Pregnancy & piles !

Now that’s a title for you!! ha ha

Well they say you learn something new everyday and yesterday i learnt that the hormones your body produces during pregnancy can give you piles; now i always knew pregnancy & piles were associated but i thought it was purely from where you push during labour. Well nope, are we lucky ladies to know that we can get piles DURING our pregnancy, not only during giving birth!!

The hormones that flood our body during our pregnancy apparently can cause the veins to expand and swell around our bottoms!! How attractive!! 

My friend is 8 weeks pregnant at the moment and suffering from this problem, and as funny as it sounds it can really get you down. Not only are they painful but itchy, and mega uncomfortable when you want to go to the toilet.

It is suggested that using a cool pack on the affected area (not directly on the skin but wrapped in say a tea towel) can really help, someone suggested the little plastic ice cube things you can buy, you know the ones that are pre filled with water and you can re use them, they are good for placing on your bottom.

Using creams to help ease the pain can help too but because you are pregnant i think there are only certain ones that are available, always check with your pharmacist which ones are suitable.