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Maternity clothes for Tall women

Just a note to all those ladies out there blessed on the tall side (i am one of them myself ) our maternity tops are ideal for you.

Mama Feelsgood maternity tops  are a really long length so will cover your bump and still keep you covered in all the right places. So now you can look funky and have a maternity top which actially fits. You’ll also find as your bust increases ( a perk of pregnancy) you will need a maternity top with extra length to prevent it riding up. So remember your normal top which fits you nicely at the start of your pregnancy probably wont be at the mid – end of it.

Of course another option for taller ladies who find it hard to get maternity clothes to fit would be a maternity belly band , these are fabuous bands which literally cover your bump and create a layering look so you can wear your regular clothes over the top of them. A cheap and affective solution which can increase you maternity wardrobe no end! They are also great to use to cover your tummy whilst breastfeeding too.

Breastfeeding Tops

Mama Feelsgood brings individuality to the breastfeeding clothing market

Mama Feelsgood is a family run business which is totally dedicated to providing breastfeeding clothing to women whom want to look more individual and feel more themselves.

I’m not saying men don’t understand but sometimes when i look at some maternity & breastfeeding clothing lines i think to myself “a man must have designed that” !!!

Unlike some stores  we try to keep the price of our nursing tops and maternity T-shirts to an affordable level, and always provide high quality fabric in our shirts and really deliver something you will be proud to wear.

You can have a functional breast feeding top and still look good, there is no law to say you can’t ! We are bringing out a larger range of nursing tops later this year, and before the year ends plan to add a larger range of breastfeeding tops ie styles to our collection. So all you nursing mums out there keep your eye peeled 🙂

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Maternity Tops SAle

Check out our funky v-neck maternity T-shirt perfect for the summer

Bingo wings? No i’m not being rude but do you wanna hide your bingo wings this summer but still be able to look cool? If so check out our maternity V-neck T-shirt,  the great thing about it is the sleeves aren’t too short but aren’t too long to make you hot and bothered this summer. It’s a great maternity transitional piece which can take you through the summer and into Autumn, and at £16.99 it is an absolute steal.

100% rib knit cotton (brilliant quality too, not thin rubbish) it will wash really well, and has tons of room for your growing bump. The extra long length of this maternity top will keep you covered in all the right places! maternity & breastfeeding clothing

Breastfeeding Tops

Cheap maternity clothes and cheap breastfeeding tops

OK so i had to get your attention somehow!

If you want quality maternity tops or breastfeeding tops for after you’ve had your baby then you really should check us out at We don;t class ourselves as overly expensive, and we do delivery quality products. Our nursing tops and maternity T-shirts prove you can be funky & comfortable &  original when pregnant or breastfeeding .

Our range will shorty be expanding so even more gorgeous breastfeeding tops will be availble solely on-line so make sure you out us in your favourites and check back on us 🙂

Remember breastfeeding clothes don’t have to suck too!

Breastfeeding Tops

Coleen Rooneys million dollar baby

Wow what it’s like to be Coleen Rooney, announce you are pregnant and you get half the press on your doorstep and big brand name manufacturers clambering for you to indorse their brands.

Apparently (according to the mirror paper) so far Coleen has been approached to do :

“OK! magazine has offered a three-cover deal worth £700,000 to show off the first baby pictures in an ‘at home with’-style spread’. If the couple host a baby shower and invite celeb pals, that will also be covered. And Coleen will be in no hurry to lose her baby weight straight after the birth – she wants to do it healthily.

“To this end, she’s been asked to make a fitness DVD, detailing her post-pregnancy weight loss, worth about £150,000.

“Other offers include a maternity style guide, plus a £130,000 contract with a high street franchise for a baby range.”

“Wayne and Coleen just want to focus on the birth and aren’t willing to cash in on their unborn baby. But to have all these offers is incredible.”

Seems when you are famous everyone wants their little piece of you….of course at a price. When you are mega rich already what would you do, get what you can or decline the money? Maybe giving it to charity might be an option?

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Simon Pegg’s wife Maureen McCann is pregnant with their first child

Ahh Simon Pegg from “shan of the dead” fame is going to be a daddy.

British actor Simon Pegg has publicly confirmed that he and wife Maureen McCann are expecting their first child, and it’s expected in June.

“I’m hoping for a baby girl,” the 39-year-old star revealed before then quickly adding, “but I really don’t mind what we have. We’re thinking of having it in America as the baby will then have dual citizenship. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s going to be amazing.” Maureen is due to give birth to the baby in June”

All the best guys 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters has 2nd baby girl

CONGRATULATIONS Mr & Mrs Grohl on the arrival of their 2nd baby girl.

Harper Willow Grohl weighed in at 7lbs 8oz and was 20 inches long. According to a statement, she is healthy and “loud as hell.” The name Harper comes from Dave’s great uncle

Dave and his wife Jordyn have a 3 year old daughter called Violet Maye. Ahh they are so lucky having such cool parents, hope Mrs Grohl is doing well. maternity & nursing Tees