Breastfeeding Tops

Mama Feelsgood brings individuality to the breastfeeding clothing market

Mama Feelsgood is a family run business which is totally dedicated to providing breastfeeding clothing to women whom want to look more individual and feel more themselves.

I’m not saying men don’t understand but sometimes when i look at some maternity & breastfeeding clothing lines i think to myself “a man must have designed that” !!!

Unlike some stores  we try to keep the price of our nursing tops and maternity T-shirts to an affordable level, and always provide high quality fabric in our shirts and really deliver something you will be proud to wear.

You can have a functional breast feeding top and still look good, there is no law to say you can’t ! We are bringing out a larger range of nursing tops later this year, and before the year ends plan to add a larger range of breastfeeding tops ie styles to our collection. So all you nursing mums out there keep your eye peeled 🙂

Liz Jeans

Breastfeeding Tops

New funky graphic print breast feeding shirts are on their way

Ok so it might be a few months off but we are getting tres excited about our new range of  graphic breastfeeding tops.  There will be an extension to our current styles could be 4 more could be 8 hee hee we won’t say at the moment but they are going to be good.

We’re broadening our range of breastfeeding tops so can offer more choice in funky clothes for new mums. Thanks for all your comments on our first collection of nursing T-shirts, it has been really great to get letters and emails with positive comments and suggestions on how we can extend our range.

We really do wanna make Mama’s Feel Good, and their are big changes behind the scenes here in order to make this happen. We all work super hard here and we always want to deliver 100% to all our customers so things are chaning so whe can achieve this. some of our current graphic breastfeeding tops have been alot more popular than we thought, hence have gone for re-printing a few times causing delays, well this situation along with the influx of our new nursing tees is going to resolve this problem. So we promise that there will be more sizes and colours available for purchase at all times.

To all our customers thanks for being so cool, and big thanks for supporting us.

Take care, Liz.

Breastfeeding Tops

Yo Mama – Breastfeeding shirts go Sci-fi

Seriously you gotta check out our new Ray Gun breastfeeding T-shirt , we really wanted a kinda retro 1950’s kick to the breastfeeding shirt and it’s totally cool.

We think it is reminisent of a comic book style, and one of our friends said she thought it was Sci-fi, what ever you think it is this nursing top totally kicks butt! We carry the Ray gun design in a breastfeeding style in pink long sleeve breastfeeding top  and also light grey shirt sleeve breastfeeding top .

Don’t feel left out if you are pregnant because we also have the Ray Gun Tee in maternity style too.

Don’t be a slave to bad fashion because you ar pregnant or want to breastfeed, we think our maternity wear and breastfeeding tops are really reasonably priced and really good quality whilst delivering a funky cool, original style. Hey honestly try one today and you will see 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

Wow Just Did Our First Ever Show

Just revovering from doing our first show at the local baby and toddlers show in Bristol. It was really cool to meet so many lovely women, don’t know if being pregnant or just had a baby does something to you because everyone was so nice.

Was really nice to see some of our tops on people! That might sound strange but we see so many tees packed and ready to go and not alot actually on people (apart from ourselves and my sister of course!) so it was like, “wow that Lips Nursing T-shirt looks amazing on” honestly it was cool.

We were advised by another company that we should take our Maternity and breastfeeding T-shirts to excel or a big london show, but man it was hard work just doing a local show! I was up a 4am with my mind wizzing over and we were setting our stall up at 8 so it’s really tiring. But hey it was worth it. When we do another one we’ll let you know! maternity & breastfeeding clothes which rock

Breastfeeding Tops


Would be totally awesome to see any of our customers wearing our tees, we are really really chuffed with how well our shirts have been recieved since we opened in october. We’ve had some fabulous letters and emails from ladies who really get where we are coming from and really dig our style, and it would be cool to see you guys wearing them.

We did our photoshoot for our new tees a few weeks back now and well over 1000 pictures were taken, gotta say some of them are real gems….from a comic point of view ha ha. Ok i am not brave enough to stand in front the camera , hey it’s alot harder than you think. Jess our model does a totally fab job, and hey sh’e gonna be in Vogue along with Sheri our other model next week when our shirts get featured there.

Anyways we are considering selling blank breastfeeding tees so here’s a little snap shot…enjoy 🙂


Breastfeeding Tops

Snuggle UP In Our Maternity T-Shirts Baby



This is my daughter, she is a budding model ha ha. This was taken when my sister came down to try her new camera out she had for christmas and Amelia was all too pleased to pose!! Honestly she really loves doing it, makes me consider bringing out a baby / toddler range just so she could model it!! Anywyas this is here surrounded by some of our Maternity Tees, she was well cosy in there!

Very exciting news about featuring in Vogue magazine, our photoshoot for our new maternity & breastfeeding tees is on the 14th Feb so we are going to send some of those pictures in for the little feature. Woo Hoo. There are more funky shirts to come ladies so keep checking the site over the next 2 weeks because there is going to be abit of a change in tee’s , some will go somw new will come!


Mama Feelsgood – Funky maternity and breastfeeding tees

Breastfeeding Tops

8 Ball Maternity & Nursing Tees more coming soon

Just getting things organised to send more shirts to the printers, i think the courier is going to have a fit when he sees all the boxes that have to go…

So in about 10 days there will be more 8 Ball shirts in all sizes and in maternity and breastfeeding designs too. Sorry to all the people who have emailed about sizes and style etc, to be honest our sale was way better than we expected and we had to get more shirts printed up.

We are also introduving some new graphic designs tee’s which is exciting AND we will be selling plain breastfeeding shirts too. So if your size is not in stock at the moment check back in say 10 days time and it should be here 🙂

Mama Feelsgood – funky maternity & breastfeeding fashion