Sing ALong - NEW nursing top, Mama Feelsgood

Our new 3/4 length sleeve nursing top “sing ALong”


Sing ALong – NEW nursing top, Mama Feelsgood


Night CAller Nursing Top

This is one of my favourite prints, we had it printed on the Nursing top in black (if you look closely it’s all little dots, really clever method) the original has many more colours i’ll post this picture above.


Night CAller Nursing Top

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We have a winer for our breast feeding top competition

Thanks so much for all your entries to our breastfeeding top competition we held on Facebook.

Louise Thompson was the lucky winner , she was one of a few who had the correct answer of 33 stars are on our Grey Lips nursing T-shirt

Lips Nursing T-shirt

So Louise as her prize had the choice of any of the breastfeeding tops we sell.

Personally  i love Facebook, it gives us a really cool way to interact with you guys and it can also bring you together with other new mums and you can pick up some wicked tips about breastfeeding and general life as a mum. As a new mum myself (well Erin is 6 months now and Amelia is 5 years so) i’m finding new and funky things all the time in realation to all things baby! And i plan to share some of my finds with you guys via facebook etc.

If you have something you’d like to share then either leave a comment here or on our facebook page.

Take care, Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

Funky Ray Gun short sleeve breastfeeding top now on sale

Light Grey Ray Gun nursing T-shirt

This funky nursing T-shirt was inspired from the 1950’s style B movies, have you ever seen one? They make me crack up, ok so it was the 1950’s and the special affects weren’t up to much but the story lines 🙂

The attack of the 50ft woman is genius , can you imagine that a 50ft woman, yeah girl power!!

I love the font types and the retro feel of the 1950’s, there was some really cool things going down around that time, although i do associate a lot of it with the American 1950’s ie Happy Days and milkshakes etc. I was lucky enough to go around california in my 20’s and went into a Rubys diner in Palm Springs (they have the train tracks running around the top of the walls in there, it;s well cool) and that is very 1950’s inspired diner. I think we should have more things like that here in the UK, would make things a lot more cheerful i think.

So back to our Ray Gun nursing tee , i got the idea for the graphic print from B movies which got me thinking about a really lush Foo fighters poster i have framed on my wall in my hall, it’s from one of their tours in 1997

i gotta laugh because my daughter says i look like the lady in the picture, if you point to it and says who’s this she says mum , all i can say is i haven’t trained her to say this but blimey i wish it were true!! ha ha

So there is the inspiration for our Ray gun nursing  shirts. They are quite a complicated design , and look even better close up, like i said the Mama Feelsgood font is very 1950’s comic book book style.

Currently we have 3 of out Ray guns tee on sale which can be found in our nursing sale section on our website , our long sleeve pink nursing top .

Ray Gun nursing Tee long sleeve pink

Our Pink short sleeved Ray gun  breastfeding top

Short Sleeve ray gun nursing top

It’s fun to be funky & different 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend, Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

Summer nursing tops are here ! – funky short sleeve breastfeeding tops

Woo hoo the sun has finally started to shine here in the UK (well here in Bristol it’s gorgeous weather, so hope it;s just as nice where you are), so now is the time you are gonna want to get out and about with your little one. What can make this easier for breastfeeding mothers? Why a lovely summer nursing top from Mama ……. OK maybe this isn;t a subtle sales pitch but honestly our nursing tops are fab and just to make your life that little bit easier why not try one?

The picture shown is our Rock Mama Short sleeve nursing top in black (also comes in dark grey too)

Super funky nursing clothes are really hard to come by and we have lots of really cool casual nursing tops to offer, lots of them are currently available in our sale section too.  So if you are like me and a breastfeeding mother and know when your baby starts to cry they want feeding there and then ( i have first hand experience of being in M&S today and my 2 week old little girl needed feeding, and man she let me know she was hungry and all the people in the store knew too!! She has a fine set of lungs on her when she wants too. But of course i was wearing my Mama FeelsGood nursing top, in fact it was this Rock Mama breastfeeding top, the black does wonders to make you look slimmer! it made the whole process of breastfeeding in the childrens school clothing section loads more descrete ) !

Have fun in the sun and don;t forget your sun lotion, you dont wanna burn.

Breastfeeding Tops

Super Sale on our Short Sleeve Nursing Tops

We have some seriously good nursing tops available to buy on our website, you should come check them out.

Also at the moment we are having a special on our short sleeve breastfeeding tops, so don;t miss a bargain because as much as we like a good sale they won’t be available at this price for much over a week. We’ve started off slow and have reduced a few and over the week will remove some from the sale and change them for others – well they do say a change is as good as a rest!

All our nursing tops work on the same principle of having 2 layers, the under layer having a double opening on either side ie left & right so you can just pull the top layer up and move the under layer across when you wanna feed your baby. So less tummy exposure!

Also a lot of ladies continue to wear their shirts after they stop feeding their babies, the top shirt really doens’t encounter too much stretch during the feeding process so doesn’t get stretched out of shape and the under layer has spandex in it so helps retain it;s shape. Some people snip the under layer out and wear just the top layer as a “normal” t-shirt after they have finishes with breastfeeding. So don’t look at the top as limited only to when you breastfeed , it;s a new addition toy our wardrobe which you can wear until you don;t want to!

Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding T-shirt sale continues – black short sleeve nusring top on sale

To celebrate half term in the UK we are putting a different shirt on sale each day. So today is the turn of our plain black short sleeve breast feeding tee . Major bargain at £16.99, this lovely cotton breastfeeding top is really good quality which will be ideal if you are nursing your baby.


The cotton is great for mopping up any spills you might get whilst breastfeeding too! Whilst this nursing top is on sale here’s your chance to grab a bargain 🙂