Hey guys, welcome to my world

ok so i thought i would start an independent blog from my website just to kinda express whats’s going on in my life as oppose to my business. ALthough the two are kinda the same at the moment because i love what i do and Mama Feelsgood affects every part of my life and my family’s life.  Amelia my eldest daughter says she want to be like me when she grows up and sell T-shirts which help ladies! Really sweet i thought although her teachers at school must wonder what the heck she is going on about!

So this week for me has been quite an emotional one, Amelia completed her first year at school, she didn’t seem that fussed about moving up a year but myself along with some other mums are a little sad as her first ever teacher Mrs Cartmell was truly lush and i know Amelia will miss her when she goes back to school;  i don;t think it’s really sunk in that she’s moving class. But Mrs Cartmell we will miss you.

Second big even which is truly fabulous is one of our nursing shirts the Island pink short sleeve tee was featured in the big magazine Pregnancy & Birth . It was one of 8 shirts reviewed by readers of the magazine and then rated, we did really really well and got a P&B love symbol , which means it’s one of the magazine favourite breastfeeding tops. I picked the magazine up in Tesco and was literally jumping with excitment when i saw our nursing shirt in there. It was made even better as the magazine independently approached us and we didn’t ask them. I am so chuffed. Picture which we supplied is lovely too.

Then the 3rd bit of big news is we have been approached by a celebrity stylist to supply 2 of our maternity shirts for a photo shoot for a current pregnant celeb.

They have asked for the Long sleeve Lips maternity shirt

and our horses black maternity tee

Blimey i said i wasn’t going to talk about work and thats all i’ve done! Apologies it;s been an exciting week so i just needed to get it out my system !!!

Breastfeeding Tops

Mama Scarf breastfeeding cover now available to buy at Mama FeelsGood.com

Yay we are really glad to say we know are a stockist for MamaScarf which is a fabulous nursing cover.

It’s a totally brilliant idea,it keeps you covered during breastfeeding and also helps provide a bit of support so you don;t need to use a pillow all the time – genius for when out and about.

Here’s how it works:

Using your Mamascarf breastfeeding cover is easy; it’s a really simple but effective triangular design;

  1. Place the scarf around your neck with the centre point at your tummy and the pocket on the inside.
  2. Tie the two ends of the scarf at the back of your neck. The larger you require it to be, the further to the end you need to tie it.  Tie a double knot.
  3. Once your scarf is tied, loop your arm through the opening. Use your right arm to feed on the right or your left arm to feed on the left side.
  4. Once the Mamascarf nursing cover is in place you can adjust your breastfeeding clothing as required, now you can slip your baby  into the opening, and feed as normal ensuring you are holding your baby at all times (PLEASE NOTE – Mamascarf is not designed for carrying your baby).


We currently sell the nursing cover in both Black or Navy blue

Please note the mama scarf is not intended to be used a baby sling or carrier.

SO now not only can you wear our funky nursing tops (available in graphic or plain  nursing shirt, long sleeve or short sleeve ) but for when out and about with your baby you can use a nursing / breastfeeding cover 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

Little Things Please Little Minds!!

Sometimes just the small things in life can bring great pleasure ……. hey i wasn’t being rude there ha ha !!

Today i have officially got myself a packing table, and it’s so cool. Everything from the folding of the shirts to the updating of our site, to the packing of the orders is either done by myself (Liz, hey nice to meet you) or on the rare occasion my husband matthew (although i must say i am a self confessed Mama Feelsgood addict so i generally do everything myself). !!!!!

Things are really beginning to ramp up now, and we are getting more orders everyday , which is SO fantastic but this also mean that we have to get a better level of organisation to be able to cope. So 1 step in this is a proper packing station and T-shirt inventory. I’ve now completed the packing station and it’s so cool now not to have to stoop when i am packing all day. For 10 minutes it would be fine but hey i spend a large majority of the day packing and my back just can’t take it! I know i am only 35 and my back is in pieces (although the extra couple of stone i carry around doesn’t help either!), so now we are rockin and rollin on the packing front.

We are in disscussion about moving into a new warehouse (it’s a barn conversion and it’s totally lush) but we have to wait and see if that happens, after all we are only a new company and must suck things and see, but i have a good feelin 🙂

As you can see by the clock this picture was taken a while ago (and apologies for the boxes, they aren’t there anymore! This was during one of my untidy phases!) , but just to give you some idea of where you T-shirts are coming from, and that we take real good care of them before they get to you! OMG i sound like a weirdo ha ah we don;t tuck them up in bed at night or anything ha ha, but we honestly care about what we sell, we’ve worked hard to get to this stage and we are passionate about Mama Feelsgood and would like you guys to be too.

Take care, Liz


Our Nursing Tops Are Great for soaking up spills too !!

Had to smile today, had a really cool email from one of my customers (Lily) who let me know how handy our breastfeeding tee’s are for soaking up little spills which can (and usually alot) during breastfeeding.

Because our breastfeeding tops are 100% cotton they are great for absorbing the milk and don’t spread and leave gigantic wet rings !. Thats the benefit of cotton nursing tops, if it were viscose or polyester the drip would have become the size of your fist ha ha brings back memories of going out without wearing breast pads one day and it looked like i had been swimming !!

Thanks Lily for that insight, good to know our nursing tees have many purposes 🙂

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