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Sketch owl nursing top – keep you cosy mama

I was packing our little dude up to go to a new home and thought i’d snap a few pictures !

sketch owl nursing top - mama feelsgood sketch owl breastfeeding top - mamam feelsgood sketch owl nursing tops - mama feelsgood

Our Sketch owl nursing tee is made from lovely soft organic cotton so nice you’ll never want to take it off ……. ok maybe a little over exaggeration there but it’s darn good ! Hand printed, everyone is different from the last, i mix the ink by hand no crazy formulas here so sometimes there can be variation in print batches, but that adds to the originality of it all. Be boring if everything was the same!

If owls are your thing (i’m with you here sister) we have a few other nursing and maternity shirts with owls on them. Owls just kind of snuck up on me and before you knew it i’ve got a shop full of them ! yay for our feathered friend.


mandala nurisng top banner 3 - mama feelsgood

Super funky, super soft sunshine yellow nursing tank. Hand printed and totally made from Organic fabric. Made with love x


Mandala Print Organic Nursing Vest


Our new schedule for our new nursing tops 2014

2013 has been an awesome year, like most of them not without it’s ups and downs but it’s been a great year for getting to grips with what i feel the Mama FeelsGood brand is all about. I’m watching the BBC2 s programme on libertys the really cool store in London and a part resonated with me when one of their employees said that “customers just want to be treated like real people, like friends and to know you genuinely care about them or at least their shopping experience“.

We care, and i’m not being all arse kissing here i really do; Having a baby is such a special time, right up there on your life time achievements and sometimes when you are in the throws of it you can’t see but it’s an amazing time and i want parents to look back and think yeah that company understood me, and looked after me. I know people won;t think like that because it’s not we like we are delivering your babies or something, it’s only a nursing top but to us it’s everything! We want to look after you and make you breastfeeding journey awesome, for me it started off a bit blah ie my M&S incident where i exposed half my post baby bulge to the whole shoe department- didn’t make me feel good. I wanted to make nursing clothes that made you feel good, you would look at it and go “how can that be a nursing top” because it looks “normal” ! 


We’ve only just scratched the surface with our nursing wear lines, we are producing now as i type our new range of nursing top and no word of a lie i had THE most amazing dream about the perfect nursing dress last night. I am SO pumped for 2014 i really want to get at it and show you all the cool clothes we can make.







We really want to get to the point of you guys telling us “liz , dude you are totally blowing my mind with all these rad nursing tops that make breastfeeding SO much easier, please just stop it i can’t keep up”. Yeah yeah i know i’ve been told my mind works in weird ways! 









Just a little recap of our 2013 nursing tops, 2014’s should be awesome

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Our nursing tops are now available on Etsy


I am SO chuffed to say our nursing tops are now available on Etsy. I LOVE Etsy, it gives people the creative room to make beautiful things and you can get some really lovely , special items there. I buy a lot of handmade jewellery (when i say a lot i mean like 1 piece ever year for christmas or something, i’m not dripping in gold or anything ha).

A lot of the sellers are from the USA so we thought we would bring a little west country to Etsy and our nursing shirts which are of course hand printed here in bristol are making their debut. The response has been super cool and it’s so nice to introduce our breastfeeding clothes to a new audience.


Selling on Etsy also has it’s advantages that i can set the postage price per item, so this works out better if you are ordering from outside the EU. On our website i have to give a set price for postage so this could be for 1 item or 7 pieces so it’s not always going to be accurate. Whereas Etsy i can do per item – so all you USA buyers this is for you !

We can also put on nursing shirts that are coming to their end of print and we have like 1 or 2 left of them, so think of our etsy store as somewhere to get rare nursing tops !  Here is our Tattoo owl breastfeeding top which we have 1 left of which is on our Etsy store



We are really chuffed to be part of the Etsy clan, already i’ve had some lovely messages from ladies who like our tops and i really like the fact that Etsy is full of hand made / hand printed things; Gives a sense of real care about the products on there. As we say all the time we love making our nursing tops , hand printing them takes a lot of skill and it’s cool when people appreciate what you do 🙂

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Sunnyvale nursing top – we bring a bit of our own sunshine

The weather here in the UK has been pants lately, and the only day it was sunny here it made me break out in a cold sore so yeah thats how i roll ! Great! I just think my body is not use to the sunshine as lately here in the UK we haven’t been getting a lot of it.

So we’ve brought a little of our own sunshine ! OK so it’s not THE actual sun but hey help me out here i am trying!

Introducing our Sunnyvale nursing tee 

ImageSuper soft Sunnyvale tee.


All our nursing tops are great for keeping you covered when you want to nurse your child but look just like regular shirts when you’re not. If you’re really honest you don’t really want to walk around with people looking at your clothes thinking arrrh yeah thats a breastfeeding top if ever i saw one!


I found the thing that helped me when i wanted to breastfeed in public was knowing that i could get quick and easy access without flashing what i had! So i like to think that our nursing tops promote breasting in public and that you just gotta get out there and do you thing.

mama feelsgood breastfeeding top


I really love california, i have been lucky enough to go a few times and the last time i went was before i had my first daughter and Matt and i travelled around california in a hire car. It was really cool, we went from Los Angeles to San Diego , all the way down to Palm Springs and then all the humoungous way to San Francisco . We had so little money so don’t get any ideas it was glamourous but my gawd it was fun. From being chased by mad cows in Bakersfield (i’m not being rude i am referring to the actual beast type here) to getting my face burned off in San Diego’s zoo (and we are talking full on sun stroke, my face was stuck to the pillow in the morning, i am such an idiot and hope i never forget my sun screen again) i just wanted to make a nursing tee that brought back the happy memories.

I think our Sunnyvale breastfeeding top does this, it’s a lovely shade of red , super soft and the hand printed graphic designs is really kinda old school but modern at the same time. Does that make sense? Ahh well i’ll stop now as i’m babbling , but it’s a lovely top and one of my favourites.

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How we hang – Our Autumn collection of breastfeeding tops

It’s been so much fun creating our new range of nursing tops for the Autumn line ; i genuinely love all these new breastfeeding T-Shirts and if i had to pick 1 which was my favourite i’d say it changes from day to day.

Our Maggie 3/4 length sleeve nursing top is one of new designs ; it was such a laugh doing the photoshoot with Nat our Model and Laura our photographer that i bodged up the shirts and ended up taking a picture of our mid length nursing top rather than the 3/4 length sleeve one ! Not too much bother as we can actually sell both nursing tops but i was like “man i am SO dumb sometimes”

This picture here shows our mid length sleeve Maggie breastfeeding top. The darker red print works really well on our pink red tee.

If you are remotely interested in the printing process for our nursing shirts to the left of Nat in this picture is all the screen used to print our shirts. I’m going to do a blog post on how we hand screen them all (which i am super proud of , but i am a T-Shirt geek so be warned the blog post will be a bit on the geek side ha ha).

We wanted to keep things real in the pictures, this is where we work in Bristol  with all the equipment needed to produce our tee’s (thanks to Ben & Paul for letting us shoot our shirts here) , we are really proud of the nursing tops we produce and we just wanted to share with you what we are about. I find being an indie retailer has it’s real benefits, we can offer something that bit different from the masses ( i’m not saying this because i am biased but i find the big retailers really boring sometimes especially with breastfeeding clothes) , choice is always a good thing and offering women more breastfeeding friendly clothes is cool. We truly care about our customers and when i see on instagram pictures of mums breastfeeding in our nursing tops i get really chuffed (don’t worry i’m not a stalker) .

I would love a big retailer to approach us and say “you know what your nursing tops totally rock” but i guess in this day and age you have to go out and grab them. I just want to bring a little something different in the maternity market to more women who i think might like them. SO ladies if you like our nursing tops don;t forget to tell your friends ! Spread the word and we can start our mission of making breastfeeding funky .

You can find our new range of breastfeeding T-Shirts here 


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Breastfeeding clothes without the frump

I am just finalising the new graphic prints for our new batch of nursing T-Shirts and i gotta say it’s got me really excited. Yeah ok so i am a T-Shirt nerd and it always gets me in the best mood ever to bring out a new line of nursing tops , just feels good to provide funky clothes to breastfeed in and you can keep wearing them long after you stop too .

I have set one of the new prints as my screen saver on my computer and when i sit down to work i get that little excited feeling (you know like as a kid a christmas when you know something good is gonna happen) ; we have such a good batch of prints, thing is we still have a bit to go before they can be ready for sale. If i said things take forever to come together that would be an underestimation, so the new nursing tops should be available via our website end of September / beginning October.

I’m sorry dudes but i can’t give a sneak peak just yet of our breastfeeding tops but this is an old flyer we had made which shows our stupid side ! When i say our i mean my stupid side

Keep rocking ladies and i will keep you updated on the progress of our new nursing tops x