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Bambino Goodies – fabulous site for babies, kids & parents

There’s not lots of site that keep coming up with consistent gems in regard to new products available for families but i gotta say Bambino Goodies  is one of them.

Every time i check their blog out i always find things that i’d love to own (ok so some of the products are a little on the pricey side, for example i was looking for some funky wallpaper for my new babies room and found this on Bambino Goodies , expensive as they charge by the Sq Metre but when you think of how long it’s gonna be on the wall, in my case a longtime because i hate decorating then it kinda becomes more affordable).

Bambino Goodies covers a whole range of products from childrens clothing ,

Furniture and Decor , Mama’s gear (of which we are very lucky here at Mama Feelsgood to say we have been featured 🙂 )

Seriously go check their site out       there are hundreds of little gems and ideas you’ll want to know.