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Mama Feelsgood breastfeeding tops are great for nursing twins

Had some lovely feedback this week about our nursing T-shirts and how good they are for breastfeeding twins. As i’ve never had twins myself i don’t have any real experience of breastfeeding them but i’ve heard from 2 of our customers this week and they really liked Mama Feelsgood breastfeeding tops and how easy they are to nurse twins.

If you are tandem nursing them you really need something to cover your middle section because you will have both boobies in action at the same time. So because our Breastfeeding T-shirts have an underlayer where the nursing openings are at the side then this is ideal for tandem nursing, it keeps your chest covered and you tummy too.

Cecilia one of our customers said” Mama Feelsgood tops really are great for breastfeeding twins, fabulous for tandem breastfeeding” .

Cecilia was really really helpful and gave great feedback on the benefits of our breastfeeding T-shirts.  I know there are lots of different styles of nursing openings, some suit some whilst others don’t, but it’s really invaluable for me to know first hand now that i can recommend our nursing T-shirts to mothers with twins.

So big thanks for taking the time and getting back to us with feedback, it makes Mama Feelsgood a much better breastfeeding clothing company and we really do want to provide what mothers want.

Have fun, Liz x