Do what you love & you’ll never work another day – Why we love making nursing tops

Doing something you love for a living is such a rare opportunity, everyday i am working on Mama FeelsGood i feel really proud i made this from scratch and now we help  breastfeeding mums lives that little bit easier. Knowing you can breastfeed in public easily, quickly and discreetly can be a big weight of a ladies mind, of course you don’t need one of our nursing tops to do this but lots of ladies have let us know our nursing tops have given them that extra bit of confidence to breastfeed in public. 


Until you really need something it’s hard to understand the need for it, so before I had my first daughter breastfeeding and what I would want to wear whilst breastfeeding didn’t occur to me (would be kinda weird too if it did – day dreaming about nursing clothes might be considered a tad strange). So it struck me like a smack with a wet kipper – the nursing tops  / breastfeeding clothes available REALLY suck. 


I didn’t want anything with a bump in it thankfully my pregnancy was over (yeah I am one of those ladies where my body just doesn’t get on with being pregnant. I didn’t glow, and I definitely never felt blooming I just went from the ooh I’m constipated Matt go and get me some lactolose to my ankles are now cankles are now thankles…. Yeap hurrah baby is out ) SO I wanted my post baby wardrobe to be bumpless the sooner the better. Just to add all our nursing tops are bumpless – some companies who sell maternity tees with nursing access come from the angle of it’s a great saver of cash and I’m not knocking anyone for this but I myself didin’t like these so I don’t make them. 



Also I wasn’t into flowers or really uber girly things so I was at a loss what I could wear that I KNEW I could breastfeed easily in and would make me feel good. The whole put a vest under a top thang yeah again I can see how that works and all the power to you if you want to do that but I didn’t ; It wouldn’t rock my boat and I just wouldn’t feel good stretching a cheap vest to buggeration to breastfeed (and lordy that top would be stretched a lot as I know now babies especially new ones want breastfeeding a lot) – but again that’s me . In a way Mama FeelsGood is about me and what I wanted – it might not be you or every breastfeeding mums dream but when starting a company you got to go with what you love and feel passionate about



So fast forward 5 years – 1 more child (which makes 2 in total) and here we are. We’ve won the most recent and last ever (how sad Practical Parenting Magazine has ended ) Practical Parenting Magazine GOLD ward for best breastfeeding top cough cough GOLD ! We sell overseas via other fabulous retailers – Canada, Australia , Holland to name drop a few countries. We’ve lots of really lovely customers who have even been known to send us chocolates (Turkish delights hint hint) and I absolutely LOVE doing what we do. We are working on new nursing top collections (collections sound a bit rah rah rah so I mean major badass nursing clothes) and we are aiming for world domination in the nursing clothes market. Hey aim big bab !


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Lets Hug this out ! Breastfeeding T-Shirts back in stock soon

Hugs Breast Feeding Top

Behind the scenes here at Mama FeelsGood we are going through a lot of changes , we are having a big change to our website so it will make things easier for you guys and for us too to process your orders and to offer you a more varied service and provide more information to make it easier to pick which breastfeeding T-shirt you love the most, or of course which breastfeeding dress ( we have these too now of course!) . It’s really great that you guys like our nursing clothes and it’s kinda cool that we can change our website to keep up with all the funky new things that websites can do.

We are also getting in a new range of breastfeeding T-shirts, this has taken so long to organise i reckon i could have had another baby within the time it;s taken to organise; i admit i am not the most together person and sometime i am a little too laid back, something that i am trying to change ….well in the business world anyway. Next time i will be I SAID NOW dude… nah i don’t think that is really me! Well not on a good day ha ha!

SO we have a few new graphics hooked up to be printed which is really great, i am in the throws of deciding which colour print on which shirt so if you have any burning colour coordinations let me know! There is lots to do here at Mama Towers before the new nursing shirts are launched, so i better get on!

Oh yes sorry i forgot to mention our Hugs breastfeeding Top is being re printed so full size spec will be available again soon x

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops

Nursing Tops – which colour floats your boat?

OK so if we are talking about breastfeeding tops as in T-shirts which colour shirt would you wear?

We are going to introduce some new colours into our range of breastfeeding T-shirts and basically want to know what you want.

We have had really great feedback about the nursing shirts we currently manufacture but we’ve had a few requests for different colours, but obviously not everyone likes the same colour and for us as a small company we can’t make every colour there is so have to be careful with what we choose.  I would really like to give red a go, but then there is the problem of which shade of red? I tell you ladies it’s a minefield!

SO if there is any particular nursing top you would like to see just let us know.

I’ve literally just come back from dropping our shirts off for screen printing so by Friday we good luck our KAT nursing Tee and our Owl nurisng top in dark grey should be back up to full force in all sizes. Also we should have a new graphic design shirt available too, how wicked it that 🙂

breast feeding clothes

Last Posting of our nursing shirts before Christmas

Ok ladies (and guys buying the lady of your life presents) the last day that we are going to post so it should reach you in time for christmas in the UK is this Thursday the 17th December. We send everything first class but at this time of the year we are mega busy and also the strain on Royal Mail is huge, so we are putting a deadline of the Thursday as our last posting day to get before christmas.

We will of course be posting things next week but they just won;t get to you in time for the big day.

We are taking christmas off here at MFG so our website will be open for orders all over the christmas and new year but we won;t be processing any and sending them until the monday after boxing day so we are actually getting a few days off!

Laters dudes, Liz

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops, Nursing Tops

Stay nice and warm in this crazy weather & grab yourself a breast feeding top!

OMG what’s going on it is SO cold and here in Bristol it’s not even snowing….yet!

I gotta say we have been selling lots of our long sleeve breastfeeding tops, think it is a mixture of the cold weather and people wanting them for christmas presents (of course along with the fact that they are gorgeous nursing tops!) . Lots of our sale shirts are selling out, and there are only very few of certain nursing shirts left in our sale section. We only have a few sizes left of our Neptune Surf short sleeve nursing T-shirt

Neptune Surf breastfeeding top

Also we have had lots of enquiries about of long sleeve Owl nursing T-shirt. We have basically sold out of these in the smaller sizes and we did take them all off our website because we were going to get them re-printed but with the christmas rush and hence super busy times we haven’t gotten around to it so we have put them back on the website but we only have them in sizes L, XL, XXL and there are very few larges left!

Owl Nursing Tops

So if there is a nursing shirt that you really want don;t wait go for it because we can’t promise it will be around for long!

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops

We have a winner for our Facebook breastfeeding top competition.

Elizabeth Morgan you are a winner !

Congratulations Elizabeth if you could email or ring us to tell us your address and which size Lips nursing shirt you would like that would be great. Contact details are on our website ( we get mega spammed if we put them here).

So if you missed out on winning one of our nursing tops this time then don’t worry there will be loads of other chances to win one and lots of other fab goodies as we have lots of competitions in store.

It is our 2nd birthday next monday so will be running another facebook competition starting this Friday and finishing next monday, so keep your eyes peeled. Don;t worry if you don;t have a facebook account as we do accept entries via our blog here and promise to enter all the names into the hat just as we did for the last competition so no one gets missed out.

We’re going to have a little party here at Mama Feelsgood to celebrate out 2nd birthday, well myself, Matt and our 2 girls are going to party as much as you can ha ha i’ll buy baby Erin a extra juicy carrot and mash it up for here ( she’s just cutting her first tooth and it;s driving her insane) . I would go for a krispy kreme doughnut but i’m trying to be good, too many clothes i can’t fit into anymore post Erin , too many Mama Feelsgood nursing tees i can’t squeeze my rolls into so times are gonna change!

Any how don’t forget new competition for a different breastfeeding tops this Friday 🙂

Good luck guys.

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops

5pm deadline to enter our breastfeeding top giveaway

SO today is the last day you can enter our breast feeding top giveaway on facebook.

Just look at the Northen Exposure clip and count how many times the moose appears.

Up for grabs is our Lips nursing shirt, you can choose between our dark grey lips nursing top or our Lips light grey nursing top.

Deadline is 5pm tonight, winner picked at random tonight and announced here on our website and facebook page 🙂

Good luck ladies.