Breastfeeding Tops

Labour / Birthing pool used in the apprentice – Inflatable birth pool in a box

Wow i have had loads of requests from friends if i new which birthing pool was used in The apprentice last week when they went to the London Excel Baby show.

I said hey i sell breastfeeding t-shirts not birthing pools !! But i am a nice person so if any of your guys are intersted too here is the link to The Birth Pool In A Box

Here is a few of the benefits of the birthing pool as taken from their website:

fantastically comfortable and welcoming

  • has handles in all the right places
  • has a built-in seat (Regular model) for bonding with baby after birth
  • is a snap to clean up with its included disposable liner
  • has a size that is right for you and your place of birth
  • can be adjusted to the right height for you with its 3 independent chambers
  • is fit for purpose: certified by medical device regulators in Europe and the USA. Evidenced by the CE mark.
  • is #1: over 8,000 births a year are in a birth pool in a box
  • is the only birth pool tested and approved for sale by Boots and Mothercare
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