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Big Summer SALE – Breastfeeding clothes

Believe it or not it’s summer (21st June as longest day of the year marks summer right?) and by our weather here in the UK you wouldn’t know it. As i’m typing this it’s raining here in Bristol, so we have a lot of summer stock thats got to be sold so thought i would start the summer sale today!

We also have a lot more new breastfeeding tops coming into to stock soon which is quite exciting, lots of new graphics nursing tees with some new colours available; it’s taken longer to organize than i expected but everything  does with me! That is one of the drawback of working on your own you have to do everything, so it takes more time than you think even to do a little thing!

Along with our new stock we are planning new changes to our website which will be totally cool; i remember when we launched in October 2008 i loved our site (and still do) but things change so much and so quickly with the internet that new things are developed and i’m like a child in a toy shop and it’s like wooo i gotta have that. I don;t think Twitter was going or if it was it wasn’t that common when we started our website and look now!!

So back to the nursing clothes…. we have  a really good sale on, especially our Money Penny range of breastfeeding clothes they won’t  be available for this price for a while, we have our breastfeeding dress and nursing top for sale in our smarter breastfeeding clothes section  and LOADS of breastfeeding T-shirts on sale.

Metropolis Breastfeeding Tee On SALE now

Dudes our Metropolis breastfeeding T-shirt is on sale now for £9.99 that a  mega good deal.

We are low on numbers throughout the size range and they won;t be re-printed so if you want one get it now.

Mama Feelsgood website

Come Join Our Flickr Group

We admit we are kinda slow to make our Flickr account, but we finally did it and made our Mama Feelsgod account there. So if anyone wants to come on over and view a few of our photos, there will be some out takes on there from our 1st maternity and breastfeeding T-shirt photo shoot which are quite funny. We did the shoot in the summer and a few of my freinds (who are the models in my shoots) got attacked  a mega angry wasp, it was on a mission to get someone that day; so there are photos of people freakin out big time  ha ha ha. Don’t know why i’m laughing i am alergic to wasps !!

It’s open to anyone, so if you want to leave a comment saying hi or whatever (no crude ones please!) come on over, you’re very welcome. We will put sneaky peaks of future maternity tops and breastfeeding T-shirts too, so keep ahead of the game!!!