Celebrity breastfeeding

Does Lilly Allen Breastfeed ?

Who cares ? And i don’t mean this is a horrible way, but what business is it of ours if someone breastfeeds or not?

I love twitter, it’s great for lots of reasons but with many things there is a ying and yang thing going on and i have seen some posts where ladies have been bullied for not choosing to breastfeed their babies; it was really vile abuse they were getting too ranging from “your feeding your baby poison,” to “you obviously don’t care about your child, social services should take then away from you” ! I’m sorry but that is just terrible talk; do people really think that talking to another person in such a way is going to make them suddenly breastfeed ????

Of course i am an advocate of breastfeeding, i breastfed both my children (for varying amounts of time, i didn’t have things easy at all) but i would never judge someone for how they chose to feed their baby….would you?

So going back to the celebrity breastfeeding thing why do so many people want to know if a celeb breastfeeds? After Holly Willoughby had her second baby i wrote a brief post on congrats she’s had her baby etc and since then i can see in my web statistics what people search for to reach the site and loads of people were typing into google Does Holly Willouhgby breastfeed? Why did people want to know? They didn’t know her (otherwise i presume they could of just asked her!) so what was the big deal? Would it seriously make them more likely to breastfeed their baby if a celebrity breastfeed theirs?

Same as Miranda Kerr (if you don’t know she is married to Orlando Bloom) when she had her baby she breastfed, excellent good on her, but the internet went crazy when she posted a picture of her breastfeeding back stage at a cat walk show( did i forget to say she is also a model for victoria secret) . Dudes it’s not a biggie she was feeding her baby; the thing i thought was more OMG was that she got her figure back so quickly after having a baby. Mine has never been the same (to be fair when i had my first daughter it wasn’t much to right home about) and defo after my 2nd daughter things have dipped…. and i mean all over the place! GOing off topic that is one of my new years resolutions to shirt some of the rolls!

Anyway seems the whole world is celebrity mad- in marketing it’s common place for companies to send their products to celebs on the vain hope they will wear them and be photographed or the celeb will make a comment that they can use to promote the brand. OK it would be cool to see someone who you respect wearing your brand but it would be great of they could contact you rather then you forcing it on them; i know this is a weird attitude to have, but i love my nursing shirts and sending them to people for free just because they are on TV is a bit blah; unless i like them and it’s completely different! ha ha. If Dave Grohls wife ever wanted a Mama FeelsGOod breastfeeding Top man it’s there !!

SO what do you think about celebrity and btreasfeeding? Do you want to know who does or doesn’t or is it ever persons right to remain private about it? I think i go with privacy?