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Photo shoot for our new breastfeeding dress and nursing tops this saturday

It’s taken SO long but finally the new breastfeeding dresses and nursing tops are here and the photo shoot for them is going to be on saturday.

It’s really nice being able to think of things to so for the photoshoot, Jess my friend who is one of our models is so much fun, she won’t mind me saying she is one crazy lady ( in a good way Jess in a good way!) and has always loads of blinkin mad poses ready to break out! We are planning something a little special this time around, can’t say too much as am leaving it as a surprise but if things work out OK it should be badass!!!

SO just getting some accessories together for saturday, it’s a bit like America’s top model , loads more difficult than you might think to get the right shots. Laura our photographer is really cool at thinking up good angles and lighting etc so it’s pretty cool doing a shoot. Think lots of tea needed on this one though as it,s freezing here in Bristol, fingers crossed it;s not raining.

Speaking of Bristol, we took some of our breast feeding T-shirts down to the Love Baby Show held at the paintworks in Brislington. Has a great day, met loads of lovely people. Received some really lovely comments on our nursing clothes , felt a lot of love for our new nursing dress and breastfeeding top so it was a good day 🙂

Thanks to my good pal Louise for coming to help me out too, big hugs xx.

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Wow it’s Old style nursing tops we never knew we had!

So the job begins of clearing out our old stock room to move to the new premises , there are loads of boxes all of which i thought were pretty organized hahaarrr how wrong i can be.

We found quite a few old nursing tops from when we first started Mama Feelsgood, it might not be that long ago ( we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary in little over a months time) but wow how things have come on since then with the design of our breastfeeding wear. They differ from our current nursing T-shirts in a few ways :  A= the material , our current nursing tops have a little bit of spandex in the layers just to help stretch & retain their shape. B= our old breatsfeding tops were too short, they needed to be longer , so now our nursing shirt are long enough to hang outside your jeans or you can tuck the bottom layer in for extra cozyness!

We also found our maternity shirts prototype, these were funny, we did think about combining the two of having a maternity top that would convert into a nursing top, but we found that if you had been wearing the shirt as a maternity top for a few months by the time you come to breast feed your baby and if you breast feed over a period of  months the shirt has just been stretched too much by your pregnancy and won’t go back into shape enough so is unflattering to your shape. Also lots of mums ( and i must include myself in this) don’t like to wear maternity clothes after you’ve had your babies. I know i am not spekaing for everyone here but i really didn’t enjoy either of my pregnancies , it’s truly amazing to have a new growing etc an  of course i loved my babies to bits but the high blood pressure, back ache, sickness, lack of sleep etc i did not enjoy, some ladies bloom when pregnant i think i wilted!! But hey i have 2  fantastic children and i wouldn’t have it any other way. But clothes wise i found it lovely to have new nursing clothes to wear that were totally separate from my old maternity ones.

SO we have many boxes of nursing tops to move, it’s going to take some time and we are also looking to take delivery of some new style tops and nursing dresses too later this year which will need lots of room to store, all good times but blimey i wish i had bigger muscles!!! Good job Matt has i predict he will need them !!

Take care 🙂 Liz

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Nursing dresses – which do you prefer long or short sleeve?

OK guys so which is it long or short sleeve ?

It’s kinda hard here in the UK to have a nursing dress that can take you through all the changing months, as we all know our weather can be pretty unpredictable so sometimes it can be baking in months like May and other times it can be a wash out. So what would you like to see from the ideal breastfeeding dress?

Personally i’m not mad keen about my arms , gotta tad too much bingo wings going on for my liking so i always go for the long sleeve nursing dress or 3/4 length, plus i alway think with a 3/4 length sleeve you can wear a cardigan over in the winter so get some good wear out if it. Now if we lived in California it would be a totally different matter, but hey we don’t ha ha!

Our new range which will contain a nursing dress / breastfeeding dress also had some nursing tops added in the mix too. We would love to bring out a maooosive range of nursing clothes but hey we are  we are a new company, so have to take things slow and steady ; We design and manufacture our own brand of breastfeeding wear  which is very rare here in the UK , so its like they say about toned muscles if you don;t use it you’ll loose it. We really do need your support, we don’t charge as much for our nursing clothes as most of the on-line breastfeeding boutiques or the maternity high street stores, so it;s a bit like Mary Portus says in her recent TV series about local stores we really need your support.

Let us know your ideas about your ideal nursing dress .

Liz xx

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Mama Feelsgood head quarters are on the move yipeee

I started Mama Feelsgood really 5 years ago when i had my first daughter and wanted something better out of life and really wanted t provide something better for all mums out there. I know having a baby is a real turning point in peoples lives and from literally nothing i built Mama Feelsgood (even though back then the company wasn’t called this) and now i am super chuffed to say we are hopefully moving to new premises.

It’s so exciting for us, i have dreamt about it for the last 2 nights how crazy is that! I’m kinda like a little girl on christmas eve, totally about to burst with excitment!!! I am taking Matt to come look over our potential new base on Friday as i really want his input but i have a very good vibe about things. We are as you know based in Bristol which is a really lovely place to live, lots of old buildings scattered around the place and thanks to my good mate Alison i got to hear about an old shoe factory that they were “doing up” and renting out for offices and storage, so i went to have a look on Monday and i really liked it. Has a really nice vibe about it and lots of funky young people are moving their business’s there and i’d like to move Mama Feelsgood there too.

It’s come to the time where i need bigger space for storage and desks etc and now is the time. We are just on the verge of placing an order for new designs in our nursing tops and also will be adding nursing dresses to our range so this will require more room for storage. Honestly we are super pleased with the reception our  breastfeeding T-shirts have received and want to add to our range of nursing clothing but still of course keep our individual style and keeping the price real and not over priced . Hey your on maternity leave so we appreciate you haven’t got £50 to spend on 1 nursing top

The more support we get the bigger our range can grow , so thanks ladies we really really love your support and wanna create a store for funky breastfeeding mums at a price you can afford.