breastfeeding clothing, nursing dress

Lovely weather for wearing a breastfeeding dress!

Blimey it’s really hot here today in Bristol, kind of hot and sweaty weather which me being a very pale skinned person i really don’t like. Ok don’t hit me, lots of people think i am crazy, but with my colourings (dark hair and so many freckles it’s unreal) i just fry in an instant. But what i do like it thats it’s wedding time! I love weddings, sadly for me none of my close friends seem to be anywhere near the getting married stage so i am missing out on celebrating , but i live in hope; but for you guys who are lucky enough to go to a wedding we have the perfect dress for you to wear as a guest if you need a dress you can breastfeed in. Sadly if you are the bride we don;t do breastfeeding wedding dresses… actually i don;t know if anyone actually does so maybe we are missing a trick here!

Any who our Money Penny nursing dress (available in either black or the most gorgeous purple ) is just the ticket for wearing to a celebration , evening or day occasion.

Money Penny Breast feeding dress

It’s made from good quality viscose with a little smidge of spandex (5% smidge) and wears really well; doesn’t get mega creased too easily and feels really good to the touch when you have it on. To breastfeed in it all you have to do it lift the empire line up and woo hoo Bobs your uncle you have room to breastfeed.

How the Breastfeeding dress works

They are great to be worn after your quit breastfeeding too because they aren’t really obvious in their mechanism to feed your baby so can be worn as a regular dress.

breast feeding clothes, breastfeeding clothing, nursing dress

Our Money Penny Breastfeeding dress Rocks – no seriously it does

If you need a dress to breastfeed in then please check out our Money Penny nursing dresses, they are super cute, comfy, discrete and they aren’t mega hard on the bank balance.

They are super soft to the touch and don’t crease up too bad which is great of you need them to stay nice all day ie if you were going to a wedding and then going to the evening party too.

To use you simply lift up the dress from the empire line and then you can nurse without showing the world what you’ve got!

There is a touch of spandex to the dress (5%) so it does hold it’s shape well, and the sleeves are great because they can help cover bingo wings in the summer and for the winter you can just pop a shrug or a cardigan on and no worries.

We make lush breastfeeding clothing so please if you are looking for something funky and nice then please check our clothes out 🙂

breastfeeding clothing, nursing dress

Need a nursing dress for a wedding?

OK so your best pals from way are getting married , you’ve not long had your baby and you need a super cute dress to breastfeed in that won’t cost the earth but has great functionality and doesn’t make you feel like your wearing something from you nans wardrobe !

You no longer have to worry because you are reading this and we can help you out; no seriously we can, we have our very lovely and very functional Money Penny breastfeeding dress

Money Penny Nursing Dress

Made from a really good quality viscose spandex mix (95% viscose 5% spandex) and available in delish violet colour or black it can be worn to the wedding during the day and then rocked up with accessories for the evening party too . It doesn’t scream I AM A BREASTFEEDING DRESS , people will actually like your dress rather than think you are making do with what you could find.

Here is how the breastfeeding dress works:

How Nursing dress works

It lifts up from the empire line and has a kinda v-neck design going on under neath so these can easily be moved to one side whilst still keeping you covered. Because it lifts up from the empire line it keeps your tummy totally covered and also helps your boobage from being on show, Your babies head will help cover your boob along with the top layer of the nursing dress.

Here’s our black Money Penny nursing dress:

Black Money Penny nursing dress

Money Penny Black breastfeeding dress

I know some people might not want to wear their breastfeeding clothes after they stop breastfeeding thier child but this is one cool dress and can be worn after you stop nursing. Great for christmas parties and beyond this really is one versitile dress.

Any way have a great wedding and if you do buy one and wear it somewhere special don’t be shy email us a picture we would love to see 🙂