Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding and Maternity Tee models

We just wanted to say a big thanks to all our friends who were super kind to come and model our breastfeeding tops and maternity tees. Sheri, Jess, Lynn & Christine all did a fabulous job, and made it look really easy . We had a laugh doing it too even though our first shoot took like 5 hours.

Laura our fabulous photographer really came into her own and added a great sense of direction and focus not forgetting took loads of kick ass photographs.

As this is Mama Feelsgood’s first collection of funky maternity t-shirts and breastfeeding tops it was so cool to see them on various people all with differing shapes and styles. Our maternity Vee neck tee is totally fabulous for your new found mama’s cleavage, a style we may well extend to our breastfeeding range in the future. Seeing the functionality of the nursing tops didn’t compromise on the style was a huge bonus too. 

Very exciting times, we really hope our first ever collection is well received, we are planning new styles and prints for further collections now, so stayed tuned !