Pregnancy scans

nuchal translucency scan , (OSCAR scan) in Bristol

 Only kidding they don’t actually use a camera like this to take your scan.

Within the UK during a ladies pregnancy the NHS only routinely offer a few opportunitys for pregnancy scans. Usually a dating scan for as the name suggests to determine the stage of your pregnancy ie how many weeks you are, and the 20 week scan. Personally we don’t think these are enough as it’s so nice to see your baby in a scan. So you can always go private and pay for you’re scan.

1 scan that is open to everybody whatever your age if you are willing to pay is the OSCAR or Nuchal Translucency scan. It is carried out early into your pregnancy and is commonly used to detect some abnormalities in pregnancy including downs syndrome. In Bristol it is available from the Spire Health Clinic which is based in Clifton. It’s not really advertised that well that these scans are available, so here you go !!

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