Breastfeeding Tops

Winter is nearly here and so are our long sleeve nursing tops :)

Blimey it’s getting colder every morning, so you might well be looking in your wardrobes and dragging out your old winter clothes from last year (probably your old pre-pregnancy clothes).

Think they could do with a little spicing up? Do they look bored and tired? Ha ha i’m sounding like one of those adverts for Cillit Bang or CAlgon or something ha ha.

Well what i am getting at is we have just got in store our new collection of graphic print nursing tees in, and yes there are some long sleeve nursing shirts in there 🙂 

So no more cold backs or tummys when you breastfeed, because our funky designed double layer breastfeeding tops keep you covered, all you do is life the top layer up and then whichever side you want to breastfeed from you pull the under layer to one side , pop out your boobie and away you go. 

If the graphic printed breastfeeding shirts aren’t your think we also carry all our shirts in either plain short sleeve nurisng tops or long sleeve plain nursing tops.

Breastfeeding Tops

New nursing tops are here – at last!!!

The last couple of days here have been super busy to say the least, what with the photo shoot and then the writing of the product pages for each of the new nursing tops it’s been crazy. 

I’ve been so busy working that last night i couldn’t stay up long enough to watch True Blood on channel 4 !! ha ha, hey i love that programme, very raunchy and a the language is very potty mouth in parts but i’m addicted already! Anyone else watch it?

Well back to the nursing tops – it is such a proud moment to see months and months worth of work come together and finally see the new collection on the website. This breastfeeding top collection has defiantly been worth it , and we like to think we have brought some more variation in our choice of nursing tops. SOme of the graphic designs on the nursing T-shirts have special meaning for me, 1 in particular “The music SOunds Better With you ” nursing top is in dedication to one of my very good friends Kerri who sadly passed away 2 years ago. She will never be forgotten and always much loved.

Breastfeeding Tops

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick to have twin baby girls via surrogate mother

Sarah Jessica Parker (AKA Carrie from “Sex and the City”) and husband Matthew Broderick it has been claimed are having twin baby girs via surrogate mother.

Apparently SJP had problems carrying her children through pregnancy and hence has used the help of a surrogate mother to carry her twin girls. The babies are biologically Sarah Jessica Parkers and her husbands (they used her egg and his sperm ), so they are sisters for their little bit James whom is 6 now.

Qouting from the Daily Mail : ”

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband are expecting twin girls by a surrogate mother.

The Sex and the City actress, 44, and Matthew Broderick are believed to have had trouble conceiving.

After news broke of the pregnancy Sarah left her home to go to a local toy shop where she picked up a present for her son. Within hours three large crates of baby clothes and blankets had been delivered to the home – labelled 0 to 6 months – for the new arrivals.

The couple already have a six-year-old son, James Wilkie. His two little sisters will arrive later this summer, according to the family’s spokesman.

The news comes just eight months after rumours that Broderick, 47, had cheated on his wife of 11 years with a 25-year-old youth worker.

As they stepped out together on Monday night, at the New York premiere of Broderick’s film Wonderful World, they seemed closer than ever.

The spokesman for the couple said they were ‘happily anticipating the birth of their twin daughters this summer with the generous help of a surrogate’.

He said the whole family was ‘overjoyed’.

Miss Parker has always been vocal about her desire to have a large family.

Seven years ago she declared she wanted ‘as many babies as is healthy’ and three years ago admitted she was longing for a daughter.

More recently, she said: ‘It’s a subject I don’t talk about because no matter what you say, either it’s, “Poor Sarah Jessica, she wants more and hasn’t had them”, or, if I say, “No, we’re quite content” they say, “What a cold, heartless, selfish…” So I don’t talk about it.’

Yesterday, a U.S. magazine published a pixilated photograph of an unnamed ex-barmaid they claim is the surrogate mother.

The woman, a 26-year-old divorced mother-of-one, is reportedly receiving $30,000 (£20,300) to carry the twin girls for Miss Parker and Broderick.

According to the magazine, the couple will also cover her medical costs of around $20,000 (£13,500) and pay $100,000 (£67,700) to surrogate agency Growing Generations, based in Los Angeles.

Star magazine claims the babies were conceived in vitro using eggs Miss Parker had frozen some time ago and Broderick’s sperm.

The surrogate mother is believed to live in Eastern Ohio and is due to give birth on July 18, at a small hospital near her home.

The magazine claims Miss Parker and Broderick will stay at a nearby hotel and may even be present in the delivery

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Pregnant Tess Daly leaves BBC1 Strictly Come Dancing


Singer Alesha Dixon is reportedly being tipped to stand in for Tess Daly on the upcoming series of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the show’s bosses are considering signing the former winner of the show to cover presenting duties during Daly’s maternity leave.

A source said: “Bosses hope that she will help give the show a bit of a shake-up alongside Bruce Forsyth.”

“They have been keen for her to have a role on the show for some time but so far have struggled to find an opportunity to bring her in. But Tess’s pregnancy is the perfect opening.”

Tess, 37, who is expecting her second child in June with presenter husband Vernon Kay i think is really great on strictly come dancing . The timing of the show and her pregnancy just don’t coincide so thats a shame because it would be great for more pregnant women to feature on prime time TV.

We which her all the best with her pregnancy and fingers crossed she’s back presenting the 2010 edition of strictly com dancing 🙂 maternity & Breastfeeding T-shirts

Breastfeeding in the news

The Truth About Super Skinny Pregnancies: Louise Redknapp On ITV1

Just thought  i would highlight this programme which is on tonight. It;s all about the pressures to loose weight after you’ve had your baby. and the extreme lengths some women will go to.

Lovely Louise Redknapp presents the first of three programmes in the ‘Truth About’ series. She investigates the pressure on women to maintain a glamorous pregnancy, and looks at why some women attempt to remove  all signs of it immediately after their baby is born.

I must admit i think Louise Redknapp comes over as a really lovely person, much more down to earth than some celebs, but she mentions she put on 8lbs when recently pregnant, wow all i can say she is really lucky because ALOT of ladies put on alot more weight than that, it;s so common ladies please don’t feel like you are the only one because you;re not.

Anyway will be watching this with interest tonight, 9pm maternity clothes which rock

Breastfeeding Tops

Perfect Maternity Tops for Holidays

Ok so it’s nearly christmas here and the weather is totally freezing here in the UK but remember we delivery worldwide, so people in hotter places of the world we ar ehere for you!!.Alot of people can’t stand the cold weather here and a few of my friends have jetted off for warmer climates, and gotta say our Mama 8 Ball maternity tee would be a fantastic addition to any holiday wardrobe.

The thing with being pregnant is you can span alot of different seasons, and realistically you want to get as much wear as possible out of your maternity clothes. We do sell alot of long sleeve maternity tee,s but dont forget if our baseball short sleeve takes you fancy you can always layer it up with a “normal” tee, especially if you are in your earlier stages of pregnancy. All our maternity t-shirts are longer length so will keep your bump warm and hide any bump that might poke out!!

Don’t worry before you know it we will be in summer ahemmm

Mama Feelsgood – maternity tees this good are hard to find .