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Breastfeeding Celebrities – What’s it all about?

Do you really care which celebrities if any breastfeed their babies? Do you think it creates a good positive attitude towards breastfeeding or the opposite or couldn’t you really give a s**t ?

I saw this article on Baby Sideburns Facebook page and it made me crack up.

breastfeeding bodies

Not that it’s about breastfeeding in particular but this article i think shows how crazy our society is about women and pregnancy and birth and our figures. I mean is it really society at all which is making magazines ¬†write articles about WOW Kirsten Bell had a baby 2 seconds ago and now she is thin again? Isn’t the magazine themselves trying to make a story out of nothing? This is a rhetorical question as i’m not expecting an answer, i just think it’s a real shame that some women could possibly think less of themselves because of articles like this. Thats why it’s SO refreshing to see Baby Sideburns reply ! Hell yeah i had my second daughter 3 years ago and have never returned to the same shape i was before i had kids ; i don’t think i ever will. OK so maybe my pregnancy’s weren’t all to blame, i do have a thing for the odd doughnut but do you know what thats ok with me, doesn’t make me any less of a person because my size 14 jeans don’t fit anymore (hey who am i kidding size 16).

So going back to me original statement do you think if for example Beyonce was spotted out breastfeeding her baby there would be a greater take up of ladies nursing their babies? Do you think in the early days when both mum and baby are new to breastfeeding and perhaps things aren’t down patt like they are when your are used to nursing you would think “hell yeah i’m going to stick at this, if Beyonce can breastfeed so can i ” ?

I’m not too sure myself, although i guess it can’t be a bad thing that celebrities advocate breastfeeding. I know actress Julie Bowen (she plays Claire in Modern FAmily) breastfed her twins and i thought when i read this she was even more awesome (think modern family is crazy funny). I guess whats business is it of any of us how people choose to feed their babies? When people asked me was i breastfeeding it thought it was a personal kind of question, i mean why do you really want to know ? But hey people are nosey (i am, just not about BF i’m more likely to want to know what your house looks like so i can get inspiration to do mine !!) .

When i saw the picture above on facebook i thought it was really refreshing to see such a funny but down to earth post, women really need to stop being so hard upon themselves. I bet you won’t see a picture of Kirsten Bell with baby puke all down her back when she’s gone out and forgotten it’s there , but we all know it happens in everyday life (or was that just my kids!!) .

Love yourself ladies because you are awesome x