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Hooter – new laid back nursing top

Sometimes in life there are times when you could just give yourself a pat on the back, i LOVE our new hooter nursing shirt so much it literally makes me smile when i look at it. The print has a really vintage retro cool feel about it, it reminds me of traveling through California in the sun, having no worries and having a blast…. ooh sorry just got carried away then ! ha ha.

Paul & Ben who do our screen printing (all our prints are hand printed) made the design look a little washed out but not too washed; it’s quite a skill to get the affect just right and these guys have been printing for years and years and really know their stuff, so our nursing tops always come out amazing. Lots of work goes into creating our breastfeeding tops so when you see them come out like this it’s HIGH 5 time!

Laura our photographer was amazing & so was our model Nat, this was shot last weekend when the weather here in Bristol was totally gross; we are talking rain that would just not stop and the fact that any shots were taken just goes to show how fab they are. It;s so cool to work with people who really get what you want. I am in love with these pictures.

We are so proud to have this nursing shirt in our collection , we have  another 2 new prints coming up over the next week too which are just as lush. Thought we would pace out the awesomness of our new breastfeeding top collection!

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New website means better goodies for breast feeding mums

Hurrah after what seems like an eternity we have gotten around to getting our new website on-line, it’s taken ages basically because i haven’t got my butt into gear and there is always lots to do; plus (i won’t bore you with all the details) i’ve had so much hassle with people not doing what they are paid to do ie accountants it’s given me a proper headache! But this has all been changed now and i have found someone who is brill 🙂

I’ve also been thinking about my blog, i’m sorta fed up with just writing “and here’s our next nursing top” which seems kinda insincere and crappy; i really love Mama FeelsGood, it is totally my 3rd baby (which sometimes can be a pain because i take some things way too personally) so i wanted to write bits about the company, the clothes we produce, why we make them, my daily role in running the company and maybe basically my life. To me this seems more worthwhile rather than churning out spam ! So apologies if this isn’t what you want to hear, trust me my life is not that thrilling , i promise not to blog about going to Tesco etc!

It’s getting close to the end of 2011 and looking back on this year of working on Mama FeelsGood i feel pretty good about what we have achieved : We reached the final of the Practical Parenting awards and also the Mother & Baby awards (this is thought of as THE best awards, sorta Oscars for the nursery world) and to get in the final in both of these when competition is so strong was a real achievement for us.

Our Award Logo


After all we are a small company so to get recognition is really cool, plus it was the first year we had ever entered any competitions so all is good. Of course if we have won i would have had a party that lasted about a week, but hey you gotta take credit where its due and we got in the final so excellenti !

Also in 2011 we have introduced our new Money Penny nursing tops and breastfeeding dresses – i made sure when these were made that they we thicker fabric so they are durable for breastfeeding and not so thin you can see through them; 1 thing i found when breastfeeding was i had to wear quite a substantial nursing bra because my wongers were maoooosive and it wasn’t the type of underwear i would want everyone to see shining through my garments so ladies i have thought of this and the thicker fabric has been used for our nursing dress ! This also goes for our Money Penny nursing tops too as they are made of the same material (and work on the same breastfeeding access as the dresses).

Also our new boat neck nursing tops are in store, these are SO soft it’s untrue; also the underlayer of the tops is the same colour as the top layer, our previous style nursing tops were mostly white underlayers and different top layer colours  so we’ve changed things up and all new shirts have same colour top & bottoms . For example our Tattooo owl nursing top

So who knows what 2012 will bring ? Hopefully more new designs and maybe a few surprises ?







breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops, Nursing Tops

Our Mama’s Melons breast feeding top now on sale dudes

Yesterday we put our Mama’s Melons nursing T-Shirt on sale so we thought we’d better tell you guys about it!

It’s available on sale in Pink we do carry this print on a black nursing top too (but this isn’t on sale, just the pink shirt) and it’s one of our most popular breastfeeding tops so grab one up now while you can! We don’t have a huge range of sizes available, and shirts are limited to each size; we won’t be getting this re-printed on pink shirts again so this is your last chance to get one. In fact a lot of our pink shirts are on sale as we won’t be running with pink again for a while. I guess it’s more of a summer colour and so far here in the UK our summer has been crappy ! So we are getting others colours manufactured which should be cool, and provide more variation to what we carry at the moment.

Mama's Melons nursing T-shirt

Breastfeeding Tops

Check out our new Advert for breastfeeding tops you’ll wanna wear

We thought it was about we spread the word a little about how fabulous our nursing tops are!! 

Not that we are big headed, but we are just super passionate about them and wanted to get the word out to as many people as possible. This is one thing i can’t get use to, you’ve got to say how great your product is when someone asks, and i truly do thing our brand and our nursing clothes are fabulous but i am a modest person! I think it might have something to do with being British? I have alot of american friends and if they have something good they scream from the roof tops about it. Here in the UK i think we are abit more reserved. What do you think?

There are bigger things in the pipeline for Mama Feelsgood, can’t mention right now but they are all good 🙂

Everyone take care in this heat, i think the UK is going through a weather crisis at the moment!!!

& don’t forget if you would like a nice summer breastfeeding tee our pink nursing tees are just the ticket 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding tops which can be worn as “normal” tops too

The thing with breastfeeding your baby is sometimes it is uncertain if you will be able to or want to for a long period of time. Before i had my daughter i had the intentions of giving breastfeeding ago, see how i got on and with the knowledge that it’s best for your child i would give it the best shot i got.

Thing is in real life things don’t always work out the way you wanted. I had an emergency c-section after a very long and in the end dangerous labour (which both my daughter & my own life could have been lost) and i basically couldn’t produce the milk she needed (even though i tried for weeks). I wish i had known about industrial style breastpumps you can hire from your local council / midwife etc.

But anyways i’m going off on a tangent! I bought some breastfeeding tops to use, used them a couple of times and then they got thrown to the back of the wardrobe, money wasted! Not only did they not look good but i didn’t want everyone seeing the “Flaps” that they had in them, kinda looked like a nursing shirt too much!

So this was half of my inspiration to start Mama Feelsgood. Breastfeeding tops that can be worn whilst you feed your child and as they grow and you no longer have the functional need for them you can still wear them.

Some ladies have snipped out the under layer to wear just the top shirts as regular t-shirts. Others wear them as they are (with the purpose of using them again with future babies) , i wear them as they are and i don’t breastfeed but they look mega funky.

Please don’t feel the need to stop wearing your breastfeeding shirt just because you no longer breastfeed. Just think when your child is older you can tell them “i use to wear this when you were little” !!

Our breastfeding tops are functional, funky and really something new and original you would wanna wear being a Mummy or not!

Maternity Tops SAle

Check out our funky v-neck maternity T-shirt perfect for the summer

Bingo wings? No i’m not being rude but do you wanna hide your bingo wings this summer but still be able to look cool? If so check out our maternity V-neck T-shirt,  the great thing about it is the sleeves aren’t too short but aren’t too long to make you hot and bothered this summer. It’s a great maternity transitional piece which can take you through the summer and into Autumn, and at £16.99 it is an absolute steal.

100% rib knit cotton (brilliant quality too, not thin rubbish) it will wash really well, and has tons of room for your growing bump. The extra long length of this maternity top will keep you covered in all the right places! maternity & breastfeeding clothing

Breastfeeding Tops

Cheap maternity clothes and cheap breastfeeding tops

OK so i had to get your attention somehow!

If you want quality maternity tops or breastfeeding tops for after you’ve had your baby then you really should check us out at We don;t class ourselves as overly expensive, and we do delivery quality products. Our nursing tops and maternity T-shirts prove you can be funky & comfortable &  original when pregnant or breastfeeding .

Our range will shorty be expanding so even more gorgeous breastfeeding tops will be availble solely on-line so make sure you out us in your favourites and check back on us 🙂

Remember breastfeeding clothes don’t have to suck too!