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Health In Pregnancy (HIP) government grant – UK

Did you know if you are 25 weeks pregnant or more and live in the UK you are intitled to a grant from the government of £190 and it;s called the Health In Pregnancy grant or HIP for short. It comes into affect as from April 2009.

Everyone is intitled to it regardless of income and you have to be 25 weeks or over to be able to apply (why 25 i don;t know but there you go!) .  Application forms or paper work needed is gained via your midwife and i think the money is paid into your bank but i am not totally sure about this but i guess it will be.Please be aware if you do not claim for it you loose it, i think it’s 30 days after form is signed or 30 days after you are 25 weeks i’m not sure.

Don;t miss out on it, if you don;t want it for yourself then put it in the bank for your little one, i’m sure over 18 years it will get some interest and they will thank you for it later 🙂

Sometimes things are made obvious so here is the governments page about it: HERE