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Check us out We won GOLD in practical parenting awards for best breastfeeding top

Gold baby ! Yeah cue Spandau Ballet “always believe in your goal” …………

Not too sure of that is the right words to this song but you get my drift. WOWZERS we are SO chuffed, i honestly had a tear in my eye when i read the email telling us ” Congratulations you’ve won a practical parenting award” … i don’t think i’ve ever scrolled down so fast on my iphone before ! And then there is was GOLD !!

It’s such a nice feeling to know you have worked so hard and that people like what you do.

We won for our Money Penny nursing Top, we were up against some big brands¬†so we thought we would never win ( hey we aren’t putting our nursing tops down , they totally rock it but when you are a small independent company up against a multi million one it’s a bit crazy ! ) so it’s not all about how big you are as a company but how good your products are and we really thank practical parenting for this. It;s such a well respected award that it really does mean the world to us ; anytime in the future you want to tell us to shut up about winning this please do ! In 10 years we will still be banging on about it !

We’ve always made sure our nursing tops are made from really good quality fabrics whist providing easy access to breastfeed from without looking too obvious. we’re not really into the T-shirts with a a line across the middle which pulls up as it looks really obvious. Our money penny nursing top is cool because it;s designed in a way that the empire line should be there anyway so it doesn’t look out of place, so building the nursing opening into it works really well.

SO it;s just really cool to know if you do work hard you can achieve great things. We really love making our breastfeeding tops, it never gets old and there are challenges everyday along the way but it’s all good. To know we make quality products and reasonable prices that look good and make you feel good when you breastfeed and beyond is so cool.

ooh the postman is here – i;m off to tell him about our gold ! ha ha