be able to do something about it and bring it back 🙂

I really hope you like the new designs , they should be here soon, *excited face*

New surf style print nursing top.

New surf style print nursing top.

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Mama’s home grown Melons Breastfeeding tops are back in stock

Yay our Mama’s melons nursing tops in red are now back in stock in all sizes.

This is such a lovely breastfeeding top and it’s funny too. I love the 1950’s and this top really fits thats era whilst being totally functional for breastfeeding in and it’s mega cool because you can wear the nursing shirt even when you stop breastfeeding. You can either leave the under layer in it or snip it out. I have tons of our breastfeeding tops which i wear and i’m no longer breatsfeeding. All our breastfeeding tops are well made and will last so don’t stop wearing them because you don’t breastfeed anymore.

A twitter friend of mine recently had her second baby and she has kept her tops from her first baby (who is now 2) and they are still rockin it, she wore them too whilst she wasn’t breastfeeding because she liked them so ladies don;t feel these tops are just for breastfeeding they aren’t !

This photo above of our melons nursing shirt brings back cool memories, we took this shot on a freaky hot day back in October, it was really bizzare because i thought it was going to be freezing and this freak hot day just came along. This particular photo is taken on a special street in bRistol which has tons of cool street art and Aiofe our model carefully wedged herself in this weird doorway which was half way up an house in order to get thsi shot.

Was a fun day, look forward to doing many more.

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24th October – New website and new stock

Ok so it has been agreed on moday the 24th of october we are going live with our new website and new range of breastfeeding tops.

I have so much to learn before we go live ie how the admin works on our new site so i think its going to be a steep learning curve!

I’m up for the challenge though and think there will be lots of late nights involved. Our product shot photos have come out really well and i have lots of things planned for them, so make sure you check out our website .

Just a little heads up we are putting on sale lots of our old style shirts and these will either be removed when the new website is up or the price will be raised, so grab some now while you have the chance 🙂

Take care guys, Liz

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Big Summer SALE – Breastfeeding clothes

Believe it or not it’s summer (21st June as longest day of the year marks summer right?) and by our weather here in the UK you wouldn’t know it. As i’m typing this it’s raining here in Bristol, so we have a lot of summer stock thats got to be sold so thought i would start the summer sale today!

We also have a lot more new breastfeeding tops coming into to stock soon which is quite exciting, lots of new graphics nursing tees with some new colours available; it’s taken longer to organize than i expected but everything  does with me! That is one of the drawback of working on your own you have to do everything, so it takes more time than you think even to do a little thing!

Along with our new stock we are planning new changes to our website which will be totally cool; i remember when we launched in October 2008 i loved our site (and still do) but things change so much and so quickly with the internet that new things are developed and i’m like a child in a toy shop and it’s like wooo i gotta have that. I don;t think Twitter was going or if it was it wasn’t that common when we started our website and look now!!

So back to the nursing clothes…. we have  a really good sale on, especially our Money Penny range of breastfeeding clothes they won’t  be available for this price for a while, we have our breastfeeding dress and nursing top for sale in our smarter breastfeeding clothes section  and LOADS of breastfeeding T-shirts on sale.

Metropolis Breastfeeding Tee On SALE now

Dudes our Metropolis breastfeeding T-shirt is on sale now for £9.99 that a  mega good deal.

We are low on numbers throughout the size range and they won;t be re-printed so if you want one get it now.

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New Breastfeeding tops coming soon

Excellenti yesterday i had my new sample through for final signing off for our new nursing tops, and they were fab. Very kindly i out a call out on our Mama FeelsGood facebook page for a couple of ladies to test them ( we got loads of replies so thanks ladies for offering i really appreciate it, if you weren’t lucky this time we promise next time we’ll email you) , the sizing on the new breastfeeding tops are different from the current one we carry. Sizing is alway a difficult job especially for breastfeeding clothing because your boobies can fluctuate in size through out a day let alone the months or years you could be breastfeeding for so a size small for one person might not be there best for another. We have listened to feedback though as we always do and have made the cut of our new nursing shirts a little more generous.

We now will carry a size 18 / 20 shirt so this goes up 1 size as we stopped at a 18 before, and the new xxl is more generous so i think would fit an 18/20 person – again if you buy one of these when they come in store and would like to send feedback that would be cool .

We do have some wicked new things planned , it will all be happenign around August September time so keep you eyes peeled!

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SALE – Money Penny breastfeeding tops are on sale this bank holiday

Happy bank holiday guys, grab yourself a fabulous breastfeeding top for a really really good price.

Our Money Penny breastfeeding tops are super easy to nurse in, just lift the specially designed panel at the empire line, lift up and feed. Great thing is you can’t really see the nursing panel whilst wearing the dress so when you stop breastfeeding in the future you can continue to wear the dress. It’s an addition to your overall wardrobe not just your maternity one!

Money Penny breastfeeding top black

Our nursing tops are available in either black or purple colours.

Money Penny breastfeeding top purple

They are going to taken off sale next week so grab one for a better price whilst you can 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

Summer nursing / breastfeeding tops for 2009

Wow it’s May and summer is approaching so ladies if you are wondering what gorgeous nurisng wear is available for the 2009 summer season then look no further:

Our funky Island breastfeding t-shirt in pastel pink is hot favourite for this summer. Really funky graphic print is perfect for the summer and the pink is right on trend.

So you can go out in the sun and not have to take any extra scarfs or cover ups with you because you will be kept well covered in our breastfeeding top and look fabulous too!

Be warned our short sleeve breastfeeding tops both with graphic print and plain breastfeeding t-shirts are proving to be well popular so to avoid dissapointment get in early!!


Now who said breastfeeding can’t be funky! funky breastfeeding and maternity t-shirts

Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding In Public, No Worries




Kat Breastfeeding Tee

Sometimes to go out of the comfort of your own home and have to breastfeed can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. But what can you do, i mean your baby has to eat and you can’t be a hermit the entire time you breastfeed!!!!! So i found a super cool website that can give a little bit of advice:

Click Here for abit of advice.

But remember girls our breastfeeding tops or as some like to call them nursing tops   are such a benefit for nursing in public.

  • Because of the double layer design of the nursing top there is NO TUMMY EXPOSURE !
  • Easy to feed from either side as the nursing top is designed to feed from either left or right
  • No buttons / zips/ poppers or hideous things like that. Just pull up and feed
  • All our breastfeeding tops look like regular tops so you don’t have to stand out
  • No need for carrying muslin squares of fabrc to cover up around with you, just put your top on and go.


Seriously all our nursing shirts are really well made and hard wearing. They look super cool and i wear one and i don’t even breastfeed anymore. Check one out today !

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