Going Organic….. Organic breastfeeding tops

So it’s December, this year things have gone super fast, i can remember thinking i must take a fan to our warehouse because i’m sweating my nuts off and now it’s a fan heater i need ! Crazy times.

I think it’s because i am getting older the time seems to go faster but whatever dudes you just gotta enjoy it and see what life throws at you next. In my case this seems to be sorting out my production of my shirts and finding something that flows a little better for me . I am super anal about things and i’m not being rude here (all you smutty people out there wash your minds out now) and i know our nursing shirts have to be made by THE best people, and a lot closer to home than what they have been. So i’ve found someone awesome and together we are making the best nursing tops. I’ve had my first batch of samples and they are again very awesome. I’ve had my very lovely tester try them out for me (all our breastfeeding wear is tried before we produce by breastfeeding mums ) and as with everything things need a tweek (again you dirty people head out of the gutter) and they will be good to go.

One new thing is they will be Organic, ie all the new batch of shirts will be made from GOTS certified fabric so it’s bringing something fresh and new to Mama FeelsGood. I can’t sit here and claim we are all about organic clothes as all of our present stock is made from non-organic fabric but i tried different fabrics and it just so happens the Organic rocked it so i chose it. I think it’s a win win situation.

Christmas kind of gets in the way (in a lovely way as i love christmas) but i know that when the new year comes i will want to get on with launching our new collection so what this space. Aim is to have more nursing wear designs launched in 2014 and to ramp the level of funk up a bit ! Don’t want to be plain wanna be funky (is that a name of a song because if it’s not it should be). 

so 2014 here at Mama’s is going to be cool, come and join us for the journey 🙂


Just thought i’d show you why i started MFG – these 2. I totally love doing what i do and next year i’m going to do it even better x