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Mama FeelsGood Maternity Tees are back but in very limited supply

We’ve had tons of emails about our maternity tees , 

Apologies guys it’sbeen a real busy time here at Mama Headquarters both business wise and personally so  our stocks of maternity tees just haven’t been replenished and we basically haven’t had the shirts reprinted. I know big slap on our hands, mega mega sorry. 

We have gone through the very little stocks of maternity shirts we have left  and listed them on the site , BUT there really is’nt too many of each size left in stock so if there is something you like you better get in quick because we can’t say it will be around long, and our next print run is still a while away.

The shirt with the most stock at the moment is our Grey Island short sleeve maternity T-shirt

 It’s available in sizes 8 through to 18 UK.

Plus it is also on special and a mega good price for such a quality maternity shirt

We do have 1 or 2 tops in our other designs and will be listing these over the next couple days . So first come first served 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

New nursing tops are here – at last!!!

The last couple of days here have been super busy to say the least, what with the photo shoot and then the writing of the product pages for each of the new nursing tops it’s been crazy. 

I’ve been so busy working that last night i couldn’t stay up long enough to watch True Blood on channel 4 !! ha ha, hey i love that programme, very raunchy and a the language is very potty mouth in parts but i’m addicted already! Anyone else watch it?

Well back to the nursing tops – it is such a proud moment to see months and months worth of work come together and finally see the new collection on the website. This breastfeeding top collection has defiantly been worth it , and we like to think we have brought some more variation in our choice of nursing tops. SOme of the graphic designs on the nursing T-shirts have special meaning for me, 1 in particular “The music SOunds Better With you ” nursing top is in dedication to one of my very good friends Kerri who sadly passed away 2 years ago. She will never be forgotten and always much loved.

Breastfeeding Tops

Promise new shirts and all sizes available soon

Man we are so sorry things are taking a little longer than we thought. We’re running real low on a lot of sizes in basically all our shirts, both maternity tops and nursing tops and we promise we are on the case!

Thanks so all the ladies whom have asked about sizes and shirt availability, it’s really cool you guys love our shirts and want to hold of some, and we are basically working mega hard here behind the scenes to get more in stock.

There were a few hiccups with quite a few things, which were totally out of our control so it’s given us here a bit of a headache trying to sort things (i tell you running your own business is not easy!!) but hopefully we are through the worst and there should be plenty of stock soon.

We are planning our next photo shoot for the new graphic breastfeeding shirts we have coming in, so it’s gonna be totally cool 🙂

Keep you posted- Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

New Nursing tops coming soon

We are expanding our range of graphic tee nursing tops within the next few weeks (well about 4 – 5 weeks time) and i gotta say they are wicked.

We’ve had some great collaboration from some great artists and have moved on a lot in being able to offer more variation in our nursing shirts. There are around 7 new designs and they are very diverse! Thats’s all i’ll say at this moment!

In 2010 we are going to be releasing more breastfeeding and maternity tops, ie not t-shirts but tops. We are super excited about this, as it’s a big venture for us. We are so pleased with the great support of our customers it really is a pleasure selling to you! So please we love your feedback and if there is any other kinda tops you would like to zee tell us about it!

On  the stock front there will be a lot more available, i know some designs have been mega popular and out stock limits just haven’t basically been able to cope! This will now change and fingers crossed we should have what you want in stock all the time . There is a big learning curve when opening a new business and we have learnt  a lot in the past months!

Breastfeeding Tops

Extending our breastfeeding top range very soon

Hey guys, thanks for the lovely messages about our shirts, both breastfeeding and maternity tops .

And to answer some recent questions yes  we will be adding to our range of breastfeeding graphic tee’s, fingers crossed if we are on schedule they should be available for purchase by mid September 🙂

We’re also thinking of broadening our whole range in the next 6 months or so, so exciting things happening here for us ! If there is anything in particular you would like to see just shoot us an email and we will see what we can do.

Vicky it was really cool to hear from you, hope this answers your question 🙂

Take care guys, Liz xx

maternit clothing

Maternity clothes for Tall women

Just a note to all those ladies out there blessed on the tall side (i am one of them myself ) our maternity tops are ideal for you.

Mama Feelsgood maternity tops  are a really long length so will cover your bump and still keep you covered in all the right places. So now you can look funky and have a maternity top which actially fits. You’ll also find as your bust increases ( a perk of pregnancy) you will need a maternity top with extra length to prevent it riding up. So remember your normal top which fits you nicely at the start of your pregnancy probably wont be at the mid – end of it.

Of course another option for taller ladies who find it hard to get maternity clothes to fit would be a maternity belly band , these are fabuous bands which literally cover your bump and create a layering look so you can wear your regular clothes over the top of them. A cheap and affective solution which can increase you maternity wardrobe no end! They are also great to use to cover your tummy whilst breastfeeding too.

Maternity Tops SAle

Check out our funky v-neck maternity T-shirt perfect for the summer

Bingo wings? No i’m not being rude but do you wanna hide your bingo wings this summer but still be able to look cool? If so check out our maternity V-neck T-shirt,  the great thing about it is the sleeves aren’t too short but aren’t too long to make you hot and bothered this summer. It’s a great maternity transitional piece which can take you through the summer and into Autumn, and at £16.99 it is an absolute steal.

100% rib knit cotton (brilliant quality too, not thin rubbish) it will wash really well, and has tons of room for your growing bump. The extra long length of this maternity top will keep you covered in all the right places! maternity & breastfeeding clothing

Breastfeeding Tops

Coleen Rooneys million dollar baby

Wow what it’s like to be Coleen Rooney, announce you are pregnant and you get half the press on your doorstep and big brand name manufacturers clambering for you to indorse their brands.

Apparently (according to the mirror paper) so far Coleen has been approached to do :

“OK! magazine has offered a three-cover deal worth £700,000 to show off the first baby pictures in an ‘at home with’-style spread’. If the couple host a baby shower and invite celeb pals, that will also be covered. And Coleen will be in no hurry to lose her baby weight straight after the birth – she wants to do it healthily.

“To this end, she’s been asked to make a fitness DVD, detailing her post-pregnancy weight loss, worth about £150,000.

“Other offers include a maternity style guide, plus a £130,000 contract with a high street franchise for a baby range.”

“Wayne and Coleen just want to focus on the birth and aren’t willing to cash in on their unborn baby. But to have all these offers is incredible.”

Seems when you are famous everyone wants their little piece of you….of course at a price. When you are mega rich already what would you do, get what you can or decline the money? Maybe giving it to charity might be an option?

Breastfeeding Tops

Tess Daily due this June wants a natural birth

Tess Daily & vernon Kay haven’t got long to wait now until the arrival of their baby….exciting times.

When Tess was pregnant with her first daughter Phoebe i was pregnant with my daughter too so it kinda makes me wanna hurry up and have another baby too!! Anyways Tess has been reported as saying she hopes this child will have a natural birth, after having Phoebe via C-section.

She told Now magazine, “Having had a caesarean last time and not having gone through the whole process of labour, this time I’ve opted to do it naturally. So, though pretty petrified by the prospect of the unknown, if billions of women have done it before me I’d like to think I can give it a go,”

I know how she feels, although unlike Tess i actually went through 22 hoyrs of labour then had to have an emergency C-section. I can see how not going through labour can have effects of the mother (as well as baby).

Good luck Tess & Vern 🙂 maternity & nurisng T-shirt

Breastfeeding Tops

Yo Mama – Breastfeeding shirts go Sci-fi

Seriously you gotta check out our new Ray Gun breastfeeding T-shirt , we really wanted a kinda retro 1950’s kick to the breastfeeding shirt and it’s totally cool.

We think it is reminisent of a comic book style, and one of our friends said she thought it was Sci-fi, what ever you think it is this nursing top totally kicks butt! We carry the Ray gun design in a breastfeeding style in pink long sleeve breastfeeding top  and also light grey shirt sleeve breastfeeding top .

Don’t feel left out if you are pregnant because we also have the Ray Gun Tee in maternity style too.

Don’t be a slave to bad fashion because you ar pregnant or want to breastfeed, we think our maternity wear and breastfeeding tops are really reasonably priced and really good quality whilst delivering a funky cool, original style. Hey honestly try one today and you will see 🙂