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Maternity clothes for Tall women

Just a note to all those ladies out there blessed on the tall side (i am one of them myself ) our maternity tops are ideal for you.

Mama Feelsgood maternity tops  are a really long length so will cover your bump and still keep you covered in all the right places. So now you can look funky and have a maternity top which actially fits. You’ll also find as your bust increases ( a perk of pregnancy) you will need a maternity top with extra length to prevent it riding up. So remember your normal top which fits you nicely at the start of your pregnancy probably wont be at the mid – end of it.

Of course another option for taller ladies who find it hard to get maternity clothes to fit would be a maternity belly band , these are fabuous bands which literally cover your bump and create a layering look so you can wear your regular clothes over the top of them. A cheap and affective solution which can increase you maternity wardrobe no end! They are also great to use to cover your tummy whilst breastfeeding too.