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Supplying our maternity tees for celebrity photoshoot

It’s all quite exciting, end part of last week we had a fabulous email from a London Stylist who would like her client to have some of our maternity tees for a photoshoot she’s doing later in the week. Yeah a celebrity client woo hoo. Can’t say too much because as fabulous as our maternity T-shirts are they might not get chosen for the magazine picture.

I’ve got to admit it’s all a bit new to me so after i got the email i couldn’t sleep i was mega excited then sunday night i watched The City on MTV and saw Olivia was getting clothes together for a photoshoot for Kesha ( you know the singer who sang the song Tick Tok)

Careful this song is very catchy warning warning you’ll be singing it all day!

Anyways Olivia from The City had approached all the designers and companies for freebies for the Elle photoshoot and the celeb came in and picked 3 things from like a whole table of stuff. So this kinda kept it real for me. I would be SO chuffed if they are used so i guess i will have to wait and see. But it did help that a friend of mine is a stylist for 2 well known celebs and he have me lots of advice so that was real cool. So next time when Angelina comes a knocking i’ll know what to do !!

We’ll let you know how things pan out.

Breastfeeding Tops

Maternity Photoshoot pictures not seen before

We have so many pictures on our hardrive from both shoots we have done for our maternity and breastfeeding shirts it’s amazing. Some of them i can assure you are comedy gold ha ha. Although i’m not too sure if Jess & Sheri would appreciate you seeing them (they are our models).

Lynn one of my good friends took part in the first photoshoot, bless her she had been working all night and by the end of the shoot (you know it takes ages to do just a few pictures) hence the need for the dark glasses in this picture : 8 Ball breastfeeding Shirt

This picture made me laugh, Jess is so much fun to work with and here is an unseen picture of her wearing our Maternity Vee Tee , there are loads of kooky pictures , might give you guys a better idea of our shirts too.

www.mamafeelsgood.com fun , fresh maternity t-shirts & breastfeeding tops

Breastfeeding Tops

We Made The Bristol Evening Post – Maternity wear in Bristol

Ok ok so you’ll probably thinking what the hell this , maternity wear in Bristol ??  but for us it’s mega exciting, this is our debut in the loval paper here in Bristol and it’s showcasing which companies were attending the Little Monster Show (show for baby and toddlers) last week, and we are listed under maternity wear. Whoop whoop.

We had a great time at the show, met alot of lovely pregnant mums who loved our maternity wear, and met alot of lovely ladies who purchased our breastfeeding tops, it was funny because obviously maternity wear was not really relevant for them and they were gutted they had found us too late !!ha ah, never mind they bought our breastfeeding tops and looked cool!!

Also at the show was cuddle dry and trunki   which was cool because they were both featured on Dragon Den the TV show. They are both really cool companies, there were alot of happy children going for rides on suitcases that day at the show!!

www.mamafeelsgood.com maternity wear is what we do

Breastfeeding Tops

Every pregnant woman / new mother should know about our maternity & Breastfeeding tops

WOW this is what 1 lady said at “The Little Monster Show” we attended on sunday, how cool is that. It was such a lovely thing to hear (hey we all love a bit of bigging up sometimes!!) she also said we shoould think about having a stall at the Baby show in Birmigham NEC or Excel in London.

It had defiantely given us something to think about, advertising can be really expansive as i’m sure you can guess, so ladies if you dig our tees let your friends know !! 🙂 Actually we are expecting the post man to bring at any time our copy of Vogue magazine that we are in. Thats 1 small perk of actually being featured in it you get to receive a copy the day before it goes on general release.

We’ll let you know what it looks like 🙂

www.mamafeeslgood.com maternity T-shirts, breastfeeding tops

Breastfeeding Tops

We’re in April’s Edition of Vogue out 12th March

ok ok we apologise to all those people we told the UK Vogue April issue was out on the 5th of March….it’s actually the 12th March we were a week premature!!

So don’t panic Mr Mannering we will be in the April Spring edition of Vogue but you’re gonna have to wait another week. So Laura sorry for making you have a bear breakdown in Tesco whilst trying to find it…..

There is a reason for my mistake, i just got abit over excitied and didn’t read an email properly, think i am going to have to invest in a new pair of glasses. So only another week until you can see our fabulous maternity & breastfeeding  T-shirts in print woo hoo


Mama Feelsgood– Maternity & Breastfeeding tees god enough for Vogue!

Breastfeeding Tops

Not Long Until Our Maternity T-shirts Are In Vogue magazine

March 5th 2009 and Mama Feelsgood Maternity Tees are going to appear in UK Vogue magazine and we are totally stoked. Yes it is a small appearance but hey baby it’s Vogue and our maternity tops are going to be in there!

I watched Sex And The City the movie last night and in it Carrie Bradshaw appeared in Vogue magazine and it brought it home to me how amazing it really is to be approached by the to appear in the feature they are running.

I could tell you which maternity tops the guys at Vogue have picked out to appear (i created a short list for them to choose from) but that would ruin the surprise, so we are gonna make you guys wait ha ha.

Who knows our breastfeeding tops might make it in there soon. We’ve had loads of really fabulous feedback about our maternity & nursing tees which is amazing , and i recently had the most amazing letter which has gone up on the wall of my office, next to it soon will be the Vogue maternity article!!

Breastfeeding Tops

Little Monster Show March 8th Bristol

Come check out our stand at the Little Monster Show  it is being held on the 8th March 2009 at Ahton Gate footbal stadium and it all kicks of about 10-30 – 11.am .

This is the first ever show we have done so it will be a steep learning curve! We’re putting together some ideas for a booth but to be honest there is so much going on there is’nt alot of time to think about it. Our new maternity & breastfeeding shirts should be back from the printers today and it’s always exciting when you get new designs that you haven’t had printed before back. It’s like opening a present, keen to see if you like it or not.

We are having the photoshoot saturday so by Monday we will have the new design shirts up on the website, remember they are new designs of nursing shirts, so all the older 2008 style shirts will be taken off and sold on our Ebay account so alot of designs will be going. They are fabulous shirts but we are just evolving our designs, so wo knows they could become collectors items 🙂


Mama Feelsgood– Fabulous ~Maternity & Breastfeeding Tees