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New Autumn Nursing Top collection

I am so pleased to be able to show you our new graphic nursing tee collection ; it has taken much longer than i had wanted but working as a team with some of THE most awesome people i think we’ve produced our best line yet.

This is our Unicorn nursing tee, we did it in our last collection but on a different nursing top and with different colour inks ; so putting it on our slate grey breastfeeding top really works. Nat our fabulous model shows how the nursing shirt can be worn higher or as shown in the pictures below it can be pulled out a little more and wore longer – cool for wearing with jeans or leggings .

We hand screen print the majority of our breastfeeding T-Shirts here in Bristol, it’s so cool because Paul & Ben who print our shirts are super passionate about screen printing , they have so much knowledge and if you are a T-Shirt and printing geek like me they teach me tons . Screen printing is a real art and employing people like Paul & Ben who are real artisans helps keep the craft going and supports small business here in Bristol . When you work with people who want to produce the best and have the same work ethic as you it totally rocks and you know your customers will be getting the best product ever 🙂

Our Monster Stan breastfeeding tee is also hand printed here in Bristol too. It is SO cute, there is a little baby monster stan poking around the corner, plus we can introduce our new colour nursing top….GREEN – yeah we now do green woo hoo !

It’s SO difficult when choosing a new colour as you try to get advice and everyone likes a different colour or shade – it’s like dudes we only can get 1 new one not 15 ! Shame as i would love to add 15 new shades into our nursing top collection but we are only small !

Nat (our model) is so funny, it made our photoshoot an absolute hoot . I have some crackers of her (photo wise) but don;t think she would like me to show you ha ha !

We’ve introduced 6 new prints (i think it’s 6 ! ) and each of them i honestly love ; i’ve put so much into this collection that it’s so rewarding to see all the breastfeeding T-Shirts have worked out really awesome . I really love making our nursing tops and it never gets old selling them or seeing people wear them – high 5 ladies x

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops

Last day of breast feeding top sale – rattle & Hum

Rattle & Hum breastfeeding top

Day 7 and it’s the final day of our breastfeeding clothing sale. It’s our super funky Rattle & Hum nursing T-shirt up for the super reduced price of £11,99.

This is one cool nursing shirt, so much going on in the design that you’ll find more and more things to love the longer you wear it!

For how the breastfeeding part of the shirt works look at the picture below.

Our breastfeeding tees are:

100% jersey cotton top shirt

95% cotton 5% spandex under shirt

To be worn after pregnancy

machine washable

sizes 8 – 18

All our breastfeeding tees work on the same nursing design:

It is 2 shirts in 1. The top t-shirt is just like a regular tee, and below is a hidden under vest with nursing openings on both sides. When you want to feed your baby you simply lift the top tee and move the undervest slightly to use the nursing openings. Keeps your tummy covered and helps hide you chest! As shown in pictures below

If you prefer a baggy fit go 1 size up.

Behind, Breastfeeding Tops

Wow it’s Old style nursing tops we never knew we had!

So the job begins of clearing out our old stock room to move to the new premises , there are loads of boxes all of which i thought were pretty organized hahaarrr how wrong i can be.

We found quite a few old nursing tops from when we first started Mama Feelsgood, it might not be that long ago ( we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary in little over a months time) but wow how things have come on since then with the design of our breastfeeding wear. They differ from our current nursing T-shirts in a few ways :  A= the material , our current nursing tops have a little bit of spandex in the layers just to help stretch & retain their shape. B= our old breatsfeding tops were too short, they needed to be longer , so now our nursing shirt are long enough to hang outside your jeans or you can tuck the bottom layer in for extra cozyness!

We also found our maternity shirts prototype, these were funny, we did think about combining the two of having a maternity top that would convert into a nursing top, but we found that if you had been wearing the shirt as a maternity top for a few months by the time you come to breast feed your baby and if you breast feed over a period of  months the shirt has just been stretched too much by your pregnancy and won’t go back into shape enough so is unflattering to your shape. Also lots of mums ( and i must include myself in this) don’t like to wear maternity clothes after you’ve had your babies. I know i am not spekaing for everyone here but i really didn’t enjoy either of my pregnancies , it’s truly amazing to have a new growing etc an  of course i loved my babies to bits but the high blood pressure, back ache, sickness, lack of sleep etc i did not enjoy, some ladies bloom when pregnant i think i wilted!! But hey i have 2  fantastic children and i wouldn’t have it any other way. But clothes wise i found it lovely to have new nursing clothes to wear that were totally separate from my old maternity ones.

SO we have many boxes of nursing tops to move, it’s going to take some time and we are also looking to take delivery of some new style tops and nursing dresses too later this year which will need lots of room to store, all good times but blimey i wish i had bigger muscles!!! Good job Matt has i predict he will need them !!

Take care 🙂 Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

Or Ray gun nursing top in pink nearly sold out

As mentioned in our blog post yesterday we are going to keep you updated in our nursing tops stock situation as many of the tops available in our sale section are going fast.

Just a heads up on our Ray gun nursing top in pink ( long sleeve nursing top) it is now sold out in all sizes except xs (we have 2 left, and xl arge we have about 5 left), they are such a cool design, very 1950’s A movie feel about them, or kinda comic strip.

Ray gun nursing top

For £12.99 these nursing tops are an absolute steal, very good quality cotton shirts that are super funky and also provide something interesting for your children to look as whilst they breast feed.

Our ray gun graphic prints will not be re-printed so once gone that’s it;s .

Breastfeeding Tops

Our Breastfeeding Tops on sale going fast

OK dudes just a little running commentary on what stock we have got left in our sale nursing tops section.

Our Metropolis dark grey nursing top is going really fast, in medium there are literally like 3 shirts left so once they are gone they are gone, this style won’t be reprinted again .

As summer is edging away ( boo hoo) we are putting our pink nursing tops on sale although it;s alway cool to have a lovely colour shirt to pick you on those hideously cold winters mornings.

Newly added to our sale section is our Music Sounds Better With You long sleeve breastfeeding top it’s an absolute steal at £15.99 and will see you through the winter a treat. Again like our Metropolis nursing T-shirts once this print goes out of stock it won;t be re printed so if it floats your boat pick one up.

We are moving to our new premises too so in order not to log too much stock around we have put our short sleeve Rock Mama nursing top on sale (but only for a limited period only), this is one of our best selling nursing tops so won’t be at the super low price for much longer.

This breast feeding top is one of my favourites in our store, so i do feel quite attached to it !!! so this really will be a limited sale for this particular nursing top. We start moving into our new building friday so once this style top has been moved to its new home the sale will stop. sorry dudes!

As we add on take away different graphic prints nursing shirts from our sale section i’ll let you know here.

Breastfeeding in the news, Breastfeeding Tops

Our breastfeeding tops made the Bristol Evening Post

Be warned this is from ages ago but i just noticed i never scanned the original article in for you guys to see and i was checking out the Bristol Evening Post’s website and found this article they wrote on us last year.

Daughter's birth inspired Little Stoke  mum to set up clothing business

By Ekoch Emily Koch E.Koch

After the traumatic birth of her daughter, Liz Jeans decided if she could make it through that she could do anything.

Baby Amelia was not breathing when she was born and had to be resuscitated, and Liz’s blood pressure was so high doctors feared she might have a stroke.

Four years later, 35-year-old Liz has given up her day job and set up her own internet-based clothing business.

Mama Feels Good sells a range of fashionable t-shirts for mums-to-be and breastfeeding women.

Liz, who runs her business from her home in Little Stoke, has been building the business up over the past four years and finally gave up her job as a biomedical scientist at Southmead Hospital a few weeks ago to concentrate on Mama Feels Good full-time.

The Mama Feels Good T-shirts, featuring specially created designs, are sized especially for pregnant women, and the breastfeeding range make it easier for new mums to breastfeed their baby discreetly and comfortably.

She said: “There are a lot of people saying it is a bad time for business, with the recession, but I haven’t been put off. It has really taken off so it seemed like the right time to put some more hours into it. We launched the website a few months ago and we have been making lots of sales – to people in this country, the US, Australia. And now people from Poland and Canada as well are contacting me wanting to stock the T-shirts in their shops. It’s fantastic.”

She said the inspiration for the business came when Amelia, now four, was born.

Liz said: “Her birth was so awful that I felt like getting through that was a big achievement. I thought if I could go through something like that, I could go through anything. After she was born I started selling American maternity wear online in the UK, but then I thought I would like to sell clothes that I really liked.

“I also found that the maternity clothing market in this country was not very good, the clothes I got didn’t look very nice and fell apart. I wanted to buy clothes that I really wanted, not clothes that were my only option.

“Mum made up a T-shirt for me and I got it printed – and everyone said how much they liked it. It all went from there! Now we are selling at least 200 T-shirts a month. I get letters from mums saying the T-shirts have changed their life because they can go out and feel good about what they are wearing for a change.”

The idea for the name came from her husband, Matthew.

Liz said: “I was getting really frustrated coming up with a name and he said, well what do you want the business to stand for? I said – I just want mums to feel good – and we had it.”

Breastfeeding Tops

What is a breastfeeding top and why choose to buy nursing clothing?

OK what is a breastfeeding top also known as a nursing top?

Our nursing tops are designed so there is a top layer shirt – looks just like a regular shirt, you can’t tell from looking at it that it’s designed for breastfeeding. So no flaps, poppers,and there is no chance your bossom will fall out. Everything is covered!

Here’s on of our breastfeeding tops to ilustrate:

So now it’s time for where the magic happens! Sewn into the nursing shirt is an under layer shirt.

This under layer works via 2 larger openings placed under neath the arms. So when it’s time to breastfeed you lift up the top shirt and pull the under layer to one side and hey presto boobie available for feeding.

No post baby tummy is on show because it’s covered completely by the underlayer, and the top shirt helps cover your boobs when feeding.

Heres a picture of the nursing openings:

Each layer of the shirt are sewn together so when you put the shirt on or when you are breastfeeding one shirt won’t move around and become uncomfortable.

Also because the under layer shirt is made with spandex in it (95% cotton 5% spandex) it can stretch to accomodate the larger bust. As we know during breastfeeding sometimes your breasts can become engorged and change in size at different feeding times/ during the day and the extra stretch in the shirt allows for this.

With the top shirt being 100% cotton this is fantastic for sopping up little spills of milk. So if you are out and about and your baby or yourself makes a little mess try and aim for the under layer of the breastfeeding shirt and then no one will see when the top layer is pulled back down!!

We’re really trying to make mums life that little bit easier and provide nursing clothing that is yet functional and nice to wear! No more ugly tops for you mummy!


We are always open to suggestions, so if there are any comments you would like to add please feel free, we’d love to hear from you.