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Bump photography! Laura Michelle photography rocks it

SO when you were pregnant did you wanna capture that moment forever , you rocked your bump and felt brilliant or were you more i’m excited to be having a baby but pleeeease no one look at the size of my ass? I myself was not the “ooh you’re glowing” kinda gal, i was more of just looked fatter and then mid to end “ooh my ankles are the size of luxembourg”

So when Matt (my husband) said hey lets take a picture of your bump with baby no1 and baby no2  i wasn’t rushing for my camera, i did take 2 pictures of each bump as they got to maximum bumpage but neither of them were especially good, i showed my daughter Amelia who’s 7 the bump picture of her in my tummy and the first thing she said was “ooh neighbours was on TV” – indeed i had managed to get in the tv as well in my shot!

My friend Laura who is an AMAZING photographer who runs Laura Michelle Photography recently did a maternity shoot for a lovely couple who are expecting their first baby and it’s so nice; it made me really gutted i didn’t make the effort and take more nice pictures of my bumps .


 Time goes so fast, and i know it doesn’t feel like that at the time, but to me it genuinely feels like yesterday i was expecting my first (ie 7 years ago). So i would urge you to take loads of pictures of your bumps, then at least you have the option of not looking at them if you don’t like them but you never get the chance to go back and take them again.

Laura who took these photo’s is so cool i cannot big her up enough! Check out her website and you can see some of her other cool photos (she has done the most amazing wedding pictures) she is such a lovely person, so not only does she make you feel relaxed and not too much of a prat in front of the lens (hey i don’t know you might like being photographed and get all AMerica’s next top model about things) she works out great angles to picture you in .

As you might have guessed i am Lauras no1 fan, so if you’d like photos for a wedding, baby, or to capture your pregnancy you should seriously check her out.