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Breastfeeding clothes can make breastfeeding in public easier.

So did you guys see the programme on BBC 3 last night? With the lady (Cherry) it was really interesting to see from a different perspective what people think about breastfeeding.

One thing that i can totally connect with is the breastfeeding in public and the fact that you have to do it (unless you become a hermit) but you want to but don’t want to if you get my drift! The first couple of times was really had for me, but once you get going it does become easier and you can get the knack down pat and before you know it you’ll be breastfeeding anywhere!

It was a real shame the lady was breastfeeding in a toilet on there, i mean it’s not nice for mum or the baby really but like i mentioned above i expect a lot of mums do this because it makes them feel a lot more comfortable, hey ladies each to their own, if that what makes you feel at ease go for it. But honestly breastfeeding clothing does make feeding in public that bit more realxed, and i’m not just saying that because i have my own brand of nursing clothes!

WE’ve had some really lovely emails from ladies who say our nursing tops have given them more confidence to basically go out! No mummy tummy on show, and less boobage on show!